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sewkatiedid/squareYears ago I stumbled across Denyse Schmidt’s first book  and immediately made precise cardboard templates to duplicate her patterns like my mom taught me.  It only took the piecing of a single block to realize I could have accomplished the task in a few moments (not to mention all those templates), but it was truly a launching pad into improvisational quilting for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The thing is, I was all ambitious with my cutting and had a second quilt cut out before I even started the piecing the first.  I’m efficient (or not) like that;) That first quilt was gifted.  My lack of knowledge in regards to quilting density means it is likely falling apart, but as long as it was loved and used I don’t care.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltI finally finished that second quilt!  It now lives with my brother and sister-in-law in South Lake Tahoe and no, of course I never got a photo of the full quilt.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltThere’s a fabric mix party going on here to add some additional blocks to this king size mamma jamma.  Mostly we have Carolina Chambrays (which Robert Kaufman came out with again), but there are also some other textural solids added.  The clouds are an old Kaffe Fasset.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltI brought all the blocks to size with Essex linen.  The drape of this quilt is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Sandie helped me with the quilting on her long arm.  Sorry, but I am NOT quilting a king size on my home machine (not even straight lines), I don’t know where I would even baste it without starting to call it bad names or needing my weight in beer.  If you are one of those ambitious people, I bow down to you.

sewkatiedid/bind and backFlannel, I love you so.  You are my go-to backing when I look for a quilt to pull up over me.  This Anna Maria Horner flannel paired with the Essex on the front make a happy pair.

sewkatiedid/bindingBlue it is for the binding, because it is what I had.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltOk, sorry, that’s a lot of photos for not even having a full shot of the bloody quilt.  I swear, I’m working on my blogging goal, but not making it.  Consider yourself lucky, you have more time to get things done the less time you spend with me.

I’m hoping next week to have some (exciting to me) news to share.  No, I’m not writing another book, and no, not pregnant;)

Happy week peeps!

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Ever get inspired by a quilt and it sticks with you?

This quilt by Amy of Badskirt did just that.  So simple in design, but I love (and had) most of the fabrics.  Just needed enough substituted and added to call it my own.

And while you are bothering to cut fabrics, why not just make two quilts, eh?

I will not lie, it took me a load of fabric elimination to come up with the boy one.  The girl combo came much easier.  My pile of toss out squares grew and are now destine for a scrappy charm quilt all their own at a later date.

I think sometimes I am so anxious to move onto the next new idea in my head that I cast aside the simple love of a square.  My Modern Charm Class gave me the perfect excuse.

I needed these both as class samples soon and made a visit to my friend Sandie’s for a date with her and her long-arm.  We originally planned on placing them side-by-side so I could quilt both at once, but decided they each needed their own quilted personality.

 The girl one got what I call “happy clouds.”

The boy got a spiraling circle.

You can see the quilting a little better from the back.  I pieced in some leftover squares to bring the backs to the square size.

The bindings are divine.  I love to cut into something waiting patiently in my stash.

The only fabric I was in need of was a few squares of the pink vans, so I called in to one of my peeps.  Thanks Amber for the vans, but mostly it was really fun to finally meet you!  xo

Happy week!


::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85 Thursdays, October 18th and the 25th from 6-9 at the West Seattle Fabric Company.

Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.

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It’s been an odd summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  I thought it time to produce some of my own sunshine.

Enter Scrappy Sunshine Quilt.

This quilt originally started with cutting up all my Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.  It just needed to happen, but when I put it up to create blocks, it was just bland.

Well you know what they say about best laid plans…

I pulled the duller colors and threw in the Amy Butler Lotus (thanks Heather for the pink!),

and then the Alexander Henry Aviary which I always wanted to have together with the Lotus in a quilt.

The Heather Ross campers were an afterthought and I had just enough for a few blocks, so perfect for a summery quilt.

I think I bought Pink Chalk out of these little Japanese flowers in every color way when they went on sale.  They are printed on the same soft fabric as Heather Ross’s stuff.

Of course I can never make a quilt purely from stash so I ordered this print in each colorway when I found it for $5/yard.

It all makes the Flea Market Fancy seem like an afterthought.

The layout doesn’t have any rhyme or reason.  I just grab blocks from the piles and lay them on my cutting mat in a square or rectangle and piece them.

And look what decided to make an appearance this morning.

Hello Sunshine!

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Yeah, it’s that time of year again.  I enjoy looking through all the quilt inspiration that the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival offers.

My quilt idea all started with this fabric.

First, the idea became a pillow when the Hope Valley line came out.  I used Joelle Hoverson’s technique for her Little Bits quilt.  I designed it by stacking the blocks and liked the effect so much that I started a quilt.  It got pushed aside with the book quilts taking front stage.

My favorite quilts of the year are in the book, or not yet finished, but Split Decision is up there.

As I spread it out fresh from the dryer, I was in love.  It went straight to the shop for a class sample, but I’ll look forward to the day when I can lounge under it.

Especially because of its buttery flannel back.

I framed it out with the pink for binding.

I think the loops make it fun.

I’m hoping next year with the book likely being on the shelves to have a real reason to go to market.  

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I see lavender loops and I like them!  Right out of the wash and up for photos.  Only wish it was a brighter day in Seattle.

I didn’t want to remove Split Decision from my home, but I dropped it off as a class sample today.  It’s my favorite quilt to date besides a few in the book.

Wanna know a secret?

I was a free-motion quilting virgin until this quilt and now I have a new addiction. Since finishing this one I have three baby quilts under my belt.  Can’t stop.  Though my first love will be a straight line F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Let’s back up, you don’t want to look at those loop’s stitch length too close.

The backing isn’t Alexander Henry.  So if it isn’t Alexander Henry than it must be flannel in the quilting world of Katie.


Knew the Folksy Flannel was it when I saw it on sale on Sew Mama Sew.  I loved the weight of it as I sat under it and stitched on the binding.

In fact, if anyone has a yard of the Hope Valley I used for binding I’m in the market.  I think I wanna make another just like it for my bed. Do you think my husband will repaint the bedroom walls AGAIN?

Eeekkk, I’m so excited to have this done.

Happy Monday!


out of print destash here

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Everyone’s doing it, the Single Girl Quilt A-long that is.

I’m a quitter though.  I only ever made it through one complete ring when the pattern came out.  Making it truly single.

I scrapped it with Amy Butler.  I figure if I was to make three more I have a baby quilt, but I’m not that motivated for all the cutting.  I am inspired by some of the quilts I am seeing though.  In the future might rally.  The grays have caught my eye, or the purples.

Loaded some new stash fabrics to sell off if anyone ‘needs’ fabric!

And my original pillow…I’ve already changed my mind and moved onto an Anna Maria Horner print.  Willing to make coordinate if needed.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Do you ever make a quilt that you just love, but it sits waiting for the perfect person to come along and as it ages you start to not like it as much as you previously did?

I resisted the urge to create another quilt for my friend Laura’s baby.  I originally posted the Butter Block quilt earlier in the year.  It was the first ‘on point’ quilt I’d ever created.  I love the colors.  I love the print fabrics, and I of course especially love that it contains flannel (borderline problem).

Now that it is mailed I am appreciating it more and more.

I have just a bit left of some of these favorite fabrics.  Sometimes it’s hard to use the ones you just adore.

I’m so pleased it has a happy home.


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I’ve always LOVED my stocking.  Each one my Grandmother made her grandchildren was unique, with our names of course.  She was an talented knitter.

I love Santa’s nose, likely rosie from too much eggnog.  His fuzzy beard made of Angora and the sequins sewn into his tree as ornaments.  I like that he was preciously made with me in mind.

Roan has been so lucky to have a Great Grandmother craft a stocking especially for him as well.

Needlepoint this time.  His name and a puff ball adorns the bear’s hat.

Maybe next year we could all make some stockings that would make some children feel extra special.  I know my stocking always did that for me.

I’ve been searching a bit for some good stocking tutorials because my husband’s stocking got lost in the family shuffle over the years.

Please add if you know of another.

Happy Happy Everyone!

-Scrap Stocking

-Comfort Stitching Stocking

-Jingle Bell Stockings

-Denyse Schmidt Christmas Stocking

-Nine Patch Star Christmas Stocking

-Noodlehead’s Stocking

-This one’s pretty


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Have you ever made something that you just LOVE, but you gave it away?

I’ve been thinking about this zip pouch I made for Grandma Goobin to carry her Ciggies.  Maybe it’s just the fabrics.  These prints were made to cozy up with linen I swear.

I recently recreated with thrilling results a quilt that I had gifted…but I don’t know if I could pull this one off differently and like it as much.

Right down to its triple stitched strap I want to duplicate it.

Is it me or do you make things improvisationally and wonder…now how in the…am I going to recreate THAT?


*Half Square Triangle Class

*September Improvisational Workshop/Strip Piecing

*Improvisational String Blocks Workshop

*Value Class

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Way to go Team Quilter Butt!  When I checked yesterday our team had logged 358.5 miles in four days!  Butt improvement seems to be occurring!  Jacquie and I are so impressed!

My week was like this:

Sunday: Ran

Monday: Ran

Tuesday:  Swam

Wednesday: Ran

Thursday: Weight/Aerobic Workout

Friday: ?

I’m still a bit up in the air with what I want to sew.  I’ve got some Improv projects already in progress.  Like a few blocks for a wedding quilt.  Seeing as I am going to their first anniversary party next week, I think I’m a little behind on the gift.

Many of the bits were cut a few years back when I first ventured into “improv” quilting  via Denyse Schmidt’s book.  I intended to make another like this ‘Bunch of Squares’ below that I made for Eli’s wedding.

I quickly realized that to improv you need not follow a pattern AND that it was actually easier to do your own thing and bring it up to size.

Looking at this picture I also am aware that you need way more quilting to make the batting last.  I know the marriage is still intact at least.  So much to learn.

So what are you all doing?  Are you added some healthy recipes to your challenge?  Maybe some new songs to the playlists?  Do share!

P.S.  Has anyone else been having problems leaving comments with Blogger?

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