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I set up my sewing in the living room (photo above) and texted it to Jefe.  He responded immediately that he better get going with painting my temporary studio before I sprouted roots for another Livudio.  The big window sure was hard to leave behind!

It was a strategic move and now I’m sewing in my own room!  I’ll get some pictures up once I get a light or two.  It’s so awesome to have all my fabric in the same room and figure out the best storage.  Loads of stuff wandered into the basement for now to keep the distracting clutter down.  I don’t need any help being distracted.

What I did pull out were tons of unfinished projects.  So that’s my current push.  Here’s what I’ve got.

sewkatiedid/double-trouble scrap

Today these double-trouble blocks are coming together as another sample for my Walla Walla workshop this weekend.  Though I wanted to start something new the hst blocks were already there and should be used.

sewkatiedid/Psychedelic Baby Quilt

Psychedelic Baby just needs some sashing to enlarge, I’ve already envisioned the quilting.

Sewkatiedid/Somewhat Circular Quilt

Somewhat Circular needs a few more rows sewn and its end triangles added.  The quilting will need some thought.

Sew Katie Did/Half Square Star

Embarrassed to admit how long this has sat.

Sewkatiedid/Four Square Magic Number Quilt

Another sample for my Magic Number Class just needs some quilting.

sewkatiedid/snowballed star

I’m not sure on the layout or quilting for this simple snowballed star, but I love the colors.  So happy.sewkatiedid/no name star

I must be seeing stars, here’s another unfinished that was to be in The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Binary Quilt Show, obviously it didn’t make it.


Need to make some decisions on finishing this as another sample for my Psychedelic Baby Block class.

I’m thinking of more unfinished projects even as I write this that I didn’t picture and I have one more box left in the studio that I wrote ‘studio/projects’ on.  I decided not to open it;)

Anyone out there rivalling me on unfinished projects?

Ready, set, go!

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I’ve sewn a load of stuff this year.

sewkatiedid/2013Unknown Direction Quilt Binding, 2. I need a new pillow form, but the pillow top is done. #curvesworkshopsample, 3. Anything Goes Back Detail, 4. Shattered Remake, 5. Psychedelic Baby Quilt, 6. Grape Crush Quilt, 7. Pantone Pop Done, 8. Sonshine Quilt, 9. Seattle Lone Star Quilt, 10. Point A to Point B Quilt top, 11. Modern Charm Quilts, 12. stitched and flipped value quilt, 13. Sunspots Quilt, 14. Rock Star Wedding Quilt, 15. Smitten Kitten, 16. Opposing Triangles Remake, 17. Nicquelle’s Quilt, 18. Stash Archive Value Quilt, 19. Barn Star Quilt, 20. Soft Splinters Quilt, 21. Hexie Cutie Quilt, 22. Modern Log Cabin Pillows, 23. Scattered Quilt, 24. I think I need new sheets to match., 25. Sparkle Punch, 26. Double-Trouble, 27. Night Owl, 28. Diving Geese, 29. 9-Bxed Quilt, 30. This needs binding so that I have something to do tomorrow besides drink beer., 31. Opposing Triangle Quilt, 32. QAYG bag for class sample. TBA. I love how it turned out. #qayg, 33. Practice fabric buckets done. Now onto samples for FMQ workshop. @afewscraps thanks!, 34. Oven mitts, pair two done for class samples. #handmadeholidays, 35. Bound. Time for the wash. #quiltingmodern, 36. stash

Lack of blogging in 2013 might have been due to crafting.  Perhaps my 2014 resolution should be to show up here more often.

I think it more likely that my resolution for 2014 will be to finish up started projects and quilt tops to clear out space for new inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone!


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sewkatiedid/Berry Patch QuiltI taught the Magic Number Quilt last weekend and wanted to create a sample that had blocks with defined edges.  I wished later I would have gone rectangular with the blocks, but another time.  This is a perfect square baby quilt.

Sewkatiedid/Berry Patch Quilt TopSo welcome Berry Patch.

sewkatiedid/scrappy sunshine magic number quiltI now have a scrappy version (Scrappy Sunshine)

Sewkatiedid/Smitten Kitten Magic number quiltand a floating block (Smitten Kitten) example which I use to talk about adding rectangles to the equation.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to quilt it, but I did play with the FMQing kissing flowers in Christina’s book First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting this week.

sewkatiedidI’m a little obsessed with this Heather Ross Briar Patch line.  So I picked up another yard of each of the berries from Quilt Sandwich.  I noticed the others of the line are easier to come by but the berries were disappearing.

I’ve seen a lot of projects I  just love with this line including Rita’s oven mitt and potholder and Anna’s pillows.  It seems to translate well to a variety of projects for sure.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punchI’m still trying to make some time to work on my Sparkle Punch in between my Seattle MQG binary quilt which might not be done in time for the exhibit at Island Quilter in January.  It would be fun to have another example of how to use stitch and flip triangles for my upcoming class.  In my unfocused way I started dreaming of a Sparkle Punch Christmas quilt, those prints are a little more difficult to translate into projects.

What gifts are you crafting this year?

Happy Sunday!


Upcoming Classes:  Let’s make gifts!

Fabric Bucket Workshop 

Zip Pouch

Oven mitts and stockings

Stitch and Flip Triangles

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sewkatiedid/magic number quilt workshopI love the ease that these Magic Number blocks come together.

sewkatiedid/very berry magic number quiltI’m thinking of going with the lilac color to bring the quilt to size.  What do you think?  I actually have it in my stash which is just amazing in itself.

Looks like I should have another sample done today for Sunday’s Magic Number Workshop.

Sewkatiedid/Smitten Kitten Magic number quilt

sewkatiedid/scrappy sunshine magic number quilt


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I read an article once in the Wall Street Journal about being a better procrastinator.  Apparently creative types often fall into this category, but you might be getting more done than you think.  Go have a read.

I’m a procrastinator, but a very productive one.  While I’m avoiding those deadlines I’m generally producing something new.

This cycle isn’t bad, it works for me.  As I complete those new projects I have a feeling that I’ve accomplished something, even tidying up after steps me ahead, energizing me to tackle something small on that procrastinated abandoned project.

Sound familiar?

sewkatiedid IMG_2303Of course when I procrastinate I spend some time daydreaming about new projects, being inspired by color and pattern around me,

sewkatiedidand make new piles that I have no business making.

sewkatiedid/supernova and mod tvBut even those baby steps help move me along.  Think small steps, two quilt backs made, two quilts quilted, but then I stall and the squaring and binding will have to wait because I really need to make some fabric buckets right?  There is probably some fabric I need to shop for too, because I might run out.

sewkatiedid/psychedelic babyOh, and not unlike the others I hang out with, I like to stare at fabric and move it around, so the cycle actually does come full circle, because I’ve been procrastinating these two quilts forever and they need to be done before I go to Portland in October to visit their Modern Quilt Guild and teach a workshop.   I’m actually a little happy to see them up there and since I have two other things I should be doing first they might actually get some action.

So there, I finally got out the blog post that I’ve been procrastinating by procrastinating those bindings I need to do.

So who’s a productive procrastinator too?



I’ve been holding onto one set of 6″ charm squares left from my blue destash for myself, but it’s time to destash it too!  I had over 70 blue prints that I cut, many are out of print.  If you are looking to add some blue to your fabric buffet I’m destashing these at $48 each, plus US flat rate shipping.  Just shoot me an email at sewkatiedid@gmail.com.  If you follow on Instagram that’s usually where my destashes are.  Boys prints and greens are next and then black and whites.

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A few updates for my local peeps.  I’ve been in full swing summer and haven’t done as much marketing as I should.

Open Studio at Drygoods is TONIGHT (Tuesday), not Wednesday this month.

supernova/sewkatiedidThe class this Thursday at The Quilting Loft is Supernova or the stitch and flip triangle technique.  I’ve actually been itching to get back to some blocks I produced before we settled on the large block version of Supernova for the book.  This mock-up so far has small Supernovas and will be a repetitive block version of the quilt.


Due to a quilt finish what’s left of my Heather Ross Mendocino fabric is limited to two bags of scraps.  I’ve moved on from hoarding to enjoying fabrics in quilts!  I’ll of course add some other goodies, but the stitch and flip triangle is a fabulous technique for using up the most beloved scraps.

sewkatiedid/value quilt

I’m also aiming to trim a huge pile of valued half square triangles for a Saturday Value Quilt Class at the Quilting Loft for students to play with.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star Quilt

Looking to refine some skills or become a quilter, than you can jump in with my Barn Star quilt class at Drygoods.  I love this simple quilt and it can easily be translated to improv or repetitive blocks.

sewkatiedid/Soft Splintered QuiltWe’re also running one of my favorite classes on the 28th at Drygoods, Modern Crazy Piecing.  This technique is super fun and can be added into all sorts of projects.

Ok, off to the lake!

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Katie Pedersen and Jacuqie Gering Crazy Piecing Workshop

Of all the workshops Jacquie and I taught together in April my favorite was the one that covered modern crazy piecing.

Sewkatiedid/Soft Splinters QuiltPrior to the workshop I made a new sample to use for it and for an upcoming Crazy Piecing workshop at Drygoods.  I’m pretty smitten with it.

At first I scratched all the crazy piecing thinking it was too similar in value and just too soft, but I couldn’t stop messing with it and eventually I cut and added the darker valued purple ‘splinters.’  It clicked.

sewkatiedid/ Soft Splintered quiltI used a mix of solids for sure.  Purple shot cotton, Michael Miller cotton couture, Kona, linen and Osnaburgh for most of the background.

sewkatiedid/Soft Splintered QuiltHowever, now the background seemed flat, so I started brainstorming on how to give it some dimension.  I have a 5 gallon tote full of neutral scraps that I dug through, combining everything under the sun to create some ‘ghost’ crazy piecing into the background.  It popped it out.

The all over quilted squares and rectangles were somewhat of a nightmare due to the thickness of the quilt with all the seams and different fabrics.  It turned out ok, but in retrospect I would have liked the splinters to have some straight lines to help them stand on their own.  Practice is the best teacher eh?

sewkatiedid/run off bindingI self bound the quilt, but wanted some of the splinters to appear to run off the edge.  I’ve done this on several quilts now and really like the effect it creates.

sewkatiedid/run off bindingI’ve got a boatload of left over crazy piecing and still would love to make a quilt like Blue Ice in the book before we run the workshop.

This improv technique and its few tricks are really fun.

Hope you all had a great fourth.  I probably didn’t need that margarita on top of the beers I had during our fourth celebration so today I’m keeping life simple.

With the Northern Irish side of the family here we’re loading up tomorrow and heading out of town for the Sounders/Whitecaps game in Vancouver.  Have a great weekend!

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sewkatiedid/Barn Star Quilt

When Keli at Drygoods asked me to teach a beginner quilting class called “Welcome to Quilting,” I knew exactly what I was making for a sample.

Inspiration for this quilt has been pulled from a variety of sources over the past year.

barn quiltsThe seed was first planted last summer when my folks brought me home a folder of collected information on the barn quilts they had passed during their road trip west.

I thought these traditional quilt block designs were perfect with their simplistic design and that their large scale gave them a modern look.  My favorites were the stars of course, but I have a whole series bookmarked.

5,500 Quilt Block DesignsFor more inspiration I spent some time with my copy of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs to find the star I wanted to make.  This book is chock full of traditional blocks just itching for some big block fun or an improvisational twist.  The book is a great resource for understanding color values impact on block design and how secondary design comes into play when combining blocks.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star QuiltKatie’s Super Star Quilt, in the May/June Quilty issue was the final inspiration.  I was smitten with her color combo from first sight, so my original color way with the citron migrated to the back.

sewkatiedid/Barn Star QuiltI quilted it in the same pattern I did for my Psychedelic Baby quilt.  It’s time consuming, but clean and simple.  I like unfussy quilting that runs off the edge.  I’d made the binding before picking out the backing and had to switch gears when the dark grey wasn’t right.  I’m always glad when I make the extra effort even when I just want to be done.

sewkatiedid/barn star quiltThen again, lesson learned.  I like the quilt back, but if I had only taken a moment to step back and look at the quilt’s back on the design wall I would have added a vertical citron column to the top and bottom of the star block too.  Practice truly is the best teacher.

sewkatiedid/barn star quiltThis class has shaped up nicely.  I love the sample and it really is perfect to drive home all the principles of quilting I want to cover in a beginner class.  There’s even room built in for those that aren’t beginners, but just really want to set aside time to make a beautiful quilt.

I’ve got a load of classes on the schedule and a line up of finished quilts to show, just need some time to photograph them all.

I think there’s one spot in the zip pouch class Wednesday and a few in Split Decision Saturday if you’re looking for a new project.  My friend Melinda stopped by with her Split Decision quilt top last night.

sewkatiedid/Melinda's split decision quilt


sewkatiedid/zip pouch

::Zip Pouches::

$45/Wednesday, June 26th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Come learn the ins and outs of constructing a zip pouch.  Once you know the ropes you’ll be a production machine.  These are great for gifts and perfect for all levels of sewists.

Scattered Quilt/Sewkatiedid

::Split Decision Quilt Workshop::

$85/Saturday, June 29th from 10am-4pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Join author Katie Pedersen to play with the slice and insert technique from the book Quilting Modern.  Combine simple sewing with a new skill and create your own linear design featuring snippets of your favorite fabrics. This is a great class for all levels of sewists that want to explore a new improvisational technique and play with design.

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Some quilts take time to finish.  Mostly because those other quilt ideas get in the way.  Sometimes even those quilts take awhile too.  I’m pretty sure I have a box of those “ideas.”

nine-boxed/ sewkatiedidWhen I looked at the November date on this photo and the rainy blustery day I was thankful that it looked like this today.

Nine-Patched Quilt/SewkatiedidNine-Boxed’s original story and making details are here, but as I said it sat for awhile and on a quilting exhibition to Sandie’s for another quilt I thought why not just quilt it too.  She happen to have this design board already loaded so we went with it.

I’ll admit this quilt has grown on me a bit.  I wasn’t so sure I liked it at first and am now kinda wishing as I look at the photo that maybe I could have at the very least thrown it in the dryer for a bit to decrease it, poor thing has been rolled up in the closet for a month or longer.


In person it is really the Carolina Chambray that makes all those bits shine.  The blocks consist of a simple nine-patch made improvisationally.  Links to a few tutorials on the technique are also available on the original post about this quilt.

My twist was adding in a block when creating the nine-patch block that was entirely made of strip-piecing.  I’ve got a whole tote that contains scraps that are strips and they were calling me.  There are some goodies in there.

sewkatiedid/nine-boxedI also added a block of background fabric into the nine-patch construction here and there.  I always like that “floating” look.

sewkatiedid/nine-boxedBacking I bought ages ago on sale when Drygoods first opened and for the binding I revisited that scrap strip tote for scraps of binding left over from other quilts.

It has no home yet.

I’m off to market tomorrow and then teaching workshops with Jacquie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come join us if you can!


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sewkatiedid/Night OwlOh, “Hi Night Owl!”  Did anyone have a baby that was a night owl?

The blue colorway and theme of Lizzy House’s Constellations line was perfect for a remake of the Supernova quilt from the book.

sewkatiedid/Night Owl Quilt

I searched through the stash for the focus fabric to be placed in the center.

sewkatiedid/Night Owl Quilt

Since I sized down the squares to four and a half inches this fabric needed to be small scale and “Not purple,” Jefe said (I still snuck some in).  I went with this cute owl print that Alexander Henry came up with some years ago.  I thought it fit the night time theme.  From there I started thinking about the color development for the rest of the quilt.


I was inspired by the colorway in this encaustic piece by Christine Terrell of Tincaustics that I picked up while in Austin.  This citron or chartruse color has taken me over.  I certainly need more fabric right?  So I moved onto hunting for some more of this color for the quilt and my stash.  My excuse was that they would help blend the lighter greens.

sewkatiedid/Night OwlI did a few block alterations from the original book pattern to make it a little less square and more explosive.  Pulling a multitude of fabrics from the stash for all the different rounds was a fun way to use up a few smaller pieces that have been around.

This pattern is loose, fun and FAST!  I pulled it together in a few days.

I’d love to have this quilted for class tomorrow night in a woodgrain pattern, but need to pack up and get my lecture fine tuned for the Tri-Cities show this weekend.

I hope to meet you Friday or Saturday if you are on the east side of the state!


::Supernove Workshop::


Tuesdays, March 19th and 26th from 6-9pm at Drygood Designs in Ballard.

This class will be a great opportunity to learn new techniques without intimidation. Play will both the shape and value in this class where you’ll take wonky star blocks to a whole new level with the Supernova Block.  The Supernova Block adds an improvisational triangle onto a traditional square block to create its swirling effect.  Your block design can go Supernova by creating one large block or multiple small blocks can create your quilt.

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