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I set up my sewing in the living room (photo above) and texted it to Jefe.  He responded immediately that he better get going with painting my temporary studio before I sprouted roots for another Livudio.  The big window sure was hard to leave behind!

It was a strategic move and now I’m sewing in my own room!  I’ll get some pictures up once I get a light or two.  It’s so awesome to have all my fabric in the same room and figure out the best storage.  Loads of stuff wandered into the basement for now to keep the distracting clutter down.  I don’t need any help being distracted.

What I did pull out were tons of unfinished projects.  So that’s my current push.  Here’s what I’ve got.

sewkatiedid/double-trouble scrap

Today these double-trouble blocks are coming together as another sample for my Walla Walla workshop this weekend.  Though I wanted to start something new the hst blocks were already there and should be used.

sewkatiedid/Psychedelic Baby Quilt

Psychedelic Baby just needs some sashing to enlarge, I’ve already envisioned the quilting.

Sewkatiedid/Somewhat Circular Quilt

Somewhat Circular needs a few more rows sewn and its end triangles added.  The quilting will need some thought.

Sew Katie Did/Half Square Star

Embarrassed to admit how long this has sat.

Sewkatiedid/Four Square Magic Number Quilt

Another sample for my Magic Number Class just needs some quilting.

sewkatiedid/snowballed star

I’m not sure on the layout or quilting for this simple snowballed star, but I love the colors.  So happy.sewkatiedid/no name star

I must be seeing stars, here’s another unfinished that was to be in The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Binary Quilt Show, obviously it didn’t make it.


Need to make some decisions on finishing this as another sample for my Psychedelic Baby Block class.

I’m thinking of more unfinished projects even as I write this that I didn’t picture and I have one more box left in the studio that I wrote ‘studio/projects’ on.  I decided not to open it;)

Anyone out there rivalling me on unfinished projects?

Ready, set, go!

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The Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild is hosting me to come and teach some workshops!  I’m really looking forward to this trip and the chance to meet some of you from the eastern side of the state.

sewkatiedid/Quilting Modern/Add It Up

Two workshops are planned with the improvisational techniques from Quilting Modern.

*Saturday, May 3rd /Improvisational Slice and Insert Technique

*Sunday, May 4th /Improvisational Double Trouble Triangle Block.

Sewkatiedid/Swirling Medallion

Registration is available here.

See you east!


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Seattle is a very sleepy town on Sundays, but this weekend there’s reasons to get out the door besides that walk/run you’ve been promising yourself to take.

quiltingmodernslantLet me help you, I’m a good planner and capable of Jedi mind tricks.

  • Preregister online for Sunday’s Open Quilting Studio at Drygoods
  • Pack your unfinished project/tools and machine provided
  • Go grab a coffee and shop the Ballard Farmer’s Market
  • Stroll into Drygoods Design around 11 to meet author Rachel May and have snacks
  • Find your seat around noon and start stitchin’

Have you peeked inside Rachel’s book, Quilting with a Modern Slant?

sewkatiedid/value quiltEeeekkkkk!  I sound like a dud compared to the other amazing people in this book, but I’m there!  I sent two quilts.

sewkatiedid/value quiltMy favorite Value Quilt that was quilted by Angela Walters (also in the book).

sewkatiedid/value quiltI use this quilt almost every night on the couch.

sew katie did/krista withersMy Seattle Lone Star Quilt also made it into the bit on stars.  This quilt is really simple.  What really makes it shine in person is the amazing quilting my dear friend Krista Withers did on it.

sew katie did/krista withers quiltingEnough about me, the others in this book have amazing stories and quilts.  I haven’t made it all the way through, but it’s very inspirational.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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sewkatiedidSunday, February 9th I’ll be hanging out with the Sound Sound Modern Quilt Guild in Olympia teaching my Seeing Value Workshop.

sewkatiedid/stash archive value quilt

::Seeing Value::

Sunday, February 9th from 11-5pm.  South Sound Modern Quilt Guild sponsored workshop.  I could carpool if anyone wants to travel from Seattle.

A little information-Value is the relative lightness or darkness of a color and one of the most important aspects of quilt making.  Spend a day with Quilting Modern author Katie Pedersen studying the impact value has on quilt design. We’ll construct half-square triangle blocks to carry out the exercise and play with the multiple designs value creates.  Transform your quilt making process!

In the area?  Register here.

Would love to meet me some South Sound peeps!

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I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but this year I did intend to blog more.  Apparently I’ve already cast that aside to catch up.   Lesson plans, various guild workshops, step outs and scheduling are all a little more in line now that I’m a few weeks in from vacation.

photoToday I’ll be working on step outs for the improvisational curves class Sunday at Drygoods.

sewkatiedid/gradual curvesIt gives me an excuse to play a little more.  Practice includes figuring out what NOT to do when messing with a technique.  If you join me in the workshop I can show you how to avoid making your curves look like droopy boobs:) LOL.


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I’ve sewn a load of stuff this year.

sewkatiedid/2013Unknown Direction Quilt Binding, 2. I need a new pillow form, but the pillow top is done. #curvesworkshopsample, 3. Anything Goes Back Detail, 4. Shattered Remake, 5. Psychedelic Baby Quilt, 6. Grape Crush Quilt, 7. Pantone Pop Done, 8. Sonshine Quilt, 9. Seattle Lone Star Quilt, 10. Point A to Point B Quilt top, 11. Modern Charm Quilts, 12. stitched and flipped value quilt, 13. Sunspots Quilt, 14. Rock Star Wedding Quilt, 15. Smitten Kitten, 16. Opposing Triangles Remake, 17. Nicquelle’s Quilt, 18. Stash Archive Value Quilt, 19. Barn Star Quilt, 20. Soft Splinters Quilt, 21. Hexie Cutie Quilt, 22. Modern Log Cabin Pillows, 23. Scattered Quilt, 24. I think I need new sheets to match., 25. Sparkle Punch, 26. Double-Trouble, 27. Night Owl, 28. Diving Geese, 29. 9-Bxed Quilt, 30. This needs binding so that I have something to do tomorrow besides drink beer., 31. Opposing Triangle Quilt, 32. QAYG bag for class sample. TBA. I love how it turned out. #qayg, 33. Practice fabric buckets done. Now onto samples for FMQ workshop. @afewscraps thanks!, 34. Oven mitts, pair two done for class samples. #handmadeholidays, 35. Bound. Time for the wash. #quiltingmodern, 36. stash

Lack of blogging in 2013 might have been due to crafting.  Perhaps my 2014 resolution should be to show up here more often.

I think it more likely that my resolution for 2014 will be to finish up started projects and quilt tops to clear out space for new inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Have you made the plunge into Free-Motion Quilting yet?  I was years into quilting before I did.  Once you do you’ll wonder why you waited.  Though I love the look of straight lines there is something very meditative about finding your ‘zone’ and making all these fun shapes.

sewkatiedid/fmq(photo by my friend Allison Parrott Thompson)

I think for most of us it’s etching out the time to learn something new.  For some it might be an equipment and/or space barrier, or maybe the desire for a little hand holding.

 The classes I’ve taken myself on FMQ were very fun, but prescribed.  I found they provided a nice launch pad for learning the basics, but lacked the practice time needed to explore my own spin-offs of the shapes I was most drawn to.

There’s no denying it, practice really is the best teacher when it comes to free-motion quilting.

Hmmmm, so how do you combine all these needs?

sewkatiedid/nested basketsHow about an Open Free-Motion Quilting Studio or a Free-Motion Quilted Nested Basket Workshop on quality Bernina machines at Drygoods Design to give you wings?  It’s not too early to think about some gifts either.

Get your free-motion on with the studio’s Berninas, risk-free!  Wine optional, but it might help!


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Mod TV/SewkatiedidI had thought I shot myself in the foot when I originally scheduled a Log Cabin Block class.

Regardless of all the variations we put in the Log Cabin Makeover chapter in Quilting Modern, it just seemed impossible as I was putting together my handouts to make a log cabin workshop fun.  How after instructing the simple construction of the logs was I going to keep my students and myself inspired for 6 hours?

Sometimes things just exceed your expectations and students guide the class with their creativity and charisma.  I’ve begun distributing inspiration prior to classes to get those a little tentative about a new technique thinking.  I covered the basics, showed a million log cabin examples from my own collection and then we started with a fun warm up activity to get the juices flowing that everyone said they very much enjoyed.

Mod TV/ SewkatiedidPlus, who says a log cabin has to be just a log cabin?  These blocks are really an opportunity to combine techniques and play with fabrics we love.  Strip piecing, crazy piecing, double gauze addition?  Anything goes really.  Simple or detailed, they are only limited by imagination.

What was missing from my samples was a minimalist log cabin sample.   Mod TV is the perfect beginner quilt for jumping into improvisational modern quilt design.  I pieced this together in an afternoon, great for a class, but everyone can come up with their own thing.

sewkatiedid/modtv backA dose of leftovers made it into the back and this incredible Sketch flannel frames them in.

Krista held my hand while I used her long-arm to create the ‘static’ quilting, but this could easily be executed on a domestic machine.

I’m pretty excited to be running the Log Cabin Quilt workshop again at The Quilting Loft on Saturday, November 9th if you weren’t able to get into the last class.  Should be a day of fun!  Here’s some more log cabin inspiration.

What a Bunch of Squares/sewkatiedid

sewkatiedid/improv log cabin pillows

sewkatiedid/seam ripper IPA quiltstepping stone/sewkatiedid

sewkatiedidsewkatiedid/tunnel vision quilt from Quilting Modern

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sewkatiedid/Diving Geese QuiltDuring Quilt Market, I attended a Modern Quilt Guild-hosted happy hour event sponsored at and by Portland’s Modern Domestic.  We’re pretty spoiled here in Seattle with our fabric boutique/sewing studio gem, Drygoods Design and Portland looks to be lucky as well.

Modern Domestic’s selection of fabrics, as well as their workspace are impressive.  Together we set up a modern Crazy Piecing workshop for Friday, October 18th and now that date is just around the corner!

I’m looking forward to seeing new faces as well as a few people I can now call friends.

sewkatiedid/Diving Geese QuiltOf course I needed a new workshop sample.

For how simple the design of this quilt bloody turned out to be you would never have guessed how much I hemmed and hawed about it’s design (unless you follow me on Instagram, in which case you might already have seen enough of this quilt;).  It kept seeming like I needed a fabric I just didn’t have, which is totally ridiculous.

The geese ‘blocks’ existed for a few weeks before I went back to my original plan of placing them in the Osnaburgh utility cloth.  I also had the best intensions of quilting this one with a concentric circle pattern starting in the corner like a sun behind the geese, but time got the best of me AND I have a friend who awesomely quilts (and IS awesome, but that’s a different story).

sewkatiedid/krista wither's quilting/Diving Geese QuiltI delivered it to Krista and she did her quilting magic.  She even placed the ‘ghost geese’ that I wanted,

sewkatiedid/Diving Geese Quiltincluding the one diving of the edge.

I hugged this quilt when I pulled it from the dryer.  I love this quilt!

sewkatiedid/flange bindingKrista and I kid around about the traditional flange we like to add to quilts like this.  But all this negative space bound in the same cloth just needs that extra framing to define the edge and bring it all together.  I used Jaybird Quilt’s tutorial for this, but I go 7/8.”  I think the citron Heath fabric lends a little brightness.

sewkatiedid/crazy piecingI think the beauty of the improvisational Crazy Piecing technique is how versatile it is for placing into all sorts of shapes and projects.  In Quilting Modern Jacquie and I stuck to mostly rectangles and wedges, but I’ve seen Chandra’s letter ‘H’ take shape, Krista’s triangles make it into quilts and many bits thrown into small projects like potholders, pillows and pouches.

sewkatiedid/Diving Geese QuiltI love teaching this workshop.  I am excited to see where people will go with their crazy-pieced blocks and to share and absorb inspiration from some new people keen on quilting too.

I’ll also be talking about my quilting at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild‘s October meeting. This kind of thing makes me pretty happy, these get togethers with people who enjoy quilting makes it all sorts of fun.

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Yeah for awesome quilting books and a BIG thanks to Christina of A Few Scraps for adding one to my collection! Christina’s book,  First Step to Free-Motion Quilting is a new approach to the subject.

IMG_2787Of course Christina covers the basics of FMQing, but she wraps the concepts up into small project ideas.  I don’t know about you, but this would have made my first halting steps in FMQing a lot less intimidating.

I tell students all the time that practice is the best teacher, but I think I’ll adopt Christina’s approach to the idea of playing on small projects as another little nudge.

first steps to free motion quiltingSeveral of the 24 projects in the book are on my list to try, but a few really made it to the top for Christmas gifts, like this fish bowl purse!

fearlessAnd these low rider bowls.

IMG_2797My favorite part of her book, though, is the personality behind it.  Many books feel stiff and prescribed, so it’s refreshing when you pick one up and know you’d like to spend more time learning from that individual (it’s good news she also teaches FMQ in Portland).

sewkatiedid/ovenmitt classChristina sparks creativity well beyond the book’s projects, and isn’t that what a really good book should do?  She got me asking what other small projects I could apply FMQing practice to, like the backs of oven mitts for an upcoming holiday gift class.

sewkatiedid/fmqing fabric bucketsI was able to recycle a quilted panel that was originally intended for a long pillow.  I had combined FMQing with straight line quilting and didn’t care for my original plan, so I applied it to her bucket idea for practice in construction.  I was pleased to have an item I was no longer excited about turn into something fun and functional!

sewkatiedid/fabric bucketsI couldn’t stop, so I made three for an additonal FMQing class at Drygoods.  Thanks so much Christina for the help!

When I teach FMQ I bring a few books for students to browse though for inspiration and First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting is honestly the book I’ve been looking for to add to that pile. Because let’s face it, fearless is a great way to look at it. It’s only quilting after all.

Follow along on the FSTFMQ Tour:
9/25 – Allison Rosen: Stash Books Blog
9/26 – Jessica Alexandrakis: Life Under Quilts
9/27 – Monica Solorio-Snow: Happy Zombie
9/28 – Susan Beal: West Coast Crafty
9/29 – Kathy Mack: Pink Chalk Studio
9/30 – Angela Walters: Quilting is my Therapy
10/1 – Amanda Jean Nyberg: Crazy Mom Quilts
10/2 – Megan Dye: Megs Monkey Beans
10/3 – Victoria Findlay Wolfe: Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts
10/4 – Katie Pedersen: Sew Katie Did
10/5 – Christina Cameli: A Few Scraps

Win a copy of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting!  Leave a comment by Tuesday, October 8th by noon-ish PST and one lucky winner will be drawn via random.org.  A United States winner can choose either an eBook or a hard copy, and an international winner can win an eBook.

sewkatiedid/oppossing triangles

Opposing Triangles Remake (photo by Sue Tamcsin)

New to my blog?  Check out my quilts here and my classes here.

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