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Roan will be eight this month.  He asked me if he could have the Unknown Direction baby quilt I made when he saw it.

I thought I’d do better and go Roan size.

The rows are nearly sewn, but I’ve been waiting on some more aegean shot cotton to finish it to size.  The Anna Maria Flannel I bought up when it came on sale for the back.  The softness is amazing.

In the weeks since purchasing the flannel I received Denyse Schmidt’s new book and couldn’t stop thinking about the string pieced star quilt in it.  Roan and I both have a lifelong love of singing “You Are My Sunshine,” so I believe there are some words going in here somewhere too.

I constructed the large block in nine-patch style with improvisational points and bypassed Denyse’s muslin foundation triangle blocks with matching points.

Now I’ve got to figure out a design to combine the flannel and the star for the back.  To achieve this I needed to order more shot cotton.  Does anyone else seem to have this problem of constantly ‘needing’ more fabric?

I’ll be quilting it in the same style as Unknown Direction, minus the mess up and more distance between lines.  Unknown Direction has since post quilting disaster been renamed Two Martini.

I doubt I’ll wrap this one up in time for his birthday next week, but I’m aiming for the end of the month.

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My friend Laurel and I made it over to Island Quilter to retrieve my quilts from the exhibit.  I enjoyed viewing them one last time displayed together, but am so happy to have them back home where they belong.

I also snapped some photos.  In the rush to finish things up in time for exhibit I neglected getting a photo of Psychedelic Baby Quilt all bound.

I’ve got shot cotton, linen and Kona in this one, all leftover scraps.  The list of the materials can be found over at my Pantone Pop post.

The block is a mix of two quilts in the book.


and Swirling Medallion.

I really like the effect.  Not having a plan, just enjoying the process of sewing can lead to good things.

My leftover half square triangles with the linen that DIDN”T make it into Pantone Pop became the impetus for this quilt.  It wasn’t till the end that I thought I could turn it to be square rather than diamond.  I think it makes it look a bit more modern.

Washed it is a crinkly delight.

It kinda matches the flowers in my back yard right now.  Too bad the lilac flowers are gone.

and psssttt….a little bird told me about a sale:


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I’m still playing with scraps from Pantone Pop and Psychedelic Baby.  It seems I may have inadvertently created my first quilt series all based on use of the same fabrics.

From the scraps, I messed around with the Crazy Piecing technique detailed in Quilting Modern.  I had no initial plan, but ended up with four pieced squares.

As I browsed the book for inspiration I thought of setting them in a design like the Tunnel Vision quilt from the chapter ‘Log Cabin Makeover.’

Getting the values right was the hard bit and I worried I would run out of lilac Heath fabric that seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.  It took some innovative piecing, but I had enough.

The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is exhibiting at Island Quilter in July.  This will be my entry.

I’ve got some other projects that I have to get rolling on, like Roan’s birthday quilt and a quilt for Island Quilter’s June exhibit.  This will give me a little time to think about the quilting on this one.

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Yesterday and today I got to do something I haven’t done in a long time, play with the book’s techniques and not have a final plan.  That’s right, just my design wall and I had a date.

I pulled from the scraps of Psychedelic Baby, which in turn was made from the scraps from Pantone Pop.  I guess I overbought.

One block has a load of possibilities.

This block is the one I made for Psychedelic Baby and had some leftovers.  This design could go zig-zag or create the rectangles found in Quilting Modern’s Blind Copilot.

How about an hour glass?

Still obsessing a bit over the diamonds.

Then there are these string blocks, going to ‘magic number’ these with some wonky stars, something I’ve always wanted to put in a quilt.  I like the subtle color, but am thinking grass green would give it some pow factor.

More leftovers.  I could zig-zag or rectangle.  They need some added color though and aren’t really on the list.

These scrappy bit beauties are what is really holding my focus though.  I’m thinking of introducing them into a design layout we gave another quilt in the book or maybe it needs something new.

Fun to play isn’t it?  Especially when one doesn’t have to focus on one project, just sew and see what happens.

Wish I had weeks of it.

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The reception for my exhibit at Island Quilter was lovely!  I was a little worried, as the squalls of rain kept coming.

The rain didn’t seem to faze this group of Northwesterners.

It was first Friday Art-Walk, so there were many islanders hopping about and my support team of friends and family.  That’s my wonderful friend Meaghan there.

There was certainly some fabric shopping happening.  Those rows behind Meaghan and I are only the start of a labyrinth of fabric.

Krista, my friend and long-arm quilter was with me and got loads of compliments on her quilting of Shattered Remake behind us and Opposing Triangles.

I was so busy planning I forgot to take a picture of Psychedelic Baby finished.

Guess that’s what happens when you stay up till 1am to finish.

Today is mine all mine!  I have a basket full of left-overs from the book and am going to play with small creations.

It’s been a long time since I’ve made anything little.

This will be fun too!  Jacquie and I will be on Mark Lipinski’s Creative Mojo radio show tomorrow, May 9th at 4pm eastern.  Tune in or podcast it for a listen.

Hope your day is happy!

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Please join me tomorrow, Friday, May 4th from 6-9pm for a reception to celebrate the opening of my exhibit at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

AND do some fabric shopping while you are there!

This shop is amazing and full of color.

Yesterday I loaded up the car and jumped the ferry.

I tried to talk people into playing hooky with me, but no go.

Anja and I started by laying the quilts out.

Then we grouped them so they had some flow for hanging.

 Made me wish I had sleeves for them all.

Anja joked about painting all the clips to match the quilts.

I had to leave before they were all up, but I’ll have pictures for sure tomorrow!

Hope you come!

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A HUGE thanks to all friends, family, blog followers, students, fabric whores collectors and excited quilters that popped into the Quilting Loft for the book signing.  It made my day and I was one happy camper.  It wasn’t till I sat down for dinner that I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day.

I’ll get some photos collected from my friends for a future post of the fun day.

Now onto the final push to finish last-minute things before my Island Quilter exhibit reception on Friday!  I finished off the quilting on Psychedelic Baby this afternoon before I went to work.  I really wanted this quilt in the exhibit.

As always, I quilt faster in my head than in real life, so I had to set aside a few ambitious quilts and suppress those ‘I want to start a new quilt’ feelings.

Psychedelic Baby only needs a binding.

I’m thinking the red.

Whatcha think?

I feel a new class coming on.

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Please join me this Saturday, April 28th from 11-2pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard for a book signing and trunk show.  I’ll be demonstrating the ‘stitch and flip triangle’ technique around noon and 1pm.

The Quilting Loft will be offering a little ‘special something’ to each person that buys the book.  Preorder via the Quilting Loft and receive 20% off the book.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t come Saturday, the reception for my quilt exhibit opening at Island Quilter on Vashon Island is next Friday, May 4th from 6-9pm.

Hope to see your smiling faces at one or the other!


p.s. some giveaways of the book are available at the end of this post.

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(Rendy Tucker Photography)

Many thanks to my photographer friend Rendy and her two little girls for the photograph above.  We battled a windy day, having to pee and cold appendages to photograph this quilt.  Shattered is my first recreation from the book.

The rest of the crappy photos are mine.

Shattered, I didn’t rename it.


A) It’s just a good name

B) The design remained the same to the block size, just the colors, fabrics, and placement/size of the inserts changed.

I certainly have many hours of design already booked in my head with the ‘slice and insert’ technique.  I’m hoping the book creates that same infectious creative affliction in you.

My local long-arm friend, the lovely and talented Krista Withers quilted this version up for me.  She glanced at how Angela Walter’s had designed the quilting for it in the book, thought it perfect and took her own path with the slices as guidance.  She said it was pretty fun.

 It’s amazing.

 I purchased some Anna Maria Horner velveteen sight unseen from my friend Cathy for the backing.  Krista said it was dreamy to quilt.

Jacquie and I were thinking it would be fun to create a space to share quilts and projects inspired by or designed from the book, so we’ve created a Quilting Modern Flickr group.

Please join up if you’d like to add.  We’d L-O-V-E to see what you’re making!

P.S.  Marianne at The Quilting Edge and Doodles and Designs are both doing a giveaway of the book, so hop over!

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Just a little reminder that I have an improvisational Coin Quilt class starting this Thursday the 26th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft.  This class meets next Thursday too.  No two quilts will be the same.

If you are interested in learning improvisational techniques, this quilt is a way to perfect them.  We’ll cover strip piecing and a few versions of angle piecing.


Plus a book signing and trunk show this Saturday at the Quilting Loft from 11am-2pm.  We’ll have a demo too!

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