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I spent Sunday teaching and lecturing the wonderful Fidalgo Island Quilt Guild north in Anacortes, but found a spot at the hotel bar to watch Superbowl with a very quiet bunch compared to my rowdy sports freaky family.

Sewkatiedid/Unknown Direction QuiltI thought it only appropriate to show our Seahawks/Sounders quilt I made for Roan.  He sleeps under it every night and perhaps that’s good luck.

I’m back in town and ready to soak up some of the city’s excitement.

More about this quilt here.


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I’ve sewn a load of stuff this year.

sewkatiedid/2013Unknown Direction Quilt Binding, 2. I need a new pillow form, but the pillow top is done. #curvesworkshopsample, 3. Anything Goes Back Detail, 4. Shattered Remake, 5. Psychedelic Baby Quilt, 6. Grape Crush Quilt, 7. Pantone Pop Done, 8. Sonshine Quilt, 9. Seattle Lone Star Quilt, 10. Point A to Point B Quilt top, 11. Modern Charm Quilts, 12. stitched and flipped value quilt, 13. Sunspots Quilt, 14. Rock Star Wedding Quilt, 15. Smitten Kitten, 16. Opposing Triangles Remake, 17. Nicquelle’s Quilt, 18. Stash Archive Value Quilt, 19. Barn Star Quilt, 20. Soft Splinters Quilt, 21. Hexie Cutie Quilt, 22. Modern Log Cabin Pillows, 23. Scattered Quilt, 24. I think I need new sheets to match., 25. Sparkle Punch, 26. Double-Trouble, 27. Night Owl, 28. Diving Geese, 29. 9-Bxed Quilt, 30. This needs binding so that I have something to do tomorrow besides drink beer., 31. Opposing Triangle Quilt, 32. QAYG bag for class sample. TBA. I love how it turned out. #qayg, 33. Practice fabric buckets done. Now onto samples for FMQ workshop. @afewscraps thanks!, 34. Oven mitts, pair two done for class samples. #handmadeholidays, 35. Bound. Time for the wash. #quiltingmodern, 36. stash

Lack of blogging in 2013 might have been due to crafting.  Perhaps my 2014 resolution should be to show up here more often.

I think it more likely that my resolution for 2014 will be to finish up started projects and quilt tops to clear out space for new inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Have you made the plunge into Free-Motion Quilting yet?  I was years into quilting before I did.  Once you do you’ll wonder why you waited.  Though I love the look of straight lines there is something very meditative about finding your ‘zone’ and making all these fun shapes.

sewkatiedid/fmq(photo by my friend Allison Parrott Thompson)

I think for most of us it’s etching out the time to learn something new.  For some it might be an equipment and/or space barrier, or maybe the desire for a little hand holding.

 The classes I’ve taken myself on FMQ were very fun, but prescribed.  I found they provided a nice launch pad for learning the basics, but lacked the practice time needed to explore my own spin-offs of the shapes I was most drawn to.

There’s no denying it, practice really is the best teacher when it comes to free-motion quilting.

Hmmmm, so how do you combine all these needs?

sewkatiedid/nested basketsHow about an Open Free-Motion Quilting Studio or a Free-Motion Quilted Nested Basket Workshop on quality Bernina machines at Drygoods Design to give you wings?  It’s not too early to think about some gifts either.

Get your free-motion on with the studio’s Berninas, risk-free!  Wine optional, but it might help!


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I read an article once in the Wall Street Journal about being a better procrastinator.  Apparently creative types often fall into this category, but you might be getting more done than you think.  Go have a read.

I’m a procrastinator, but a very productive one.  While I’m avoiding those deadlines I’m generally producing something new.

This cycle isn’t bad, it works for me.  As I complete those new projects I have a feeling that I’ve accomplished something, even tidying up after steps me ahead, energizing me to tackle something small on that procrastinated abandoned project.

Sound familiar?

sewkatiedid IMG_2303Of course when I procrastinate I spend some time daydreaming about new projects, being inspired by color and pattern around me,

sewkatiedidand make new piles that I have no business making.

sewkatiedid/supernova and mod tvBut even those baby steps help move me along.  Think small steps, two quilt backs made, two quilts quilted, but then I stall and the squaring and binding will have to wait because I really need to make some fabric buckets right?  There is probably some fabric I need to shop for too, because I might run out.

sewkatiedid/psychedelic babyOh, and not unlike the others I hang out with, I like to stare at fabric and move it around, so the cycle actually does come full circle, because I’ve been procrastinating these two quilts forever and they need to be done before I go to Portland in October to visit their Modern Quilt Guild and teach a workshop.   I’m actually a little happy to see them up there and since I have two other things I should be doing first they might actually get some action.

So there, I finally got out the blog post that I’ve been procrastinating by procrastinating those bindings I need to do.

So who’s a productive procrastinator too?



I’ve been holding onto one set of 6″ charm squares left from my blue destash for myself, but it’s time to destash it too!  I had over 70 blue prints that I cut, many are out of print.  If you are looking to add some blue to your fabric buffet I’m destashing these at $48 each, plus US flat rate shipping.  Just shoot me an email at sewkatiedid@gmail.com.  If you follow on Instagram that’s usually where my destashes are.  Boys prints and greens are next and then black and whites.

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A few updates for my local peeps.  I’ve been in full swing summer and haven’t done as much marketing as I should.

Open Studio at Drygoods is TONIGHT (Tuesday), not Wednesday this month.

supernova/sewkatiedidThe class this Thursday at The Quilting Loft is Supernova or the stitch and flip triangle technique.  I’ve actually been itching to get back to some blocks I produced before we settled on the large block version of Supernova for the book.  This mock-up so far has small Supernovas and will be a repetitive block version of the quilt.


Due to a quilt finish what’s left of my Heather Ross Mendocino fabric is limited to two bags of scraps.  I’ve moved on from hoarding to enjoying fabrics in quilts!  I’ll of course add some other goodies, but the stitch and flip triangle is a fabulous technique for using up the most beloved scraps.

sewkatiedid/value quilt

I’m also aiming to trim a huge pile of valued half square triangles for a Saturday Value Quilt Class at the Quilting Loft for students to play with.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star Quilt

Looking to refine some skills or become a quilter, than you can jump in with my Barn Star quilt class at Drygoods.  I love this simple quilt and it can easily be translated to improv or repetitive blocks.

sewkatiedid/Soft Splintered QuiltWe’re also running one of my favorite classes on the 28th at Drygoods, Modern Crazy Piecing.  This technique is super fun and can be added into all sorts of projects.

Ok, off to the lake!

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Wanted: Seattle Quickbooks for Mac expert willing to trade for fabric or instruction!

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels here.  I finally stepped up to getting Quickbooks.  This led to upgrading my operating system which caused Word and other programs to be incompatible.  It sadly doesn’t stop there…I seem to have something not quite right with my systems preferences, so my folders and documents won’t open and to boot, everything I created on Friday doesn’t exist.  Insert deep breath here and acknowledge that Rome wasn’t build in a day.  I wish I wasn’t such a neophyte when it comes to computers, but I’ve come a long way.

The drag is, I haven’t had an ounce of time to sew.  The good news is classes are going well.  I’m in catch-up mode to show you all what we’ve been doing since I myself have nothing.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

Last weekend at Make*Do*Mend Studio we covered what you can do with the Double Trouble Block.  It was fun to have the class filled with students from other classes plus a newbie.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

A full class in itself is the best teaching tool because you have multiple fabric combinations that you didn’t pick out that create different looks.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

Lights, darks, prints and solids all look different when laid out.  The design layout that the students are drawn to give you more examples of what the block can do.

sewkatiedid/double trouble workshop

Petrina had completely revamped her design once she got home.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

Allison changed up her fabrics last minute so she could include them all.

Noelle went all solids and for some reason I’m lacking a photo.

drygoods design

It was convenient to have Drygoods Designs right next door when the design needed something added.


And what’s a trip to a fabric shop without a purchase?  Check out these beauties.  I’m in love with this Cloud 9 and that Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, well I want it in every color.  On the bottom there, flannel!  Already have a quilt that this will back.

Wish me luck with Quickbooks!

——————————————————-Next Class———————————-

sewkatiedid/value quilt

::Seeing Value Workshop:: $85 Saturday, January 19th from 10am-4pm at the West Seattle Stitch and Sew Studio.

Learn how color value can transform your quilt making design process.  Create multiple designs with your newfound knowledge of value and simple half square triangles.  All levels of sewists welcome.








sewkatiedid/whole cloth class











::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.  Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.

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I’m kind of a mess, so yesterday it was a blessing to be surrounded by friends, and many whom I consider family at The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Holiday Sew-In at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.


Island Quilter’s bright and large space accommodated our large group.


It was Merry Christmas to us, because Anja and Paul opened up what they call “The Vault.”  Which meant there were loads of out of print fabrics for us to purchase!  I went home with some Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet.


Working on gifts was of course high on the agenda and I heard between the mimosa’s and cookies that some made it a highly productive day.


I managed some infinity scarves and an apron.  I love the pharmacy on the island too for gifts and picked up some awesome stocking stuffers.


A little show and tell of our newest baby quilt.


Thanks to all who made it a great time!  You are all sunshine on a cloudy day and I really needed it.



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Saturday I headed over to Vashon to teach an apron class.  This class was somewhat out of the norm for me to teach, but I generally make a stack of aprons around the holidays as gifts, so I thought I’d pass that knowledge along.


I wish I would have thought to get a photo of everyone while they were still there.

These two ladies were friends and we had a great time.  My favorite part as always is to see what fabrics people pair.

The dolls with the Denyse Schmidt Vine on the reverse was my favorite combo.


I also plan on making myself an apron with the Virgencita and those Kaffe triangles.

sewkatiedid/christmas pillows

Already made pillows with this fabric.  Island Quilter also had it in the off white background.

This new Alexander Henry I couldn’t break free from.


The scale is HUGE.  Skirts, backed with flannel whole cloth baby quilt…not sure what I’ll do with this one.

I really wanted to get some of the Kaffe Fasset Voile for more infinity scarves.  It was the first time I’ve laid eyes on it, but I’m already overloaded with the Anna Maria Horner line so I had to stop there.

This Saturday will be the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Sew-In at Island Quilter from 10am-6pm.  Grab some friends (all welcome!) and your projects for the day.  I really think this is to be an event not to be missed.

Island Quilter will be selling out of print fabrics at a good fair price and have the rest of the store 20% off!

Hope to see you there!

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I taught the Psychedelic Baby Block class for the first time on Saturday.  I learned a lot about the direction I would like to see this class go.  In fact, I see a weekend workshop in the future!  We’ll all be getting together in the new year for some further instruction as they grow their quilt.

Top of the list favorite when teaching is seeing the ‘fabric personalities’ of students as their projects evolve.

Michelle just went for it, stepping out to make some additional solids purchases to ground her Kaffe prints.

Sarah’s fabrics and colors matched what she was wearing.

Students provide great teaching examples through their individual fabric choices.  I like to use their projects to help explain what happens when certain fabrics are chosen and how they can interact.  Sarah’s was a good example of using tone on tone prints and/or small scale prints to provide the look of a solid.

My other Sarah has a fondness for Kona solids, so it was no surprise that she showed up with some lovely colors to choose from.  I think she’ll be thrilled with the progression.

Cathy went all solids as well and had a palette chosen prior to the class.

I never got a good photo of Mary’s.  Her colors were dark and saturated with a punch of hot pink that didn’t show up well in the photos.  She was hoping to go home and place a coordinating print in the center.

When I returned home I had a copy of FabShop’s Webcents in my mailbox.  Guess who was the featured teacher?!  Teresa Coates crafted a great article.

Even though I feel a little weird about the large picture of me, the layout is awesome!  There are also some articles featuring Keli of Drygoods Design and Monica of the West Seattle Stitch and Sew Studio.

For me today, the stocking sample for my Improv Strip Pieced Oven Mitt or Holiday Stocking Class.

Aliens and VWs, too weird for a Christmas stocking?  Yes or no?

Happy Sunday!  xo

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I miss the sun.  Today I could use some for sure.

So this is as close as it gets to a sunny day in these parts.  The yard needs a mow, there’s morning glory everywhere and now the leaves are coming down, but truthfully, I don’t care.  I’m content to ignore it all and stay inside to sew.

I picked Sunspots up from Krista’s and threw it in the wash this morning along with some other quilts I’ll be showing off here soon.  Krista’s quilting just shrunk in so nicely!

We had fun deciding together what quilt designs should go where as we swilled beer.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to work with a long-arm quilter that you adore.

I’m not sure what quilting element I like most, the swirls within the sun, the way the quilting in the background forms triangles, rectangles and squares,

or that little moon Krista quilted in.

Three awesome quilting elements make this quilt so fun.  Krista’s amazing!

It looks rockin’ from the back too!  So happy, don’t know what I’ll do with it.

Sunspots was inspired by Denyse Schmidt’s Crazy Star from her amazing book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration.  I avoided the piecing on muslin and strip pieced instead.   The final star is finished like a wonky star nine-patch block.  I just didn’t want fussy or the same size points so this worked nicely for me.

I just dumped out my scrap bin that I use exclusively for strips for this one.  Pulling oranges, reds, yellows and some browns.  I never would have put brown in had it not been for DS’s inspiration.  It makes so much sense to have that dark value of course.

Any one going to the Block Party Quilter’s show this weekend?  I’m thinking of heading over on Friday.

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