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violet craft fabricFinally made it over to Vashon Island to sew at Island Quilter with some students last Sunday.  There’s always so much new fabric to see with each visit and everyone enjoys the bright large sewing space.

I was delighted to see Violet Craft’s new line Waterfront Park in the colorways that I’m so drawn to lately.  I would have loved to buy the full line, but I’ve been adding the crimsons and yellows to my stash for these mini Supernovas.

sewkatiedid/mini-supernovasThese have been a work in progress, put up and then away multiple times.  At some point something will come that will transform them into a quilt, but nothing original has come yet.  Might be time to just make more blocks with all this fabric?

sewkatiedid/mini supernovasSince I had already pieced this block and decided that I needed to rip it apart to add some extra points, I added in some of Violet’s new line.  I used most of my Mendocino up in the original Supernova for the book and a triangle quilt I still need to show you all, so mixing in some new prints is essential.


Cute as going big I think.

I’m teaching a Stitch and Flip Triangle workshop to the Eastside Guild Thursday and these beauties, though unfinished will hopefully offer some variety for inspiration.

sewkatiedid/mini supernovasAnd if anyone has any of this swim sister in the plum (not crimson) I’d be delighted to trade for just about anything.

Happy Monday!  Go sew.


sewkatiedid/scappalicious double-trouble quilt

::Double-Trouble Sunday Workshop::

$60/ Sunday, September 22 from 10am-4pm at Drygood Designs

Ready to create a simple modern quilt? Double-Trouble is a fun interactive technique and design workshop that merges a traditional triangular block with an improvisational triangle block technique.  We will create two of the same triangular blocks, one for ourselves and one for trade.  The Double-Trouble block itself has unlimited design possibilities that we will explore to create unique quilt designs.


sewkatiedid/modern coin quilt

::Modern Improvisational Coin Quilt::

$85/Thursday, September 26th and October 3rd from 6-9pm at The Quilting Loft in Ballard

Interested in creating a modern quilt with improvisational techniques, but don’t know where to start? Then this is the class for your first modern quilt!  Learn improvisational techniques like angle and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints.  No two will be the same. All levels of sewists welcome.

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sewkatiedid/Barn Star Quilt

When Keli at Drygoods asked me to teach a beginner quilting class called “Welcome to Quilting,” I knew exactly what I was making for a sample.

Inspiration for this quilt has been pulled from a variety of sources over the past year.

barn quiltsThe seed was first planted last summer when my folks brought me home a folder of collected information on the barn quilts they had passed during their road trip west.

I thought these traditional quilt block designs were perfect with their simplistic design and that their large scale gave them a modern look.  My favorites were the stars of course, but I have a whole series bookmarked.

5,500 Quilt Block DesignsFor more inspiration I spent some time with my copy of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs to find the star I wanted to make.  This book is chock full of traditional blocks just itching for some big block fun or an improvisational twist.  The book is a great resource for understanding color values impact on block design and how secondary design comes into play when combining blocks.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star QuiltKatie’s Super Star Quilt, in the May/June Quilty issue was the final inspiration.  I was smitten with her color combo from first sight, so my original color way with the citron migrated to the back.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star QuiltI quilted it in the same pattern I did for my Psychedelic Baby quilt.  It’s time consuming, but clean and simple.  I like unfussy quilting that runs off the edge.  I’d made the binding before picking out the backing and had to switch gears when the dark grey wasn’t right.  I’m always glad when I make the extra effort even when I just want to be done.

sewkatiedid/barn star quiltThen again, lesson learned.  I like the quilt back, but if I had only taken a moment to step back and look at the quilt’s back on the design wall I would have added a vertical citron column to the top and bottom of the star block too.  Practice truly is the best teacher.

sewkatiedid/barn star quiltThis class has shaped up nicely.  I love the sample and it really is perfect to drive home all the principles of quilting I want to cover in a beginner class.  There’s even room built in for those that aren’t beginners, but just really want to set aside time to make a beautiful quilt.

I’ve got a load of classes on the schedule and a line up of finished quilts to show, just need some time to photograph them all.

I think there’s one spot in the zip pouch class Wednesday and a few in Split Decision Saturday if you’re looking for a new project.  My friend Melinda stopped by with her Split Decision quilt top last night.

sewkatiedid/Melinda's split decision quilt


sewkatiedid/zip pouch

::Zip Pouches::

$45/Wednesday, June 26th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Come learn the ins and outs of constructing a zip pouch.  Once you know the ropes you’ll be a production machine.  These are great for gifts and perfect for all levels of sewists.

Scattered Quilt/Sewkatiedid

::Split Decision Quilt Workshop::

$85/Saturday, June 29th from 10am-4pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Join author Katie Pedersen to play with the slice and insert technique from the book Quilting Modern.  Combine simple sewing with a new skill and create your own linear design featuring snippets of your favorite fabrics. This is a great class for all levels of sewists that want to explore a new improvisational technique and play with design.

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Double Trouble Quilt/SewkatiedidThanks to Sandie the Double-Trouble quilt is quilted and hopefully bound with Kei Dots (also Sandie’s suggestion) by the time I hit the Gig Harbor Guild tomorrow for a lecture on Quilting Modern.

You know I’ve got a thing for triangles right?

swirling medallion quilt/sewkatiedid

The double-trouble block originated from a quilt we designed for Quilting Modern called Swirling Medallion.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

This quilt went through some morphs before ending here with the triple diamonds.  Here’s just examples of what you can do with this block.

sewkatiedid/scrappy double troubleChevrons or zig-zags.

sewkatiedid/scrappy double troubleMultiple diamonds.

sewkatiedid/scrappy double troubleBlocks on point.

sewkatiedid/scrappy double troubleAlternating side blocks,

sewkatiedid/scrappy double troubleand my favorite, the big radiating diamond medallion.

I have a bunch of leftovers that I’m hoping will make it into something soon.

Looking at these photos makes me so happy to have a large grey design wall now.

Happy Tuesday!

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sewkatiedid/value quiltFunny how my design wall has enlarged, yet I still need more room.  My plan is to create four squares on-point for this quilt to take it to my Seeing Value Workshop on Tuesday as a new sample.

This quilt is a long overdue thank you gift.

I’m holding a lot of medium value fabrics in my stash which leads to a blended look.  While I like the low contrast I still need to move some stuff around to make the corners of the squares a little more defined.  Rectangular would be fun too, maybe just three long ones.

Value Tutorial is here and more examples if you can do without the drive.

Off to Open Quilting Studio for the day!  Happy Wednesday.

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Thanks for all the quilt names!  We did some rearranging yesterday and I lost a major storage spot.  The spot held a large tote full to the brim with unfinished projects.  As I was trying to reorganize I finally came up with the quilt’s name, Scattered.

The name seems to fit where I am with projects too.


This loss of space created a fire under my ass to reorganize further and work through those projects.  I’ve had a few small projects on my sewing table that were becoming clutter, beautiful clutter, but still clutter.  So I made a list and am striking some off instantly.  Clutter keeps me at a stand-still and I’m re-energize for sure upon checking off a few.

These small projects are created from fabrics that I’ve picked up locally.

sewkatiedid/infinity scarf

This fabulous Anna Maria Horner velveteen that I got at  The West Seattle Fabric Company is finally an infinity scarf.  I’ve been matching the voiles with flannel or velveteen to make as gifts and was happy to see some of this type of fabric available in town.

sewkatiedid/drawstring bagI could procrastinate no longer on my delivery of my quilt to Quiltcon.  This required making a drawstring bag for its containment.  My boots will need something to travel in to Austin too and this Alexander Henry zebra print I got from Island Quilter is just so sassy.  I want to replenish its supply even though I have no project planned.


Island Quilter had this Alexander Henry fabric in a variety of colors.  I wanted to go with the black, but as an ironing board cover I thought it would fade.  I totally white-trashed the construction by tracing around the shape plus an inch or so, zig-zagging an inch down to the wrong side and pulling some elastic through the hem.  The elastic is pulled taunt and held tight by a toggle.  If I could do it with duct tape I would.  You just don’t see it so perfection doesn’t matter.

It could use some ironing.  This will surely happen.

sewkatiedid/starlight star bright quilt

I’m itchin’ to piece this Star-Bright Star-Light Quilt as a sample before the HST LOVE class on Saturday at Island Quilter and those diamond blocks are killing me.  I pulled it down to work on step outs for Jacquie’s and my Quiltcon Demo though.  Stick to the list.

sewkatiedid/valentines day

Ok, ignoring the list for a second and dreaming of Valentine’s Day I couldn’t help but pile.  I’m always collecting fabrics for gift making.


This one from Drygood’s is my favorite this year!  I’m back to add this one too.


Here’s to a productive Monday!  We’ll see how long I can stick to the list.

————————————————–OPEN QUILTING STUDIOS THIS WEEK—————————————

This Wednesday we have Open Quilting Studio at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard from 11-3pm and at Island Quilter on Saturday from 4-9pm following the HST Love class below.  This is a great opportunity to take a class and then stick around to finish the quilt!

::Half-Square Triangle LOVE Class::

$85/Saturday February 16th from 10am to 4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

This versatile quilt block lends itself to endless designs. We’ll cover quilting basics such as picking fabrics, matching seams and create perfect points.  We’ll play with a layout that suites your style and you’ll walk away with ideas for a multitude of quilts. All level of sewists welcome.

::Improvisational Coin Quilt Workshop::

$85/Tuesdays, February 19th and 26th from 6-9pm at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome/machines and tools provided.

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Not sure how I missed this, but I never added this Thursday’s Blind Co-Pilot Workshop to my class line-up.  I know there were a few inquiries over the past few months in regards to this class.

sewkatiedid/Blind Co-Pilot

I’ll be bringing in my scrap boxes so we can stitch and flip in scrap heaven!  I’ve got two spots left and a very lively group of students so far.


Happy Tuesday you guys!  I’m doing taxes. I would trade my weight in fabric for someone to take over this chore.


::Open Quilting Studio::


Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Wednesday, January 23rd from 11am-3pm at Make*Do*Mend.

Friday, January 25th from 5-10pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island (sign-up required).


sewkatiedid/magic number

::Magic Number Workshop::  FULL!  Please call Island Quilter for Wait list.


sewkatiedid/whole cloth class

::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: 

$85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required if you are bringing your own machine.  Studio machines and walking foot available.

sewkatiedid/split decision

::Split Decision Block Workshop::

$85/ Saturday February 2nd from 10am-4pm at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

Play with the slice and insert technique creating a modern quilt that features snippets of your favorite fabrics.  This is a great class for all levels of sewists that want to explore a new technique and play with design.  All levels welcome!  Machines and tools provided.

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So fun to hear everyone’s memorable stocking stuffers on the last post!  Thanks for sharing.

This year in our house if you leave Santa the traditional gifts of a Guinness, cookie and a nicely printed note you might get:

  • Life savers Book
  • Project to keep little hands busy
  • Jar of Marshmallow Fluff and Nutella
  • Pecans

Sunday I spent an awesome afternoon perusing and buying handcrafted gifts at the Urban Craft Uprising.  There are a few vendors I like to support yearly.  I also ran into a few Seattle Modern Quilt Guild people.

I then bee-lined it to Drygoods Sunday. For fabric of course, but the plan is to gift it as wonderfully crafted gifts.


A needle book is in the works with some Storybook.  BECAUSE, be still my Heart, Niece Ella is getting a sewing machine for Christmas!

I doubt she needs inspiration, but she certainly needs a place to store her tools.  Sew She Sews has a great tutorial if you need some guidance.


I’ve been wanting to do the Everyday Bag from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing with this flowered corduroy for some time now.

Maybe the Tula Pink for the interior, or faux bois in dark green.  Any tips from anyone who has made this?  It seems pretty straight forward, but I’m thinking something weighty like Essex linen might drape better or adding a muslin lining.


Some infinity scarves are in the works, this flannel paired with some voile.  Voile still to be researched and colormatched.


I fell in love with this Alexander Henry in my Modern Charm Quilt class.  My friend Anne combined it with some fabulous fabrics.  This one is just because I needed it for my stash.

I’ve got a few gifts done,



and a trivet nearly there, just some binding to sew down while I start my Arrested Development marathon tonight.  It’s been awhile.


Today gifting must be put aside to finish a sample for my Double Trouble Quilt Block Workshop.  As usual, my small baby quilt evolved and I am going to spend some time creating some more blocks.  It needs some width.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

Hoping to have a photo tomorrow of a finished quilt top.


flip triangle









::Flip Triangle Quilt:: 
$85/ Thursdays, December 6th and 13th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

A modern quilt with sharp points and design.  Learn the proper techniques for cutting and piecing this equilateral triangle block.  Choosing fabrics will be covered.  All levels of sewists welcome.

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I had to take these off the design wall to focus on what really needed to be done.

I started fiddling with the idea of using scraps for half-square triangles with stitch and flip triangles during my Swirling Medallion class.  This simple technique from the book lends itself to so many designs.

I went with a small sized square so I could use up even the smallest of favorite scrap fabrics.

They are ideal for chain piecing.  Think of it as an ongoing project in between all those others.  I simply have added a stack of white squares to my sewing table and as I produce scraps from other projects I add hsts to the mix.

I think on-point might be what I go with and I’ll mess with them more before I teach the Stitch and Flip Triangle class and the Psychedelic Baby Block Class that will cover this technique and more.

It would be fun to play with value a bit more, but the process itself is so gratifying as you watch it grow.  Rather addictive I would say and always fun to see those out of print fabrics that you have miniscule amounts of on display in a quilt.


::Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop::  $85 Saturday, September 8th, 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

An all day workshop to explore the creation of your own quilt designs utilizing improvisational strip piecing.  We’ll cover this improvisational patchwork technique while constructing blocks for your own quilt design. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern Book required.

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I’ve got two one spots left in my Swirling Medallion class tomorrow. Anyone want to play?

::Swirling Medallion Quilt:: $85 Saturday, August 25th 10am-2pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

A merging of two blocks!  Come see how this quilt comes together while learning proper technique for cutting, piecing to create sharp points and sewing rows. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern book required.

We’re going to play with merging half-square triangles and stitch and flip triangles.  Create the simple medallion from the book Quilting Modern or design your own.

Need some inspiration?  Jacquie has some great versions here and here.  Ashley’s Swirling Swans are here.


::Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop::  $85 Saturday, September 8th, 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

An all day workshop to explore the creation of your own quilt designs utilizing improvisational strip piecing.  We’ll cover this improvisational patchwork technique while constructing blocks for your own quilt design. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern Book required.

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Wow everyone, thanks for the love on my Pantone Pop quilt.  I was able to battle the snow and get it to the shop as a sample for my Seeing Value Class coming up.

It seems that this quilt caught the eye of WordPress enough to make their Freshly Pressed page.

The quilt produced a flurry of questions so I thought I would address them here.

*Yes, it did snow and NO, I didn’t eat my quilt.

*Yes, I use equal parts of each color fabric.  I listed the colors in the original post.

*The key to perfect points for me is cutting down my half-square triangles, see here.

*Finished squares are 6″.

*I believe the Quilting Loft is kitting this fabric bundle up for sale.

*The arrangement is totally random.  After I finish the hts blocks I give them a shuffle and where they land is where they go.

*Information on how I make my dual layer quilt design wall is here.

*No, this quilt is not in the book.

*I’ll likely just quilt it in linear lines like I did for The HST LOVE quilt.  That will have to wait until I get it back from the shop.

*Need further information?  Come take the class!

We’ve dug out from the snow and are back on the usual program here in Seattle.  I’m just itching to show you all an adaptation of a quilt from the book, but will have to settle with just my family, that truthfully haven’t even taken notice of how cool it is.

I’m looking forward to a Sew-In on Friday night with the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild and quilting this puppy.

Here’s to Friday not coming soon enough!


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