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Sewkatiedid/HST LOVE

I want to remind you all that The Bainbridge Quilt Festival is this weekend.  I’m sure the weather will be stellar.

I was digging for a photo of my quilt entries from last year to no avail, but here’s HST LOVE and  Seam Ripper IPA, my entries for this year.  I love both for different reasons.

seam-ripper IPA/sewkatiedid

I had a lot of fun volunteering last year, especially because I like to talk about quilts to who ever will listen.  Everyone’s had a quilt, security blanket or comforter in their lifetime so there’s plenty to talk about.

opposing triangles/sewkatiedid

Two spots are left in my Elongated Triangle Workshop Friday at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.  The classroom space is amazing and it’s walkable from the ferry as is the festival.

Wednesday is my first open quilting studio at Drygoods new location!  I’m pretty excited about the new studio space and seeing some of my peeps. I think I’m going to venture over via the water taxi this time.

Big thanks to everyone that signed up for my Exploring Inside a Block Series,  All workshops filled with the exception of one slot in Double-Trouble, but we’ll run the series again in the winter along with some new blocks:)

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sewkatiedid/block series(Session I:Boxed In Block)

I’ve loved the idea of teaching a workshop series in which each session focused on a single block.  A block of the month sort of thing, minus the sampler quilt finish.

I wanted the series to touch on both traditional and improvisational patchwork piecing techniques and construction, but focus more on the design process and students creating their own unique block.  Of course being with classmates along the way feeds that inspiration and generates ideas outside the box, or maybe inside;)

The idea of pillows as the delivery system for this workshop idea hung with me for a few reasons:

1) If you know me, you know I like pillows.

2) We need pillows, more pillows.

3) Pillows are gems to perfect sewing skills, like an invisible zipper.

4) Pillows provide realistic parameters in which to create, design and buy more fabric, all with little intimidation or money.

5) No one can say to you, ‘Go big or go home.”  when you’re making a pillow.

So pillows it is.

sewkatiedid/block series

(Session II: Double-Trouble)

By going small we’d have time to enjoy, talk and develop our own design process.


That’s right, I’m a ‘pillow maker,’ a term that cracks me up because I actually heard it used once as a derogatory term by a quilter that didn’t think another really made quilts, only pillows.  I’m not saying you have to be a pillow maker, you can even be a sampler maker if that’s your thing, but we’ll be exploring with in the confines of a box.  Go big or go small, we’ll make it yours.

So here goes.

 Sign up at  The Quilting Loft.


-Exploring Inside a Box-

sewkatiedid/block series workshop

Modern Patchwork Block Series

Take one session, or the whole series, to explore the merging of traditional and improvisational patchwork techniques, one block at a time. Katie Pedersen, author of Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts will guide you through the techniques and skills needed for each block, variations in block design, and the secondary designs multiple blocks create. While we’re at it, we’ll get friendly with our design wall, touch on color and value theory, and cover the advantages of constructing a block that is either precise in piecing, or more willy-nilly.

*Even if you are a seasoned quilter you can up your patchwork game by adding improvisational techniques to your knowledge base.

Class Full/See Quilting Loft for winter session
Session I- Boxed In- Log Cabin Block/ 
Thursday, September 11th from 6-9pm

Let’s start off with some basics shall we? Go round and round, but in a square. Take on log cabin blocks with new perspective. Design wall process is a focus of this session.

Session II- Double-Trouble Block/ Thursday, October 2nd from 6-9pm

Two techniques, one traditional and one improvisational create modern triangles. Skills like accurate cutting and piecing covered.

Class Full/See Quilting Loft for winter session

Session III- Stripped/ Thursday, November 13th from 6-9pm

Cut fabric up, sew it back together, and then sew it together again. It’s like making your own fabric. We’ll place your piecing into a simple modern block design and learn how to build out an improvisational block.

Class Full/See Quilting Loft for winter session

 Session IV- Improvisational Curves Block/ Thursday, December 4th from 6-9pm

Master improvisationally pieced curves without pinning a thing to create organic shapes.

Session V- Pillowtalk/Invisible Zipper Closure Pillow and Finishing Class/ Thursday, December 11th from 5-9pm

Finish up blocks and/or learn how to professionally install an invisible zipper.

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Seattle is a very sleepy town on Sundays, but this weekend there’s reasons to get out the door besides that walk/run you’ve been promising yourself to take.

quiltingmodernslantLet me help you, I’m a good planner and capable of Jedi mind tricks.

  • Preregister online for Sunday’s Open Quilting Studio at Drygoods
  • Pack your unfinished project/tools and machine provided
  • Go grab a coffee and shop the Ballard Farmer’s Market
  • Stroll into Drygoods Design around 11 to meet author Rachel May and have snacks
  • Find your seat around noon and start stitchin’

Have you peeked inside Rachel’s book, Quilting with a Modern Slant?

sewkatiedid/value quiltEeeekkkkk!  I sound like a dud compared to the other amazing people in this book, but I’m there!  I sent two quilts.

sewkatiedid/value quiltMy favorite Value Quilt that was quilted by Angela Walters (also in the book).

sewkatiedid/value quiltI use this quilt almost every night on the couch.

sew katie did/krista withersMy Seattle Lone Star Quilt also made it into the bit on stars.  This quilt is really simple.  What really makes it shine in person is the amazing quilting my dear friend Krista Withers did on it.

sew katie did/krista withers quiltingEnough about me, the others in this book have amazing stories and quilts.  I haven’t made it all the way through, but it’s very inspirational.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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TGIF!  What a whirl-wind week!  A few guild lectures, a few workshops and snap, it’s gone!

sewkatiedidFit a game in too last Friday.  The boys always go and Sandie and I were planning a night of sewing and drinking beer when Jefe surprised us with suite tickets.  Hard to say no to that.

I think I quite possibly took my last sunshine run this afternoon.  The forecast is crummy for the next four days, so I do believe it is time to think about a new project, hint hint.  There’s still space in my Double-Trouble Workshop Sunday at Drygoods.

Last time I taught this workshop the designs were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Sewkatiedid/Scappalicious Double-Trouble QuiltGo scrappy,

Sewkatiedid/Swirling Medallionor go bold with solids.  I’ll be bringing in the scrap bins for playful fun (because I know you’re almost out of scraps;).

I’m a little thrilled that the weather is changing.  I love staying at home on a Saturday to sew.

sewkatiedid/modern geeseI did manage last Friday before the game to get some sashing onto my crazy pieced flying geese and they’ve been waiting patiently all week.  My game plan is to finish them tomorrow into some sort of quilt top.  As usual, I kind of have a plan.

Is sewing or a workshop in your weekend plans too?

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Pulling sample fabrics for my Shattered Quilt Starter Workshop tonight.  Wanna join us?  There are spots!

sewkatiedid/shattered remake

(Photo by Rendy Tucker)

I loved playing with the recreation of this quilt in Carolina Chambray and Osnaburg.  The texture is fabulous with the velveteen on the back.

But now it’s time to try something new.


I wanna stick with the textured fabric, so I’m going with the Essex Linen, but I have some ideas with all this Echino that I’ve collected over the years.

I won’t have time for this idea anytime soon, but it might jettison to the top of the list a little faster now that I have a fabric stack.

Maybe I will see you tonight.

Tomorrow I’ve got a quilt top to show you!

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Block Head/Sewkatiedid

Sometimes cast-off blocks discover their destiny all on their own.

Block Head/sewkatiedid

I made a row of these stepping stone blocks when creating quilt backs for Roan’s Unknown Direction quilt.

Sewkatiedid/Unknown DirectionI have a whole tote under our bed and two more picnic baskets full of these sorts of blocks, the unfinished, the ‘I don’t know what to do with you,’ and the ‘cut, but I’ve lost interest’.

They all rest in their own little bags conveniently provided by fabric shops with more flair than others with creative packaging.  I’ve found that these unfinished cast-offs make the best step outs and samples for classes.


I’d pulled the strip of blocks out from hiding and was contemplating a baby quilt until this pillow shape/size and the strip of blocks stuck in my head as a match for tomorrow night’s Stepping Stone Workshop at Make*Mend*Do studio.

sewkatiedid/stepping stone

I set to work this afternoon on quilting and as usual, my thoughts were that I would have this done by the time Roan walked off the school bus.  Why is it that I sew so much faster in my head?

sewkatiedid/stepping stonesI haven’t quilted anything with a stitch in the ditch in awhile, but the strip piecing that log cabins the blocks needed some.

sewkatiedid/stepping stones

Tomorrow I’ll change out thread to stitch the ditch down on the outside of the stones and fill in the blue with the same quilting design.

Hoping to have a pillow by Wednesday, but like I said, I sew faster in my head…regardless, I have something other than the quilt to show in the workshop.

Happy Monday to ya.

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Wow, you all really came out of the woodwork on that last post!  It was delightful to explore some new blogs and I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Don’t you wish everyone wanted to talk about quilts as much as us?

The quilt on the end of my bed received so much attention that I thought it was time I posted it.

It is the first quilt I’ve EVER made for myself back when I did the Value Quilt Quilt-Along using my Value Quilt Tutorial.

I’ve seen the same design recently on blogs as warm/cool.  From how I understand it, the same designs work with warm and cool half square triangles, because warm colors appear to move forward and cool colors tend to recede.  This contrast makes the design appear, but you still need value or the two triangles will appear blended.

You can learn a little more here.

My value quilt contains a load of larger prints and a high proportion of fabrics that would likely fall under the category of medium value if judged on their own.

Larger prints will generally have a mix of light, medium and dark values, and mediums next to darks or lights will create a less defined line.  These two elements created a quilt where the contrast is low, creating a less defined or blended design.

I also turned some squares to make some of the diamonds one color, ignoring value, which skewed the design in some areas.

I love that it showcases my fabric stash, especially since some of these prints are long gone.

But what I wanted to mention, due to all the comments on the last post was the quilting that was done by the fab and artistic Angela Walters (Quilting Is My Therapy).  I was able to meet up with Angela last Summer when I was visiting Jacquie.  The quilting is dense and amazing.  I only wish I would have made the quilt larger.

From the back the quilting really shines.

The flannel back really showcases it nicely.  I’m glad I only put a few spare hsts on the back.

I chose this print for the binding and never auditioned or doubted it.

My friend Chara did some headshots for the book and we thought it would be fun for some photos even though it didn’t make the final run.

(photo by Chara Michele Photography)

It’s perfect, in every way.  And best of all, It’s mine all mine!

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