::Happy Fabrics::


TGIF peeps.

I’m onto all sorts of projects for the holiday.  Last season I was struck by the color palette my friend Allison used for the zip pouch she gifted me, such happy colors for me.  Around that time Cloud9 Fabrics mailed me a FQ pack of their Up, Up, and Away fabric line with some of those inspiring colors included.

Cloud9’s fabric lines of late having really been catching my eye, so I decided a Quilt As You Go technique pillow was in order.

sewkatiedid:QAYG PILLOW straight

There’s something deeply satisfying about digging around in your stash to find the perfect fabric collaboration.


I polished it off with some invisible zipper skills.

Have a good weekend.

I hope to have some projects finished by Monday (thus the short but sweet post;)

sewkatiedid/Split Personality Modern Nine-Patch

I’ve planned a season’s worth of Open Sewing Studios to help you finish up all those Christmas gifts that you are currently sewing faster in your head;)

Sign Up encouraged.

*Sundays 11am-5pm
November 23rd
December 7th
January 25th

*Mondays 10am-4pm
November 17th
December 15th
January 12th

There’s a week of gift classes too. Let’s sew!

sewkatiedid/zip pouch

::Zip Pouch Class::

Tuesday, December 9th from 6pm-9pm at the Quilting Loft.

Come learn the ins and outs of constructing a professional looking lined zip pouch. Once you know the ropes you’ll be a production machine. Pouches make great gifts and are perfect for all levels of sewists.

sewkatiedid/Invisble zipper workshop

::Invisible Zipper Closure Pillow::

Thursday, December 11th from 6pm-9pm at the Quilting Loft.

Learn how to professionally install an invisible zipper into a pillow. (Series Block students may come at 5pm/sign up required)

sewkatiedid/split personality nine patch


::Split Personality Modern Nine-Patch/ Oven Mitts, hot pads and trivets::

Saturday, December 13th 10-3pm at the Quilting Loft

A nine-patch is one of the most beloved of quilt blocks. Let’s bring this traditional block into the modern age by merging it with some improvisational patchwork techniques. Using the same nine-patch construction we’ll create two very different style blocks, one a wonky star and the other a block that looks to be free pieced. Walk away with multiple pot holders or oven mitts for everyone on your Christmas list and take the techniques home to make endless projects and quilts.


Radio silence around here since Halloween.

My computer had a sudden death last Monday and I’m scrambling to recollect life as we technologically know it.  Cross your fingers that by next week I’ll have fully taken over Jefe’s computer as my own;)

sewkatiedid/quilting modern

In the meantime I thought I’d share with you that my publisher, Interweave Publishing is having their annual Friends and Family Sale starting today and going on through the 14th.  ‘THANKYOU30‘ in the promo code box gets you 30% off, even on SALE.  That brings Quilting Modern to $12 and some change.

Already have it?

Well then you need this one.  I’m not kidding.

Improvising Tradition

I’m all over Alex’s new book Improvising Tradition.  I can’t remember the last time I browsed through a quilt book that spoke to me this much.

sewkatiedid/gift classes

No computer time means studio time.  I managed to get some samples geared up for gift classes and my new block series session.  We’ve got zip pouches, trivets, oven mitts and pot holders to gift.

I’ll be posting more details about that soon;)

Happy day peeps!

::Halloween Take 10::

I love everything about Halloween.

I love the memories of Roan’s costumes over the years, the bands of kids, the season it lands in, the decorations, watching Roan separate his bounty when he gets home and of course my own childhood memories.


The first year Roan and I ever went trick-or-treating he asked me if candy was good for you?  I thought about it and replied back that I thought it might be good for the soul.

He’s definitely his mother’s child when it comes to having a sweet tooth.  I’ve been know to pillage his loot for a Jolly Rancher and I’m pretty sure I bought a roll of Sprees at a gas station last week that might have been ten years old.  They’re hard to come by you know;)

This will be our first Halloween in the house.  Our urban life was good to us with our neighborhood shops offering treats and our friends allowing us to tag along, but THIS Halloween in our own hood is going to be the Halloween to remember.

 Until next year at least;)


And of course its an excuse to make stuff right?

sewkatiedid/Halloween bag

Because it’s part of the remembering.


Napkins this year.  Much needed with chili.


Hands down, my all time favorite crafted for Halloween item is Roan’s trick or treat bag that I made using the quilt as you go method.  We just fold his old one into it for extra storage.

It just came together perfect and I have such a love for all the scraps involved.

sewkatiedid/quilt as you go trick or treat bag

sewkatiedid/quilt as you go trick or treat bag

Haha, I look at this photo and it makes me want to spend my day making potholders or a pillow!

Happy Happy Halloween Everyone!

::Going Circular::

Thanks for all the kind comments last week.  We’re regrouping in week three and lucky to have such awesome friends.

Life continues behind the scenes of a quilting blog;)

sewkatiedid/going circular

I finished the last of the samples for my Exploring Inside the Box series.  It might be the colors, but regardless of the improvisational curves this pillow has that same graphic edgy feel as the others.

sewkatiedid/going circular

This shape is so simple to execute improvisationally.  I really love the little hit of added strip piecing.  I rotate building out all four quadrants on this design.  A little to this quarter and a little to that avoids identical colors mingling in the same location, unless that’s the look you’re aiming for.  It’s rather forgiving if you feel you’ve misplaced a color because you can always rip it apart or recut.

It would be fun to make in a binary color scheme too.

sewkatiedid/exploring inside the box series

I’ve really enjoyed working with this color way, but it’s time to move on, so I’ve been thinking of new blocks and colors for Series II.  We’ve got the winter dates, I just need to get going on the blocks before we list it.

Series II might be inspired by Seattle’s fluffy white and grey clouds currently passing us by and the blue sky you get snapshots of here and there.

sewkatiedid/exploring inside the box block series

I have all the pillows currently home and it’s fun to see them all together, though overwhelming in the matchy-matchy department.  Perhaps some Plain Jane’s are needed to break things up.

I’ll get right on that;)


If you were wait listed for the first Exploring Inside the Box series we have new dates for the winter session on Tuesdays, follow the link here.  

Monday, October 27th is Open Studio at Island Quilter.  Reserve your spot by following this link.

sewkatiedid/Happy Snowballed Sunshine quilt

There’s no sugar coating it, our family has had a full dose of life reality lately, so it wasn’t a mistake that I pulled this bit of happy colored sunshine out of the pile of unfinished tops to quilt.

I needed some mind occupation.

sewkatiedid/happy snowballed sunshine quilt

It seems that each quilt has a memory of its making somewhere along all its steps, and not in a bad way, but quilting and binding Happy Snowballed Sunshine will remind me for a time of my father-in-law John passing.

sewkatiedid/happy snowballed sunshine quilt

This quilt and its association with this particular time reminded me of quilting Supernova.  Supernova was the quilt that I was working on four years ago yesterday, the same day John got his kidney transplant.

 There were tears of joy quilted into that quilt and a few sad ones for the donor’s family too.  That generous lady knew that in her passing she could gift a family some of those ‘best of times’ as we call them.

And she did.

sewkatiedid/happy snowballed sunshine

But quilting this also made me thankful that I have creative things to do that occupy my mind when I need them.

sewkatiedid/happy snowballed sunshine

It also solidified something that seems so obvious, but I’d never really thought about it. My love for fun and funky color combos that lift my mood to happy when I see them, even if the times don’t match.

sewkatiedid/Happy Snowballed Sunshine

And the prints that are hard to cut into?  Now is the time to use them.

sewkatiedid/happy snowballed sunshine back

I’ll gift this bit of happy at some point.  This quilt hasn’t found its person yet, but that baby will add another dimension to the quilt memory.

john best

(thanks Sounders FC  instagram for photo)

And for my happy memory I’ve been reminding myself to remember the healthy John.  The John that would sit on my couch drinking a martini telling me funny stories.

 He would have liked my happy quilt and he definitely loved sunshine;)

::Hand-Stitched Home::

hand stitched homeMy bookshelf now houses three of the many books my friend Susan Beal (aka West Coast Crafty) has authored.  Log Cabin Quilting treks with me to every log cabin workshop I teach, Sewing for all Seasons gets grabbed when the turning of the weather prompts new ideas and now Hand-Stitched Home has its own special place in my heart.

When Susan asked me to contribute to this book it was very hard to say no.  Not only is it fun collaborating with friends, but Pendleton blankets fill my linen closet when not in use.


Susan’s introduction states, “It seems like everyone has a Pendleton story.”


Well, yes I do, and here’s my stack of Pendletons.

I’m a quilt girl, but before that I was a Pendleton Junkie.  When living in Flagstaff I worked for an ethnobotanist that also had a gallery selling native art.  Between the Zuni, Hopi and Navajo goods nestled Pendletons.  So I started collecting.  The warehouse was amazing!  It’s nice to see such an heirloom still being produced and trending with seasonal colors for a new generation of collectors.


Roan had so many as a baby I’ve started giving them away, but now with this book I’m rethinking re-use in a different way.  Time to make some new projects!

There are two in particular I’ve picked out.  The first is of course a pillow made by my friend Sandie of Sleepy Owl Studio.  There are several pillows that I really like in the book.  I need more pillows;)

hand-stitched home

I like the idea of sewing useful items and this clutch is perfect iPad storage and cushioned with the thickness of the wool.  I’ll add it to the list.

hand-stitched home

Even though I wasn’t able to contribute I did.  Susan adapted my invisible zipper installation technique for wool.

Good luck with the book Susan!  It’s beautiful book.


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