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There’s no way around it, practice is the best teacher for free motion quilting.  I’m sure none of you have an unfinished quilt top (or two) laying around!?

Drygoods Design has the perfect environment to pick up this skill in their Make*Do*Mend studio with quality Berninas.  This is a two-session open studio (or one if that works) Tuesday, March 25th and April 6th from 6:15 to 9:15.

If you enjoy a laid back, social environment to learn something new at your own pace then this is the perfect set-up for you.  I’ll help guide you on your way to a divine loop or geometric quilting design you’ve been envisioning on your projects.

A little inspiration perhaps?


1. Boxy Free-Motion Quilting, 2. Boro Blues # 2 – Detail, 3. Cross quilt, 4. So far so good- store bought double fold bias tape binding, 5. Bubble Path – Day 165, 6. Soft Splinters Quilt run off binding, 7. awesomeness WIP, 8. Greek Key – Day 51, 9. Martinas Puzzle Box Quilt Along, 10.Pillow, 11. Pointy Paisley #33, 12. Mod Log Table Runner 1, 13. Yay! Finished quilting it! Now to pick out a binding!, 14. Free-motion quilting fabric bucket samples done. #drygoods @drygoodsdesign @afewscraps, 15. FMQ pebbles and swirls, 16. Sunny Days 2

All supplies available at Drygoods Design and class registrants enjoy 15% off class purchases.


sewkatiedid/opposing triangles pillow

Some other class goodies coming up including an Improvisational Elongated Triangle pillow workshop here!

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sewkatiedid/gradual curvesI’ve been playing with curves and triangles for workshop samples this week.

sewkatiedid/opposing triangles pillowWhat are you working on?

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sewkatiedidI told Jefe to calm his excitement over the fact that we have a Christmas themed sham for our bedroom.  He puts up with me.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punch shamI’m a little obsessed with this Alexander Henry Merry Moderns fabric and equally obsessed with Elizabeth’s Sparkle Punch quilt.

DSCN0070I thought about making another sham, but I think I’m just going to go all out and make a Christmas quilt for the couch instead with some wool batting and flannel back.

I’m trying to do the ‘two birds, one stone thing.’  Combining class samples and gift ideas at once.  Thus the stitch and flip triangles/Sparkle Punch fusion.  I like to have as many examples as possible to inspire students beyond Quilting Modern’s quilt layouts.  It really makes a class more fun.

sewkatiedid/qaygI’ve got Secret Santa gift and oven mitt class samples covered.  I forgot to put in two layers of batting, so I guess it’s a mug rug instead of a potholder

sewkatiedid/patchwork oven mittsConsidering I’ve got a ton of these patchwork squares left over from the oven mitts I think I might make some nesting baskets for class samples while I’m at it. Pssst…there’s one spot left in that class if you need a gift idea and some time on your hands Sunday.

Off to obsess more.

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I was feeling overtaken by scraps and actually made it through a few episodes of the Walking Dead before some order was restored.

sewkatiedid/qaygAnd then I felt the need to bust out some quality Quilt As You Go time with this stellar Alexander Henry Santa scrap I found.  Color way, prints and log cabin design completely inspired by this rockin’ design.

Welcome gift number one, you sure are cute.

sewkatiedid/patchwork oven mittsThis color way has set off a list of made goods including samples for my oven mitt class and some stitch and flip triangle pillow shams.

Jefe will be so excited we’ll have Christmas themed pillow shams for our bed I’m sure:)  He’s probably wondering why we don’t already.

Happy Tuesday all!


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sewkatiedid/Berry Patch QuiltI taught the Magic Number Quilt last weekend and wanted to create a sample that had blocks with defined edges.  I wished later I would have gone rectangular with the blocks, but another time.  This is a perfect square baby quilt.

Sewkatiedid/Berry Patch Quilt TopSo welcome Berry Patch.

sewkatiedid/scrappy sunshine magic number quiltI now have a scrappy version (Scrappy Sunshine)

Sewkatiedid/Smitten Kitten Magic number quiltand a floating block (Smitten Kitten) example which I use to talk about adding rectangles to the equation.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to quilt it, but I did play with the FMQing kissing flowers in Christina’s book First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting this week.

sewkatiedidI’m a little obsessed with this Heather Ross Briar Patch line.  So I picked up another yard of each of the berries from Quilt Sandwich.  I noticed the others of the line are easier to come by but the berries were disappearing.

I’ve seen a lot of projects I  just love with this line including Rita’s oven mitt and potholder and Anna’s pillows.  It seems to translate well to a variety of projects for sure.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punchI’m still trying to make some time to work on my Sparkle Punch in between my Seattle MQG binary quilt which might not be done in time for the exhibit at Island Quilter in January.  It would be fun to have another example of how to use stitch and flip triangles for my upcoming class.  In my unfocused way I started dreaming of a Sparkle Punch Christmas quilt, those prints are a little more difficult to translate into projects.

What gifts are you crafting this year?

Happy Sunday!


Upcoming Classes:  Let’s make gifts!

Fabric Bucket Workshop 

Zip Pouch

Oven mitts and stockings

Stitch and Flip Triangles

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Have you made the plunge into Free-Motion Quilting yet?  I was years into quilting before I did.  Once you do you’ll wonder why you waited.  Though I love the look of straight lines there is something very meditative about finding your ‘zone’ and making all these fun shapes.

sewkatiedid/fmq(photo by my friend Allison Parrott Thompson)

I think for most of us it’s etching out the time to learn something new.  For some it might be an equipment and/or space barrier, or maybe the desire for a little hand holding.

 The classes I’ve taken myself on FMQ were very fun, but prescribed.  I found they provided a nice launch pad for learning the basics, but lacked the practice time needed to explore my own spin-offs of the shapes I was most drawn to.

There’s no denying it, practice really is the best teacher when it comes to free-motion quilting.

Hmmmm, so how do you combine all these needs?

sewkatiedid/nested basketsHow about an Open Free-Motion Quilting Studio or a Free-Motion Quilted Nested Basket Workshop on quality Bernina machines at Drygoods Design to give you wings?  It’s not too early to think about some gifts either.

Get your free-motion on with the studio’s Berninas, risk-free!  Wine optional, but it might help!


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I love touring studios, so when Jennifer of Ellison Lane and Heather of the Sewing Loft asked me to join their studio spotlight tour I jumped in.  You can follow along too for prizes and other studio spotlights.

studio spotlight prizes

I think my fascination with others spaces started when I was little.  Driving around town I would daydream that I could go into people’s houses, nose around AND then leave with just one item.  Now it would probably be your finest fabric, but then it was some cool lamp, plate or piece of furniture.  I liked decorating I guess.

‘Livudio’ is my family’s portmanteau for our living room/studio shared space.  Ever watch, Cribs?  Where that NBA player that might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, nor decorating genius says, “This is where the magic happens.”   The Livudio is that creative place (not in that NBA magic way) and though small I’d take it over that NBA player’s tacky house.  Inspiration happens here and on ocassion a game of softie soccer.

Good things can happen in small spaces.

sewkatiedidI work in an efficient U-shape.  Sewing machine in the middle, a swivel to the left is cutting and to the right ironing.

sewkatiedid/design wallMy design wall is my most important tool and has gone through several reincarnations.  You can read about building your own like it in this post.

Since I have a deep appreciation for traditional design and a crush on modern there are generally a few designs happening.

Honestly, though this wall is permanent, it is not an eyesore, but more like a revolving art piece.

sewkatiedid/design wallBut before I had something permanent I needed walls I could roll up and take down.  You can read about that system here if it is more fitting for your space, especially if you like to have multiple projects brewing…never right?

sewkatiedidI store what’s rotating on the design wall here along with my sit and sew kit.

Our small home keeps us from buying unneeded things, though I can’t say that about fabric.

sewkatiedid/stashMy stash has to live in closets in other rooms, but this is good because it keeps me from just staring at it and getting nothing done.  I’m good at wasting my time without adding that in.  I guess I could say that I can stare at it from bed if I want and my overactive brain helps me get up.

sewkatiedid/chara michele photography(photo by Chara Michele Photography)

Smaller cuts on one side and yardage on this side.

sewkatiedidI like to stack fabric under the window until I remember I shouldn’t start another project, so I put it away and then immediately start another pile.  It hides the crack in the wall too, maybe I should just patchwork that wall.

I use my stash for sure.  I love finding places for the fabric people are afraid to cut into.  It’s so much more fun to see it around the house.  I make pillows constantly.

sewkatiedidI use my invisible zipper pillow tutorial.   It’s simple, quick and uses fabric, all good things.  These with the red make the red wine stain on the couch look more like a reflection of their color.

sewkatiedid/value quiltMy other tutorial is a Value Quilt tutorial.  This is a great quilt for using ANYTHING in your stash.

quilting modernIn this wee space I cowrote Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts with Jacquie Gering and I plan and create for teaching quilting workshops so if you think it’s space that’s stopping you, then I think I hear your momma calling.

Here are my Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram, or you can have posts delivered to your email by following that little link in the sidebar up there if you want to follow along.

studio spotlight prizes

  Thanks for stopping by!  Studio continues with links on  Jennifer and Heather blogs.

Thanks Heather and Jennifer!

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Do you ever buy fabric with nothing in mind?

sewkatiedidJust kidding.

Quilt Sandwich makes it hard for me to resist with their stock of Alexander Henry.  Even though I need ZERO fabric, they make me feel like I’m running out.

I’ve collected a pile of the previous Ghastlies lines and ever since market have been waiting for Ghastlie Holiday to come out.

sewkatiedid/invisible zipper tutorialPillows have already been made as samples for my invisible zipper class and the sage color will go onto my my holiday couch to replace some Halloween Ghastlies pillows.

Maybe a holiday A-Line skirt?

sewkatiedidThis jeweled web will be the backside of napkins as soon as I purchase the coordinate with the little costumed kids holding hands in a row.

sewkatiedidsewkatiedidThe detail in Aoi Has Two Sisters is what you expect from Alexander Henry.  Each dress is made of a fabulous print itself.  Even the flowers feature different prints.


I’ve already made some napkins for a friend and myself.

Napkins and pillows apparently give me a good excuse to buy fabric.

Happy Sunday!  Now go sew.


::Upcoming Classes::

sewkatiedid/scappalicious double-trouble quilt


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

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sewkatiedid/modern crazy piecing

I’ve a student that takes quite a few of my improv technique and design classes.  I was reminded of Christine today when I pulled out some leftover bits of Modern Crazy Piecing and scraps to play with before my workshop at Drygoods on Sunday.

sewkatiedid/Ipad case

Christine always creates a small project in classes.  A project she says she can finish quickly while grasping the technique and have an excuse to take another class instead of feeling like she has to finish a huge quilt.

I tend to be the polar opposite when it comes to recycling bits and scraps into another project.  I go BIG and end up with more scraps than I started with when the whole idea was to use them up.  So this time I channelled Christine, stayed within my perimeters and made a needed zip case for our family iPad.

sewkatiedid/modern crazy piecing

Had it been just for me I would have gone girlie with this leftover which is now destine for a Christmas gift hot pad.

Got some favorite scraps from a leftover project?  What small projects are your favorite to recycle blocks and bits?


Of course you can always go large in class if you feel the need!

sewkatiedid/modern crazy piecing

make*do*mend: Modern Crazy Piecing Class with Katie Pedersen,

Sunday July 28 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Step into the present with this modern version of crazy piecing from the Going Crazy Chapter in Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. The free-flowing take on this technique will leave you inspired to find a place for crazy-piecing in every project! Once you’ve mastered the technique, we’ll focus on finding a place for those crazy pieced sections in your quilt. Katie will share multiple projects to spark your creativity and set you on the path to your own crazy-pieced design.

Experience Level: All levels welcome (some familiarity with machine sewing is highly encouraged)

Materials Needed: fabric supply list sent upon registration, however you bring your fabric and that’s about it – we have the machines, tools and space for you to use!

Dates: Sunday, June 23rd 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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sewkatiedid/improv log cabin pillowsIt’s a verb you know?  Or at least it will be in my modern log cabin pillow class at Drygoods.  I managed to make two and stick to the perimeters of the 20×20 square I taped out on my design wall.  I always want to do more or go large.   My hope is after the class students will feel the same.

sewkatiedidWeird as it is, I started my colors for this project from a zipper pull.  Keli at Drygoods has some fun colors to choose from and the Alexander Henry Heath and Michael Miller Cotton Couture grays were a natural match to that candy green.  So I stacked up on muslin for lining (Drygoods has 90″ wide Moda muslin that I always consume by the bolt) and these goods for my pillows and made my way home to my own stash.

Sewkatiedid/Quarter Turn Modern Log Cabin PillowI started with what I’ll call the Quarter Turn Pillow.  Looks complicated, but it is just four blocks placed together.  Jacquie’s matchstick quilting almost killed me.  It took me all day, I can’t imagine doing it on a quilt, but its outcome was stellar.  Then when all was said and done I wished I had done the same matchstick quilting on the other pillow too.

Sewkatiedid/Tunnel Vision Modern Log Cabin PillowTunnel Vision is a log cabin block from our book Quilting Modern.  I have one more I wanna make of course to add to this set (something about the number three).  Log cabins have endless possibilities and with everyone in class doing their own improv thing there will be lots of examples.

sewkatiedid/invisible zipper tutorial

Both got an invisible zipper done my way.  I love a perfect pillow.

alexander henry

Though Jefe would like these to stay on our couch he’s getting Alexander Henry Anime Ninja girls instead.

One more thing.  Do you know who these people are?  Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle!  Read on, I’m all signed up!


The Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild welcomes Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio to Bainbridge Island this week. Lecture on Friday, July 26 and Workshop on Saturday, July 27.

Tickets available for online purchase at Brown Paper Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/producer/389972

More details of the event on the blog: http://www.pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/2013/07/22/weeks-ringle-and-bill-kerr-of-modern-quilt-studio-bainbridge-island-class-lecture/


sewkatiedid/Barn Star Quilt

Welcome to Quilting Workshop at Drygoods starting Tuesday the 23rd.


Open Quilting Studio at Drygoods on Wednesday the 24th from 11-3pm.


Modern Crazy Piecing at Drygoods on Sunday the 28th from 10am-4pm.

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