::Checking In::

Moving and unpacking is very similar to quilting, I do it all faster in my head.

sewkatiedidA little bit of progress is made each day, but I’m getting a bit itchy to sew, so I started to tackle the temporary studio.

The lack of organization is driving me crazy because I can’t focus on a thing.  The minute I leave one room I jump to another project.  I might need to be tethered.


For the first time EVER, my fabric and I will cohabit in the same room when I sew (isn’t it pretty;).  I’m hoping our relationship in this small studio will be brief, but until we can gain some footing with the house projects the Garudio (garage/studio) is second fiddle.

It’s kind of scary to see all my stash in one room, and I was teasing on Instagram the other night that apparently in my twisted psyche some sort of catastrophe was going to happen if I didn’t purchase a butt-load of AMH Good Folks flannel when it went on sale.

I think I’ll insulate the house with it.

I hope to make it back in this space next week with some more progress.  I’m heading to the San Juan’s this weekend to teach and then spring break!  Don’t worry, I won’t torture you with many toenail photos.

Happy Happy Everyone.


::Walla Walla::

The Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild is hosting me to come and teach some workshops!  I’m really looking forward to this trip and the chance to meet some of you from the eastern side of the state.

sewkatiedid/Quilting Modern/Add It Up

Two workshops are planned with the improvisational techniques from Quilting Modern.

*Saturday, May 3rd /Improvisational Slice and Insert Technique

*Sunday, May 4th /Improvisational Double Trouble Triangle Block.

Sewkatiedid/Swirling Medallion

Registration is available here.

See you east!


::Where to Start?::

How about with an upcoming Improv Elongated Triangles pillow workshop this Sunday?

sewkatiedid/opposing triangle pillowI don’t know what it is about an elongated triangle, but I love them the best and we’ll be constructing a pillow top with these beauties!  Been itchin’ to learn the skill of installing an invisible zipper into a pillow?  We’re going to cover that too.


So what colors to make a new triangle pillow with?

I pulled some of my favorite pillows out today for some color inspiration.  We’ve budgeted in a new couch, so I thought perhaps that’s where this new pillow would land.  As usually I want to go with color that pops and Jefe wants neutral.  So hard to decide.

sewkatiedid/how to make a design wall

Pillows are likely to be in high production since today the design wall was the last to leave the old house!  It’s going to be awhile before this wall has a space of its own, so pillows it is!


Here’s the colors I’m trying to stick with for the house.

sewkatiedid/pure periwinkle

I did talk Jefe into going ‘Katie Neutral’ in the bedroom, otherwise known as Pure Periwinkle.

Wink Wink;)

What are you sewing this weekend?

There’s no way around it, practice is the best teacher for free motion quilting.  I’m sure none of you have an unfinished quilt top (or two) laying around!?

Drygoods Design has the perfect environment to pick up this skill in their Make*Do*Mend studio with quality Berninas.  This is a two-session open studio (or one if that works) Tuesday, March 25th and April 6th from 6:15 to 9:15.

If you enjoy a laid back, social environment to learn something new at your own pace then this is the perfect set-up for you.  I’ll help guide you on your way to a divine loop or geometric quilting design you’ve been envisioning on your projects.

A little inspiration perhaps?


1. Boxy Free-Motion Quilting, 2. Boro Blues # 2 – Detail, 3. Cross quilt, 4. So far so good- store bought double fold bias tape binding, 5. Bubble Path – Day 165, 6. Soft Splinters Quilt run off binding, 7. awesomeness WIP, 8. Greek Key – Day 51, 9. Martinas Puzzle Box Quilt Along, 10.Pillow, 11. Pointy Paisley #33, 12. Mod Log Table Runner 1, 13. Yay! Finished quilting it! Now to pick out a binding!, 14. Free-motion quilting fabric bucket samples done. #drygoods @drygoodsdesign @afewscraps, 15. FMQ pebbles and swirls, 16. Sunny Days 2

All supplies available at Drygoods Design and class registrants enjoy 15% off class purchases.


sewkatiedid/opposing triangles pillow

Some other class goodies coming up including an Improvisational Elongated Triangle pillow workshop here!

Island Quilter and the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild are hosting me for a Modern Crazy Piecing Workshop on Saturday, March 29th from 10-4pm. The workshop is now open to the public for registration.

crazy piecing::Modern Improvisational Crazy Piecing::

Saturday,  March 29th from 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island

Step into the present with this modern version of crazy piecing from the Going Crazy Chapter in Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts.  The free-flowing take on this technique will leave you inspired to find a place for crazy-piecing in every project!  Once you’ve mastered the technique, we’ll focus on finding a place for those crazy pieced sections in your quilt. Katie will share multiple projects to spark your creativity and set you on the path to your own crazy-pieced design.



For those of you that have requested a Value Quilt Workshop, Island Quilter is also hosting me next Sunday, March 23rd from 10am-4pm.  This is a great workshop for quilters that struggle with choosing fabrics or have problems busting into their stash to use those favorite prints.

My full workshop schedule for the spring is available here.

I’m off to lecture at the Issaquah Quilt Guild this morning.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Jefe has requested that the new house have a neutral theme to the walls, but I’ve got to have some pop of color somewhere, so yesterday I took all the cans of paint left over from the old house and used them to start painting the insides of the closets.

photo-32The Pure Periwinkle paint will make me smile every time.  As I was painting I started to think about fabric colors and what are currently my favorite.  This stack from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics sums it up.  Mustard and crimson always go to the top of the list for me, and I’m not sure about the Alexander Henry except those mermaids are spot on (or maybe the hearts are:).

Do you have go to colors, or do you trend?



::Post It::

First things first.

  • New workshops are on the schedule! (Including one sponsored by the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild).
  • My friend, Blair Peter of Wisecraft is having a book signing at Drygoods Design tomorrow night.
  •  I just finished spending three wonderful days lecturing and teaching with The Quilters Anonymous Guild.  What an awesome group of women!  In support I’d like to let you know about their 31st annual quilt show is March 14th-16th in Monroe.  Information here.

Now for the fun, except for that moving part…

Ramblin' RamblerViva the Ramblin’ Rambler!

1Of course we had to have a party, pronto (Sorry, Vanagon always in some sort of ‘improvement’ stage).

I had this thought to have people fill out post it notes for their ideas on what they would do for the house remodel.  The house has great bones, but there is too much wood, an overload of wallpaper and carpet up the wazoo.

I thought I’d share a little of my friends’ ‘ideas’ before I run a moving load over.

photo-18One of the cool doors.

photo-19Knock before you enter.

photo-25For above fireplace.

photo-23For fireplace (anything would be better than this wood/tile combo).


Electrical plug ideas/Lovely carpet.


photo-22Some great suggestions for a wall in the kitchen.

photo-26and just because the glittering paint wasn’t enough.

photo-27Who doesn’t have a wallpaper boarder of Parisian cafe people in their living room?  Somehow I missed photographing the post it that suggested I make a dress for Roan’s future prom date from the curtains.



photo-30This colored glass has got to go.

But guess what the best part is?

photo-31A Garudio!

Remodel of this garage into a studio coming as soon as I can get the majority of wallpaper off the walls and the wood floors under all this carpet done.

Any one know a great whitish wall/ceiling and trim combo color for the Pacific Northwest?  I’ve got quite a few walls to cover and some wood!


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