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::Stash Additions::

I had all my fabric on the shelf and ideas of sitting down to sew, but we decided before we got too settled to get the floors refinished.  So my friend Maureen and I packed up all my fabric again!


It didn’t stop me from some new stash additions from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics.

I wasn’t even intending to create a coordinating set, but I somehow did!

The Nordika is for a new whole cloth quilt and the Lizzy House kitties are to be napkins for our friend that is hosting us while we are displaced by floor work.


Quilt Sandwich is also hosting a Briar Rose Challenge.  Details are here.


Time to dig up my Sparkle Punch again!

sewkatiedid/sparkle punch

Or maybe quilt my Magic Number Berry Patch quilt.

Sewkatiedid/Berry Patch Quilt Top

Happy almost Friday!

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Jefe has requested that the new house have a neutral theme to the walls, but I’ve got to have some pop of color somewhere, so yesterday I took all the cans of paint left over from the old house and used them to start painting the insides of the closets.

photo-32The Pure Periwinkle paint will make me smile every time.  As I was painting I started to think about fabric colors and what are currently my favorite.  This stack from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics sums it up.  Mustard and crimson always go to the top of the list for me, and I’m not sure about the Alexander Henry except those mermaids are spot on (or maybe the hearts are:).

Do you have go to colors, or do you trend?



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MeowI’ve been trying to stay away from buying fabric, but how could I resist?

Last Monday Maureen and I hopped the ferry to collect the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Binary quilts  Island Quilter had on display as their January exhibit and I was immediately onto the bolts of these kitties by Lizzy House.

I have triangles or simple log cabins already in my head.

Have you resisted?

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::New Again::

UptownEvery once in a while a fabric line will rerelease.  For those of you newer to building your stash, or those of us that actually used up what we had purchased on the first run this can be a delightful event.

uptownMy friend Becca of Quilt Sandwich Fabrics gave me a heads up at Market that the rerelease of Uptown was in the works and I instantly asked her to put some of the saturated red birds aside for me.  I love all the colors in this line, but there is something about that red that you don’t see in the fabric world often.

Quilt Sandwich, also has a new site! I found more than the birds that I needed to stash from this line and definitely had to edit my cart to stay in budget.

uptownThis line’s design is so unique with its paint by number design.  You can never have enough woodgrain.  Someday manufacturers/designers will figure that out and keep it on as a staple in every color.

I’ve got some class samples to create for my upcoming folded bag class and I think the bird might be the word.

Happy fabric hunting all!

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What a Bunch of SquaresOne of the first quilts I ever made was Denyse Schmidt’s What a Bunch of Squares.  I was new to quilt making and was so excited that I created the templates and cut out most of the pieces for three of these quilts before constructing the first block.

It became obvious after the construction of the first block that templates are a waste of time when piecing such a simple quilt.  I’m good at wasting time without adding template construction to my life.

sewkatiedid/andoverI hadn’t thought of these cut block sections until I ran into these Andover chambrays and Moda Cross Weaves at Drygoods Design.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squaresNow those old cut pieces are taking block shape with some new woven fabric additions.  It was difficult to capture the texture in a photograph on a rainy Seattle day, but blocked with the Essex linen it certainly isn’t lacking.

dotI also am hoping to make it to some Halloween sewing in a few days with this Martinique Silky Woven Shell.  There is the smallest pin dot on this fabric.  Everything about it is soft.  The drape, the pink color and the dot.

sewkatiedidLove those stitching witches!  Everything’s washed and waiting its turn.


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The countdown to the school year ended today and the Labor Day weekend weather in Seattle truly could not have gotten any better.

I love autumn for its closure on a loose routine and boots, I like boots.  But it also makes me want to sew and look at all the new colors and fabrics that come with a new season.

It also makes me walk into fabric stores without a child.

West Seattle Fabric Company had Denyse Schmidt’s new line Florence and a whole rainbow of Michail Miller solids, my new solid favorite.

sewkatiedidI think Denyse got the right mix of retro involved in this line, I can see it blending with a lot of other prints and solids.  I’m also trying to get over my fear of brown, so this Michael Miller is my gateway brown.

sewkatiedidI’m especially in love with the dot.  They had a bunch more of the line I was tempted by, but my stack should do it.  You can view it here.

sewkatiedidI’ve already made my dream pile.  Now I just have to get to the load of other projects before starting another.  I’m sure Jefe is wondering why I haven’t made him anything patchwork for the Vanagon yet.

Happy sewing friends, for me it is officially autumn!  P.S. a little bird told me that there are open studios and classes galore for fall, so go check them out!

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::Briar Rose

sewkatiedid/briar roseI actually didn’t think I would purchase any Briar Rose by Heather Ross except for some of the purple, but there it was on the shelves at The West Seattle Fabric Company, I’m talking the full collection, and I found my self instantly drawn to it.  The timing of the line coming out seems perfect for late summer.

sewkatiedidI can’t say that I’ve ever purchased fabric from Windham Fabrics, but they certainly got this one right!  The hand is so soft that all will dream of putting it into something for a baby or small child and then there’s those things I’ll have to find for myself.

sewkatiedidI’m already imagining some quilted baskets lined with the strawberries or maybe this sweet honeycomb.

sewkatiedidI’ve already stuck some of these little guys into a quilt top that I hope to show soon.

sewkatiedidBut I’m trying hard to not start new projects, real hard.



Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Daytime Open Studios: Wednesday, and August 14th and 28th from 11-3pm at Make*Do*Mend (sign-up required)

Night Open Studios: Wednesdays, August 21st from 5-9pm at Drygoods in Ballard.


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

::Modern Log Cabin Pillow Class::

$85/Sunday, August 25th from 10am-4pm at Drygoods in Ballard

It’s hard to resist a new skill when it can be so pretty! Using a variation on a log cabin quilt block technique from Quilting Modern, Katie will lead you through piecing your pillow front, possible quilting ideas and then show you her foolproof pillow technique using an invisible zipper!

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