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MeowI’ve been trying to stay away from buying fabric, but how could I resist?

Last Monday Maureen and I hopped the ferry to collect the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Binary quilts  Island Quilter had on display as their January exhibit and I was immediately onto the bolts of these kitties by Lizzy House.

I have triangles or simple log cabins already in my head.

Have you resisted?

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Giveaway closed.  Thanks Brenda, Quilt Sandwich will get in touch.

Might equal happiness and hopefully a win for all or one of you if you follow the rules at the end and don’t fumble.

I’m teaching Sunday, but hoping to get out in time to catch most of the game.  My Mother-In-Law was the first Seahawks office employee and it’s that office where she met my Father-In-Law when they brought him in to coach the Sounders years ago.  The story is hilarious with her not looking her best in her purple pantsuit, handsome him and his accent…all ancient history now.

But while we’re waiting for the game…

sewkatiedidEveryone wins when you play with Quilt Sandwich at their 25% off sale and just like the Superbowl (well, kind of) only one of you will win two- 1/2 yards of quilting weight fabric.

sewkatiedidI’m seeing stars in Seattle’s future.

sewkatiedid/sparkle punchHere’s the rules to win:

  1. Like Quilt Sandwich Fabrics Facebook page
  2. Leave a comment here telling us the sum of this equation: Football+Fabric=?
  3. Make sure the referees don’t make bad calls (just kidding, but not really:)

I’ll pick a winner on or around Tuesday when I return home.

Go Hawks!

Small print: Richard Sherman may not comment (haha).  Read his great article on his ‘rant’ here.  What a good human.

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Apparently one Christmas quilt in the works isn’t enough in my mind, so I started searching out Christmas prints for another.  It quickly came to light that in the sea of ‘Not-For-Me’ Christmas fabric my favorite current Christmas print line is Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey

sewkatiedid/cherry christmasI also noticed when I started looking for it that it is becoming a little more difficult to find, that in itself generally throws me into a panic.  Luckily Sandie said she’d split the yards with me which means, ‘Merry Christmas’ to her too.  We’re good at buying ourselves gifts:)

cherry christmasIsn’t it sweet?

Quilt Sandwich Fabrics still had two of my favorites from the line and what I bought of it is all washed and dried.  I started cutting for another Sarah Fielke Made in Cherry  quilt.

sewkatiedidI always think I’m going to love a whole line together and am always disappointed once I get it up on the wall.  Unfortunately I ran out of time to start adding other fabrics, the good news is I’m together with my family in Palm Springs.  Which I’d love to report is experiencing above average temperatures.

sewkatiedidMy folks and my in-laws live a block from each other.  It’s been extremely fun to just stroll down the street for a cuppa tea, Monday night football or a buddy to swim with.  My brother has already come and gone as well as the Northern Irish, but the rest of us are in for the long haul.

I’m signing off for the holiday.

Wishing you all a grand celebration with your friends and families.

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::New Again::

UptownEvery once in a while a fabric line will rerelease.  For those of you newer to building your stash, or those of us that actually used up what we had purchased on the first run this can be a delightful event.

uptownMy friend Becca of Quilt Sandwich Fabrics gave me a heads up at Market that the rerelease of Uptown was in the works and I instantly asked her to put some of the saturated red birds aside for me.  I love all the colors in this line, but there is something about that red that you don’t see in the fabric world often.

Quilt Sandwich, also has a new site! I found more than the birds that I needed to stash from this line and definitely had to edit my cart to stay in budget.

uptownThis line’s design is so unique with its paint by number design.  You can never have enough woodgrain.  Someday manufacturers/designers will figure that out and keep it on as a staple in every color.

I’ve got some class samples to create for my upcoming folded bag class and I think the bird might be the word.

Happy fabric hunting all!

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::Briar Rose

sewkatiedid/briar roseI actually didn’t think I would purchase any Briar Rose by Heather Ross except for some of the purple, but there it was on the shelves at The West Seattle Fabric Company, I’m talking the full collection, and I found my self instantly drawn to it.  The timing of the line coming out seems perfect for late summer.

sewkatiedidI can’t say that I’ve ever purchased fabric from Windham Fabrics, but they certainly got this one right!  The hand is so soft that all will dream of putting it into something for a baby or small child and then there’s those things I’ll have to find for myself.

sewkatiedidI’m already imagining some quilted baskets lined with the strawberries or maybe this sweet honeycomb.

sewkatiedidI’ve already stuck some of these little guys into a quilt top that I hope to show soon.

sewkatiedidBut I’m trying hard to not start new projects, real hard.



Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Daytime Open Studios: Wednesday, and August 14th and 28th from 11-3pm at Make*Do*Mend (sign-up required)

Night Open Studios: Wednesdays, August 21st from 5-9pm at Drygoods in Ballard.


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

::Modern Log Cabin Pillow Class::

$85/Sunday, August 25th from 10am-4pm at Drygoods in Ballard

It’s hard to resist a new skill when it can be so pretty! Using a variation on a log cabin quilt block technique from Quilting Modern, Katie will lead you through piecing your pillow front, possible quilting ideas and then show you her foolproof pillow technique using an invisible zipper!

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Do you ever buy fabric with nothing in mind?

sewkatiedidJust kidding.

Quilt Sandwich makes it hard for me to resist with their stock of Alexander Henry.  Even though I need ZERO fabric, they make me feel like I’m running out.

I’ve collected a pile of the previous Ghastlies lines and ever since market have been waiting for Ghastlie Holiday to come out.

sewkatiedid/invisible zipper tutorialPillows have already been made as samples for my invisible zipper class and the sage color will go onto my my holiday couch to replace some Halloween Ghastlies pillows.

Maybe a holiday A-Line skirt?

sewkatiedidThis jeweled web will be the backside of napkins as soon as I purchase the coordinate with the little costumed kids holding hands in a row.

sewkatiedidsewkatiedidThe detail in Aoi Has Two Sisters is what you expect from Alexander Henry.  Each dress is made of a fabulous print itself.  Even the flowers feature different prints.


I’ve already made some napkins for a friend and myself.

Napkins and pillows apparently give me a good excuse to buy fabric.

Happy Sunday!  Now go sew.


::Upcoming Classes::

sewkatiedid/scappalicious double-trouble quilt


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

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I always anticipate Erin McMorris’s new lines.  Her first line Park Slope still lingers in some of my projects and in my mind her way with flowers is her signature on the fabric world.


When ordering some basics the other day from Quilt Sandwich’s stocked sale section I asked Becca if they had the Astrid line in yet and was so pleased to hear it had just arrived.

sewkatiedid/erin mcmorris astridAstrid, steps Erin’s flowers out from their usual whimsical theme to the modern.

I also tend to be drawn to the same color palette that Erin’s fabric lines have and Astrid has done it again.  I want every color of the whole line, but stopped with the basics.

sewkatiedid/erin mcmorrisThis line works so well together with a solid or two.  Generally most fabric lines most fabric lines don’t mingle together without a flat effect, but Erin’s got you covered on all the color values you need for a successful project whether it be patchwork or apparel.


I had a little left over modern crazy piecing so I went to work making an Ipad case and Astrid worked itself in perfectly.  I’d love to see the hourglass print reproduced on a mini scale and a million colors.

Thanks Quilt Sandwich!

Off to teach.  Have a great Sunday!

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