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sewkatiedidI spent Sunday at Island Quilter teaching some gift classes.  I started dreaming up new quilts with the happy colored fabrics that had come in since my last visit.  All the pastels and the bright oranges were talking to me.

I didn’t even notice it until it was all washed and folded, but the cheerful Kaffe Fasset button fabric even has smiley faces on it:).  How cute is that?  I added in some of the Briar Rose by Heather Ross (they have the full line), a little Anna Maria Horner and some Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet.  I’ll be stashing some more of the strawberries and adding the other Kaffe Fasset buttons when I have an excuse.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punchI’ve been dying to make a Sparkle Punch forever and my additional purchase of Essex in flax sealed the deal for the starts of that quilt.  I figured while I was cutting I should just make a new Magic Number Quilt sample for my workshop Sunday.  Stay tuned on that one, I plan on piecing my design tomorrow.

sewkatiedidFreddy Moran’s quilts are up throughout the month of November.  Freddy’s amazing.  She believes red is a neutral.  If you’ve only ever seen her quilts in books now’s your chance to see how fun and amazing they are.

We’ll be running an open studio Saturday, November 30th from 11am-9pm at Island Quilter if you need to step away from the leftovers and spend a day on sewing gifts.  Follow the link to sign-up and I’ll say it again, “Step away from the turkey.”

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Have you made the plunge into Free-Motion Quilting yet?  I was years into quilting before I did.  Once you do you’ll wonder why you waited.  Though I love the look of straight lines there is something very meditative about finding your ‘zone’ and making all these fun shapes.

sewkatiedid/fmq(photo by my friend Allison Parrott Thompson)

I think for most of us it’s etching out the time to learn something new.  For some it might be an equipment and/or space barrier, or maybe the desire for a little hand holding.

 The classes I’ve taken myself on FMQ were very fun, but prescribed.  I found they provided a nice launch pad for learning the basics, but lacked the practice time needed to explore my own spin-offs of the shapes I was most drawn to.

There’s no denying it, practice really is the best teacher when it comes to free-motion quilting.

Hmmmm, so how do you combine all these needs?

sewkatiedid/nested basketsHow about an Open Free-Motion Quilting Studio or a Free-Motion Quilted Nested Basket Workshop on quality Bernina machines at Drygoods Design to give you wings?  It’s not too early to think about some gifts either.

Get your free-motion on with the studio’s Berninas, risk-free!  Wine optional, but it might help!


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Mod TV/SewkatiedidI had thought I shot myself in the foot when I originally scheduled a Log Cabin Block class.

Regardless of all the variations we put in the Log Cabin Makeover chapter in Quilting Modern, it just seemed impossible as I was putting together my handouts to make a log cabin workshop fun.  How after instructing the simple construction of the logs was I going to keep my students and myself inspired for 6 hours?

Sometimes things just exceed your expectations and students guide the class with their creativity and charisma.  I’ve begun distributing inspiration prior to classes to get those a little tentative about a new technique thinking.  I covered the basics, showed a million log cabin examples from my own collection and then we started with a fun warm up activity to get the juices flowing that everyone said they very much enjoyed.

Mod TV/ SewkatiedidPlus, who says a log cabin has to be just a log cabin?  These blocks are really an opportunity to combine techniques and play with fabrics we love.  Strip piecing, crazy piecing, double gauze addition?  Anything goes really.  Simple or detailed, they are only limited by imagination.

What was missing from my samples was a minimalist log cabin sample.   Mod TV is the perfect beginner quilt for jumping into improvisational modern quilt design.  I pieced this together in an afternoon, great for a class, but everyone can come up with their own thing.

sewkatiedid/modtv backA dose of leftovers made it into the back and this incredible Sketch flannel frames them in.

Krista held my hand while I used her long-arm to create the ‘static’ quilting, but this could easily be executed on a domestic machine.

I’m pretty excited to be running the Log Cabin Quilt workshop again at The Quilting Loft on Saturday, November 9th if you weren’t able to get into the last class.  Should be a day of fun!  Here’s some more log cabin inspiration.

What a Bunch of Squares/sewkatiedid

sewkatiedid/improv log cabin pillows

sewkatiedid/seam ripper IPA quiltstepping stone/sewkatiedid

sewkatiedidsewkatiedid/tunnel vision quilt from Quilting Modern

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sewkatiedid/snowballed wonky starsThese stars are all I want to make right now.

Most of their little sparkling centers were cast offs when Quilting Modern was in process.  I eventually developed the Supernova quilt like the crimson blocks below and pushed these aside. I wanted another Stitch and Flip Triangle workshop sample for last weeks workshop with the Eastside Quilters Guild and the Snowballed Wonky Stars came back out to see the light.

sewkatiedid/Stitch and Flip Triangle workshopI had to place them aside, for my Modern Crazy Pieced geese and they’ve been driving me crazy.  I can’t find a background color I’m happy with.

sewkatiedid/modern geeseThe geese are side by side with this started improv Coin Quilt.

sewkatiedid/improv coin quiltThe Improv Coin Quilt is my favorite class to teach.

sewkatiedid/modern coin quiltI would like to have another sample by Thursday’s class, but unfortunately all I want to do is make Snowballed Wonky Stars for the back of the unfinished front.

I better go, I apparently have a lot to do.

What’s on your design wall?

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TGIF!  What a whirl-wind week!  A few guild lectures, a few workshops and snap, it’s gone!

sewkatiedidFit a game in too last Friday.  The boys always go and Sandie and I were planning a night of sewing and drinking beer when Jefe surprised us with suite tickets.  Hard to say no to that.

I think I quite possibly took my last sunshine run this afternoon.  The forecast is crummy for the next four days, so I do believe it is time to think about a new project, hint hint.  There’s still space in my Double-Trouble Workshop Sunday at Drygoods.

Last time I taught this workshop the designs were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Sewkatiedid/Scappalicious Double-Trouble QuiltGo scrappy,

Sewkatiedid/Swirling Medallionor go bold with solids.  I’ll be bringing in the scrap bins for playful fun (because I know you’re almost out of scraps;).

I’m a little thrilled that the weather is changing.  I love staying at home on a Saturday to sew.

sewkatiedid/modern geeseI did manage last Friday before the game to get some sashing onto my crazy pieced flying geese and they’ve been waiting patiently all week.  My game plan is to finish them tomorrow into some sort of quilt top.  As usual, I kind of have a plan.

Is sewing or a workshop in your weekend plans too?

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I like sweet novelty fabric and judging from the amount of pink prints in my stash, I apparently like pink too, a lot.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI thought Alexander Henry’s Once Upon a Time line fit the bill to converge with some large hexagons for my Hexagons by Machine workshop at Drygoods AND get my cute quilt out.  It’s kind of like getting your rainbow quilt out I guess.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI like to make an initial stack of fabrics when I combine all prints and then I just have to cut and see how things work together on the design wall, as usual this results in enough precuts for another quilt.  The good thing is I’m certainly not running out of fabric, so all is ok.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltI’ve got quite a combo of fabric types going on in this quilt.  Besides the Alexander Henry Princesses, there’s some Heather Ross double gauze, old Amy Butler flannel, the first run on Mirror Ball in pink, Lizzy House and Erin McMorris’ first line Park Slope thrown in and so on.  For the backing I used Sock Monkey Textured Flannel in Pink.  It’s been a hold out in my stash for ages and this quilt finally called for it.

Archetextures bound it.

sewkatiedid/hexie cutie quiltThe awesome bubble quilting I can take zero credit for.  My friend Sandie quilted it on her long arm for me.  The wool batting was a stellar choice on her part, it just makes it pop.  Thanks Sandie!

Sewkatiedid/Hexie Cutie QuiltI love this quilt!  So sweet, or cute I guess.

sewkatiedid/oval loopNext is something a little sharper, but still novelty print based.  I’ll cut and square out the sides, but just one would make a cute pillow or placemat for sure…now there’s a project idea.

I wanted to mention how much I appreciate all who comment and encourage me on this blog.  I’m not the best responder, but you make my day.  It’s important for me to just shut down the computer and give creative ventures and family attention.  You can have emails delivered to your inbox when I post via the link in the right sidebar.  Thanks to you!

Tomorrow’s my Open Studio at Drygoods if you have some spare time during the day to sew.  Hope to see you there or that you have time to get your sew on!

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I read an article once in the Wall Street Journal about being a better procrastinator.  Apparently creative types often fall into this category, but you might be getting more done than you think.  Go have a read.

I’m a procrastinator, but a very productive one.  While I’m avoiding those deadlines I’m generally producing something new.

This cycle isn’t bad, it works for me.  As I complete those new projects I have a feeling that I’ve accomplished something, even tidying up after steps me ahead, energizing me to tackle something small on that procrastinated abandoned project.

Sound familiar?

sewkatiedid IMG_2303Of course when I procrastinate I spend some time daydreaming about new projects, being inspired by color and pattern around me,

sewkatiedidand make new piles that I have no business making.

sewkatiedid/supernova and mod tvBut even those baby steps help move me along.  Think small steps, two quilt backs made, two quilts quilted, but then I stall and the squaring and binding will have to wait because I really need to make some fabric buckets right?  There is probably some fabric I need to shop for too, because I might run out.

sewkatiedid/psychedelic babyOh, and not unlike the others I hang out with, I like to stare at fabric and move it around, so the cycle actually does come full circle, because I’ve been procrastinating these two quilts forever and they need to be done before I go to Portland in October to visit their Modern Quilt Guild and teach a workshop.   I’m actually a little happy to see them up there and since I have two other things I should be doing first they might actually get some action.

So there, I finally got out the blog post that I’ve been procrastinating by procrastinating those bindings I need to do.

So who’s a productive procrastinator too?



I’ve been holding onto one set of 6″ charm squares left from my blue destash for myself, but it’s time to destash it too!  I had over 70 blue prints that I cut, many are out of print.  If you are looking to add some blue to your fabric buffet I’m destashing these at $48 each, plus US flat rate shipping.  Just shoot me an email at sewkatiedid@gmail.com.  If you follow on Instagram that’s usually where my destashes are.  Boys prints and greens are next and then black and whites.

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sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI have a million projects in some stage of process so it seemed like a perfect time to start something new.

sewkatiedid/mod tvIt all came about due to this reversible double gauze I bought at Drygoods.  My plan was some hand-stitchin’ on it while on our Tahoe trip.

sewkatiedidIt didn’t even make it to the hoop.  This is how far I made it on the piece of Osnaburgh that was already there.

sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI wanted to put both the Osnaburgh and the double-gauze to work, so I started by digging through Quilting Modern to find the perfect quilt to remake.  I decided on Mod TV since I have some Log Cabin Workshops coming up.  Then it was onto the color combo.  My fabric stack was inspired somewhat by this quilt.

sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI even like it from the back.

sewkatiedidOf course I had zero fabric for the back in my stash that went, so I again made a trip to Drygoods and picked up this lovely flannel Timeless Treasures crosshatch.  With a little added piecing it will be done and ready to quilt with the same design as the book’s version.

quilting modern mod tvIf you are looking for a quick quilt top this pattern is the one to go for.  I cut all my centers, placed them up on my design wall and essentially went by the photo in the book.

Happy Sunday sewing!

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I love touring studios, so when Jennifer of Ellison Lane and Heather of the Sewing Loft asked me to join their studio spotlight tour I jumped in.  You can follow along too for prizes and other studio spotlights.

studio spotlight prizes

I think my fascination with others spaces started when I was little.  Driving around town I would daydream that I could go into people’s houses, nose around AND then leave with just one item.  Now it would probably be your finest fabric, but then it was some cool lamp, plate or piece of furniture.  I liked decorating I guess.

‘Livudio’ is my family’s portmanteau for our living room/studio shared space.  Ever watch, Cribs?  Where that NBA player that might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, nor decorating genius says, “This is where the magic happens.”   The Livudio is that creative place (not in that NBA magic way) and though small I’d take it over that NBA player’s tacky house.  Inspiration happens here and on ocassion a game of softie soccer.

Good things can happen in small spaces.

sewkatiedidI work in an efficient U-shape.  Sewing machine in the middle, a swivel to the left is cutting and to the right ironing.

sewkatiedid/design wallMy design wall is my most important tool and has gone through several reincarnations.  You can read about building your own like it in this post.

Since I have a deep appreciation for traditional design and a crush on modern there are generally a few designs happening.

Honestly, though this wall is permanent, it is not an eyesore, but more like a revolving art piece.

sewkatiedid/design wallBut before I had something permanent I needed walls I could roll up and take down.  You can read about that system here if it is more fitting for your space, especially if you like to have multiple projects brewing…never right?

sewkatiedidI store what’s rotating on the design wall here along with my sit and sew kit.

Our small home keeps us from buying unneeded things, though I can’t say that about fabric.

sewkatiedid/stashMy stash has to live in closets in other rooms, but this is good because it keeps me from just staring at it and getting nothing done.  I’m good at wasting my time without adding that in.  I guess I could say that I can stare at it from bed if I want and my overactive brain helps me get up.

sewkatiedid/chara michele photography(photo by Chara Michele Photography)

Smaller cuts on one side and yardage on this side.

sewkatiedidI like to stack fabric under the window until I remember I shouldn’t start another project, so I put it away and then immediately start another pile.  It hides the crack in the wall too, maybe I should just patchwork that wall.

I use my stash for sure.  I love finding places for the fabric people are afraid to cut into.  It’s so much more fun to see it around the house.  I make pillows constantly.

sewkatiedidI use my invisible zipper pillow tutorial.   It’s simple, quick and uses fabric, all good things.  These with the red make the red wine stain on the couch look more like a reflection of their color.

sewkatiedid/value quiltMy other tutorial is a Value Quilt tutorial.  This is a great quilt for using ANYTHING in your stash.

quilting modernIn this wee space I cowrote Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts with Jacquie Gering and I plan and create for teaching quilting workshops so if you think it’s space that’s stopping you, then I think I hear your momma calling.

Here are my Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram, or you can have posts delivered to your email by following that little link in the sidebar up there if you want to follow along.

studio spotlight prizes

  Thanks for stopping by!  Studio continues with links on  Jennifer and Heather blogs.

Thanks Heather and Jennifer!

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Do you ever buy fabric with nothing in mind?

sewkatiedidJust kidding.

Quilt Sandwich makes it hard for me to resist with their stock of Alexander Henry.  Even though I need ZERO fabric, they make me feel like I’m running out.

I’ve collected a pile of the previous Ghastlies lines and ever since market have been waiting for Ghastlie Holiday to come out.

sewkatiedid/invisible zipper tutorialPillows have already been made as samples for my invisible zipper class and the sage color will go onto my my holiday couch to replace some Halloween Ghastlies pillows.

Maybe a holiday A-Line skirt?

sewkatiedidThis jeweled web will be the backside of napkins as soon as I purchase the coordinate with the little costumed kids holding hands in a row.

sewkatiedidsewkatiedidThe detail in Aoi Has Two Sisters is what you expect from Alexander Henry.  Each dress is made of a fabulous print itself.  Even the flowers feature different prints.


I’ve already made some napkins for a friend and myself.

Napkins and pillows apparently give me a good excuse to buy fabric.

Happy Sunday!  Now go sew.


::Upcoming Classes::

sewkatiedid/scappalicious double-trouble quilt


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

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