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I hate making quilt backs.  I also spend too much time over thinking the quilting.  I know from discussions that I’m not alone at this stage of quilt making.

So instead I’ve been piling up quilt tops.  I haven’t quilted a quilt since, oh, November;( lame.

So I’ve started making my fabric piles, AND I will…make…quilt backs.

I know many quilters that now shy away from prints, but I have a soft spot for prints and backs are a perfect place to use up those that made me love fabric and quilting.

sewkatiedid/Psychedelic Baby Quilt

I think this quilt has been together minus a border for a year and a half.


This is what I purchased, but I’m not so sure I’m sold.  The handle on these Kaffe fabrics is really nice if you are looking for a soft quilt back.

Snowballed Sunshine is my new color way obsession.

wonky snowballed stars/sewkatiedid

It’s getting scraps and some larger cuts in the same sunshine happy tones.


My Sochi Hex just needs some length and maybe some added width.


Fabrics from the front and a few of the same prints in an alternate color way will merge for its back.


My newest Double-Trouble quilt is the one I’m itching to quilt the most.  The picture makes it look so dull, but it’s bright and vibrant.

double-trouble scrappy/sewkatiedid

I knew I wanted the 60s type flower print to be showcased on the back and I’ll take it from there with the others.


Now we’ll just have to see how long those piles sit?

I do enjoy choosing binding, so maybe that will be my incentive.

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sewkatiedidI told Jefe to calm his excitement over the fact that we have a Christmas themed sham for our bedroom.  He puts up with me.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punch shamI’m a little obsessed with this Alexander Henry Merry Moderns fabric and equally obsessed with Elizabeth’s Sparkle Punch quilt.

DSCN0070I thought about making another sham, but I think I’m just going to go all out and make a Christmas quilt for the couch instead with some wool batting and flannel back.

I’m trying to do the ‘two birds, one stone thing.’  Combining class samples and gift ideas at once.  Thus the stitch and flip triangles/Sparkle Punch fusion.  I like to have as many examples as possible to inspire students beyond Quilting Modern’s quilt layouts.  It really makes a class more fun.

sewkatiedid/qaygI’ve got Secret Santa gift and oven mitt class samples covered.  I forgot to put in two layers of batting, so I guess it’s a mug rug instead of a potholder

sewkatiedid/patchwork oven mittsConsidering I’ve got a ton of these patchwork squares left over from the oven mitts I think I might make some nesting baskets for class samples while I’m at it. Pssst…there’s one spot left in that class if you need a gift idea and some time on your hands Sunday.

Off to obsess more.

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I was feeling overtaken by scraps and actually made it through a few episodes of the Walking Dead before some order was restored.

sewkatiedid/qaygAnd then I felt the need to bust out some quality Quilt As You Go time with this stellar Alexander Henry Santa scrap I found.  Color way, prints and log cabin design completely inspired by this rockin’ design.

Welcome gift number one, you sure are cute.

sewkatiedid/patchwork oven mittsThis color way has set off a list of made goods including samples for my oven mitt class and some stitch and flip triangle pillow shams.

Jefe will be so excited we’ll have Christmas themed pillow shams for our bed I’m sure:)  He’s probably wondering why we don’t already.

Happy Tuesday all!


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I like sweet novelty fabric and judging from the amount of pink prints in my stash, I apparently like pink too, a lot.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI thought Alexander Henry’s Once Upon a Time line fit the bill to converge with some large hexagons for my Hexagons by Machine workshop at Drygoods AND get my cute quilt out.  It’s kind of like getting your rainbow quilt out I guess.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI like to make an initial stack of fabrics when I combine all prints and then I just have to cut and see how things work together on the design wall, as usual this results in enough precuts for another quilt.  The good thing is I’m certainly not running out of fabric, so all is ok.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI’ve got quite a combo of fabric types going on in this quilt.  Besides the Alexander Henry Princesses, there’s some Heather Ross double gauze, old Amy Butler flannel, the first run on Mirror Ball in pink, Lizzy House and Erin McMorris’ first line Park Slope thrown in and so on.  For the backing I used Sock Monkey Textured Flannel in Pink.  It’s been a hold out in my stash for ages and this quilt finally called for it.

Archetextures bound it.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltThe awesome bubble quilting I can take zero credit for.  My friend Sandie quilted it on her long arm for me.  The wool batting was a stellar choice on her part, it just makes it pop.  Thanks Sandie!

Sewkatiedid/Hexie Cutie QuiltI love this quilt!  So sweet, or cute I guess.

sewkatiedid/oval loopNext is something a little sharper, but still novelty print based.  I’ll cut and square out the sides, but just one would make a cute pillow or placemat for sure…now there’s a project idea.

I wanted to mention how much I appreciate all who comment and encourage me on this blog.  I’m not the best responder, but you make my day.  It’s important for me to just shut down the computer and give creative ventures and family attention.  You can have emails delivered to your inbox when I post via the link in the right sidebar.  Thanks to you!

Tomorrow’s my Open Studio at Drygoods if you have some spare time during the day to sew.  Hope to see you there or that you have time to get your sew on!

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I’m sure most of you are familiar with Etsy.  My friend Becca has an awesome shop on Etsy called Quilt Sandwich that she runs with her sister.


I originally got to know Becca through her involvement with the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  We are both on the SMQG’s Board of Directors (she’s our secretary), so we spend a fair amount of time together.  Of course there is the diversion of quilt/fabric talk at every board meeting in between the business at hand.


Becca and her sister stock Quilt Sandwich with a great mix of fabrics, from the newest designer fabrics on the market to must have solids that make it all work.  I ever spied some Charolina Chambray there!


It was difficult to narrow down my selections, but the Modern Mecca has been on my radar.  It is incredibly difficult for me to pass up an Alexander Henry print that might disappear.


I built my selections around the Modern Mecca fabric.  Some shot cottons, a pearl bracelet and that great zig zag by Dear Stella.


I found the Erin McMorris print that I needed for my Nicquelle Quilt at Quilt Sandwich too.  Now I have a hand project for my drive to the Tri-Cities show.  Love that!

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sewkatiedid/Night OwlOh, “Hi Night Owl!”  Did anyone have a baby that was a night owl?

The blue colorway and theme of Lizzy House’s Constellations line was perfect for a remake of the Supernova quilt from the book.

sewkatiedid/Night Owl Quilt

I searched through the stash for the focus fabric to be placed in the center.

sewkatiedid/Night Owl Quilt

Since I sized down the squares to four and a half inches this fabric needed to be small scale and “Not purple,” Jefe said (I still snuck some in).  I went with this cute owl print that Alexander Henry came up with some years ago.  I thought it fit the night time theme.  From there I started thinking about the color development for the rest of the quilt.


I was inspired by the colorway in this encaustic piece by Christine Terrell of Tincaustics that I picked up while in Austin.  This citron or chartruse color has taken me over.  I certainly need more fabric right?  So I moved onto hunting for some more of this color for the quilt and my stash.  My excuse was that they would help blend the lighter greens.

sewkatiedid/Night OwlI did a few block alterations from the original book pattern to make it a little less square and more explosive.  Pulling a multitude of fabrics from the stash for all the different rounds was a fun way to use up a few smaller pieces that have been around.

This pattern is loose, fun and FAST!  I pulled it together in a few days.

I’d love to have this quilted for class tomorrow night in a woodgrain pattern, but need to pack up and get my lecture fine tuned for the Tri-Cities show this weekend.

I hope to meet you Friday or Saturday if you are on the east side of the state!


::Supernove Workshop::


Tuesdays, March 19th and 26th from 6-9pm at Drygood Designs in Ballard.

This class will be a great opportunity to learn new techniques without intimidation. Play will both the shape and value in this class where you’ll take wonky star blocks to a whole new level with the Supernova Block.  The Supernova Block adds an improvisational triangle onto a traditional square block to create its swirling effect.  Your block design can go Supernova by creating one large block or multiple small blocks can create your quilt.

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Thanks for all the quilt names!  We did some rearranging yesterday and I lost a major storage spot.  The spot held a large tote full to the brim with unfinished projects.  As I was trying to reorganize I finally came up with the quilt’s name, Scattered.

The name seems to fit where I am with projects too.


This loss of space created a fire under my ass to reorganize further and work through those projects.  I’ve had a few small projects on my sewing table that were becoming clutter, beautiful clutter, but still clutter.  So I made a list and am striking some off instantly.  Clutter keeps me at a stand-still and I’m re-energize for sure upon checking off a few.

These small projects are created from fabrics that I’ve picked up locally.

sewkatiedid/infinity scarf

This fabulous Anna Maria Horner velveteen that I got at  The West Seattle Fabric Company is finally an infinity scarf.  I’ve been matching the voiles with flannel or velveteen to make as gifts and was happy to see some of this type of fabric available in town.

sewkatiedid/drawstring bagI could procrastinate no longer on my delivery of my quilt to Quiltcon.  This required making a drawstring bag for its containment.  My boots will need something to travel in to Austin too and this Alexander Henry zebra print I got from Island Quilter is just so sassy.  I want to replenish its supply even though I have no project planned.


Island Quilter had this Alexander Henry fabric in a variety of colors.  I wanted to go with the black, but as an ironing board cover I thought it would fade.  I totally white-trashed the construction by tracing around the shape plus an inch or so, zig-zagging an inch down to the wrong side and pulling some elastic through the hem.  The elastic is pulled taunt and held tight by a toggle.  If I could do it with duct tape I would.  You just don’t see it so perfection doesn’t matter.

It could use some ironing.  This will surely happen.

sewkatiedid/starlight star bright quilt

I’m itchin’ to piece this Star-Bright Star-Light Quilt as a sample before the HST LOVE class on Saturday at Island Quilter and those diamond blocks are killing me.  I pulled it down to work on step outs for Jacquie’s and my Quiltcon Demo though.  Stick to the list.

sewkatiedid/valentines day

Ok, ignoring the list for a second and dreaming of Valentine’s Day I couldn’t help but pile.  I’m always collecting fabrics for gift making.


This one from Drygood’s is my favorite this year!  I’m back to add this one too.


Here’s to a productive Monday!  We’ll see how long I can stick to the list.

————————————————–OPEN QUILTING STUDIOS THIS WEEK—————————————

This Wednesday we have Open Quilting Studio at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard from 11-3pm and at Island Quilter on Saturday from 4-9pm following the HST Love class below.  This is a great opportunity to take a class and then stick around to finish the quilt!

::Half-Square Triangle LOVE Class::

$85/Saturday February 16th from 10am to 4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

This versatile quilt block lends itself to endless designs. We’ll cover quilting basics such as picking fabrics, matching seams and create perfect points.  We’ll play with a layout that suites your style and you’ll walk away with ideas for a multitude of quilts. All level of sewists welcome.

::Improvisational Coin Quilt Workshop::

$85/Tuesdays, February 19th and 26th from 6-9pm at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome/machines and tools provided.

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