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I read an article once in the Wall Street Journal about being a better procrastinator.  Apparently creative types often fall into this category, but you might be getting more done than you think.  Go have a read.

I’m a procrastinator, but a very productive one.  While I’m avoiding those deadlines I’m generally producing something new.

This cycle isn’t bad, it works for me.  As I complete those new projects I have a feeling that I’ve accomplished something, even tidying up after steps me ahead, energizing me to tackle something small on that procrastinated abandoned project.

Sound familiar?

sewkatiedid IMG_2303Of course when I procrastinate I spend some time daydreaming about new projects, being inspired by color and pattern around me,

sewkatiedidand make new piles that I have no business making.

sewkatiedid/supernova and mod tvBut even those baby steps help move me along.  Think small steps, two quilt backs made, two quilts quilted, but then I stall and the squaring and binding will have to wait because I really need to make some fabric buckets right?  There is probably some fabric I need to shop for too, because I might run out.

sewkatiedid/psychedelic babyOh, and not unlike the others I hang out with, I like to stare at fabric and move it around, so the cycle actually does come full circle, because I’ve been procrastinating these two quilts forever and they need to be done before I go to Portland in October to visit their Modern Quilt Guild and teach a workshop.   I’m actually a little happy to see them up there and since I have two other things I should be doing first they might actually get some action.

So there, I finally got out the blog post that I’ve been procrastinating by procrastinating those bindings I need to do.

So who’s a productive procrastinator too?



I’ve been holding onto one set of 6″ charm squares left from my blue destash for myself, but it’s time to destash it too!  I had over 70 blue prints that I cut, many are out of print.  If you are looking to add some blue to your fabric buffet I’m destashing these at $48 each, plus US flat rate shipping.  Just shoot me an email at sewkatiedid@gmail.com.  If you follow on Instagram that’s usually where my destashes are.  Boys prints and greens are next and then black and whites.

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Sewkatiedid/Soft Line To Follow Baby Quilt

I’ve had two quilts in process for Jacquie’s and my crazy piecing class on May 22nd at Island Quilter.

I almost scratched this one, thinking it didn’t have enough dark values, but you know what?  No dark values=softer mellow feel and for a baby quilt that’s just perfect.  Everyone loves a mellow baby.

I had to confine myself with some masking tape on my wall to keep my size down.  My tendency is to get larger and larger.

Soft Line To Follow Baby Quilt/Sew Katie DidWith the floor freshly mopped I basted it this morning and didn’t even have to move the table out because of its wee size.

I have a HUGE tote full of neutral scraps and I crazy pieced a load of those into the background as well.  It just needed something in those zones.

I’m thinking sky blue vertical lines for quilting.  I want it to retain it’s soft drape and I only have cotton batting, so I’ll have to refrain from getting them too close together.

Swim Sister Quilt/sewkatiedid

Then I couldn’t resist putting this up on the blank design wall.  All of it except the four rows that won’t fit.  Triangles are Saturdays class.  Large it will be.  My original plan was a lap quilt, but dreamt of it on our bed…then I thought, what the hell, what man wouldn’t want to sleep under mermaids with sea stars as pasties?

It needs some rearranging and those extra four rows, but I like it, all scrappy and such.

Roan’s been on the couch for three days with a virus, so my sewing time and catching up with him on Dr. Who has been steady.  If you’re an Instagrammer then I have also been destashing.  I’m here.



The Flip Triangle is a day-long workshop where we’ll get you off to a great start in creating a modern quilt with sharp points and design.  Choosing fabrics for high impact, proper technique for cutting and successful piecing of triangle blocks will be covered.  Great class for beginners, but all levels of sewists welcome.

Experience: all levels welcome; great for beginners

Date: Saturday, May 4th 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Drygoods Designs in Ballard


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sewkatiedid/Jacquie and I


Quilting Modern Workshops at Island Quilter on Vashon Island May 20th, 21st and 22nd are up on the website!

Lodging at Camp Burton is available from Sunday May 19th through May 23rd. Choose from single, double and triple occupancy.  Please contact Island Quilter with any questions in regards to lodging.

Please be sure to check the current ferry schedule for departure times and which terminal location is best for you.

Here’s the line-up:

sewkatiedid/shattered remake

Slice and Dice Workshop/Slice and Insert Technique and Projects:

Monday, May 20th from 10am-5pm/snacks and light lunch included.

Join authors Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen for a full day workshop focusing on the improvisational Slice and Insert piecing technique from their book Quilting Modern:  Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. Learn the basic technique and a new adaptation, a foolproof strategy for matching inserts, simple techniques for adding complexity to a design as well as how to work with even width and wedge shaped inserts.  Combine simple sewing with a new skill and create your own linear design.  Katie and Jacquie will share quilts from the book as well as new designs to inspire you.

hex/tallgrass prairie studio

All Hexagons All the Time Workshop:

Tuesday, May 21st from noon-6pm/snacks included

Love hexagons, but dread hand piecing?  Love sewing hexagons by machine, but find marking tedious?  Be prepared to love machine-piecing hexagons and master the dreaded Y-seam with ease.  Students will make the All Hexagons All the Time lap-sized quilt and sew all those hexagons with no marking.  In addition Katie and Jacquie will teach a quick and easy technique for cutting all those hexagons in no time.


Going Crazy Workshop/Modern Crazy Piecing:

Wednesday, May 22nd from 10am-5pm/snacks and light lunch included.

Step into the present with this modern version of crazy piecing from the Going Crazy Chapter in Quilting Modern:  Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts.  Katie and Jacquie’s free-flowing take on this technique will leave you inspired to find a place for crazy-piecing in every project!  Once you’ve mastered the technique, we’ll focus on finding a place for those crazy pieced sections in your quilt.  Jacquie and Katie will share multiple projects to spark your creativity and set you on the path to your own crazy-pieced design.

We’re really looking forward to these workshops!

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It may be small, but it’s grand to finish something.

pillow/sewkatiedidA little sample for my Psychedelic Baby Block Class at Make*Do*Mend.  I’ve got two other samples up on the design wall surrounded by a million other things that I hope to get to.  This list includes a Supernova quilt for next weeks class that will later be gifted to a new neighbor baby.

My next post should really be a compilation of all the UFOs around here.

Half way through the week!

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Last weekend I loaded up the car, hopped the ferry and spent the weekend teaching an Improv Coin Quilt Workshop on Vashon Island at Island Quilter.  I’ve got my timing down now, if I aim for the right ferry, from my doorstep in Seattle to theirs it takes me only about an hour.

sewkatiedid/coin quilt workshop

I had great company.  The class was full of students that have become close friends and a few newbies.  The flu has hit the area and we missed those that couldn’t make it.

As usual I didn’t get finished photos.  I’m working on that.


My friend Anne above made a return from a previous coin quilt class to finish hers up.  Her colors popped.


Anja, who owns Island Quilter joined in.  I was so delighted, she’s always working so hard and it was fun to have her play along.  She dug into her old Heather Ross.


Love this lady!  Suzie thinks outside the box and always keeps a class lively. She went vivid with her colors and ended with a fun mix of saturated shot cottons in her background.


I can’t wait to see Lotta’s quilt finished.  She dug through my white/neutral scrap box to piece the background for her quilt.  Like my sample below.


It’s fun how it adds another dimension.


Katie is new to quilting.  I loved how hers had long curves to the piecing once she started putting the background in.  I’ll see her at my Open Sew there on Friday night to finish up.

Fabric!  I can’t help but browse the unbelievable amount of fabric they have.


This time around I had two projects in mind.  Valentine pouches for my pouch class there.


And some Alexander Henry home decor for a much needed new ironing board cover.

I’ve got some classes this week, but I’m etching out some time to sew!



::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.  Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.


Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Wednesday, January 23rd from 11am-3pm at Make*Do*Mend.

Friday, January 25th from 5-10pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island (sign-up required).

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Wanted: Seattle Quickbooks for Mac expert willing to trade for fabric or instruction!

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels here.  I finally stepped up to getting Quickbooks.  This led to upgrading my operating system which caused Word and other programs to be incompatible.  It sadly doesn’t stop there…I seem to have something not quite right with my systems preferences, so my folders and documents won’t open and to boot, everything I created on Friday doesn’t exist.  Insert deep breath here and acknowledge that Rome wasn’t build in a day.  I wish I wasn’t such a neophyte when it comes to computers, but I’ve come a long way.

The drag is, I haven’t had an ounce of time to sew.  The good news is classes are going well.  I’m in catch-up mode to show you all what we’ve been doing since I myself have nothing.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

Last weekend at Make*Do*Mend Studio we covered what you can do with the Double Trouble Block.  It was fun to have the class filled with students from other classes plus a newbie.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

A full class in itself is the best teaching tool because you have multiple fabric combinations that you didn’t pick out that create different looks.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

Lights, darks, prints and solids all look different when laid out.  The design layout that the students are drawn to give you more examples of what the block can do.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

Petrina had completely revamped her design once she got home.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

Allison changed up her fabrics last minute so she could include them all.

Noelle went all solids and for some reason I’m lacking a photo.

drygoods design

It was convenient to have Drygoods Designs right next door when the design needed something added.


And what’s a trip to a fabric shop without a purchase?  Check out these beauties.  I’m in love with this Cloud 9 and that Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, well I want it in every color.  On the bottom there, flannel!  Already have a quilt that this will back.

Wish me luck with Quickbooks!

——————————————————-Next Class———————————-

sewkatiedid/value quilt

::Seeing Value Workshop:: $85 Saturday, January 19th from 10am-4pm at the West Seattle Stitch and Sew Studio.

Learn how color value can transform your quilt making design process.  Create multiple designs with your newfound knowledge of value and simple half square triangles.  All levels of sewists welcome.








sewkatiedid/whole cloth class











::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.  Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.

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Thanks for all the encouragement this year My Peeps.

Eighteen quilts and a full time job until the end of November!  No wonder my family isn’t feed and the dishes are dirty.

I’ve tried hard to stick with my process of finishing a quilt before starting another.

I think my resolution this year is to use up some of the stash that is taking over my closet.  Mix the old with the new, but I think that resolution might be a repeat from the last 8 years.

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt

Smitten Kitten Quilt

Rock Star Wedding Quilt

Sunspots Quilt

sewkatiedid/Opposing Triangles Remake

Opposing Triangles Remake (photo by Sue Tamcsin)

Stitched and Flipped Value Quilt

Modern Charm Squared Quilts

Seattle Lone Star Quilt

From Point A to Point B Quilt Top

Double Herringbone Whole Cloth Quilt

Sewkatiedid/Unknown Direction Quilt

Unknown Direction Quilt Take Two

Pantone Pop

Grape Crush

Psychedelic Baby Quilt

Shattered Remake

Anything Goes

Opposing Triangles Quilt

Unknown Direction Quilt

Let 2013 bring more time for creativity to flow and for all of us to try something new!

I’m looking forward to Quiltcon in February, who’s going?



sewkatiedid/scrappy double trouble

::Double Trouble Quilt Block:: 

$85/Saturday, January 5th from 10am-4pm at Make*Do*Mend Sewing Studio at Drygoods Design in Ballard.

Combine two triangle techniques, one traditional and one improvisational in this block building workshop.  We’ll cover proper technique and the mulitiple designs that this blocks creates.  All level of sewists welcome.  View more designs with this block here.

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