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sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI have a million projects in some stage of process so it seemed like a perfect time to start something new.

sewkatiedid/mod tvIt all came about due to this reversible double gauze I bought at Drygoods.  My plan was some hand-stitchin’ on it while on our Tahoe trip.

sewkatiedidIt didn’t even make it to the hoop.  This is how far I made it on the piece of Osnaburgh that was already there.

sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI wanted to put both the Osnaburgh and the double-gauze to work, so I started by digging through Quilting Modern to find the perfect quilt to remake.  I decided on Mod TV since I have some Log Cabin Workshops coming up.  Then it was onto the color combo.  My fabric stack was inspired somewhat by this quilt.

sewkatiedid/mod tv quilt topI even like it from the back.

sewkatiedidOf course I had zero fabric for the back in my stash that went, so I again made a trip to Drygoods and picked up this lovely flannel Timeless Treasures crosshatch.  With a little added piecing it will be done and ready to quilt with the same design as the book’s version.

quilting modern mod tvIf you are looking for a quick quilt top this pattern is the one to go for.  I cut all my centers, placed them up on my design wall and essentially went by the photo in the book.

Happy Sunday sewing!

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Linking up to the Modern Quilt Guild Linky Party to reveal 5 unknown things about me.


1)  Sports-  I like sports, especially soccer and football. I never thought these would be words uttered from my mouth, but I married into a family that has been in the business of professional sports, and I’ve caught their enthusiasm over the years. I’ve learned to accept that my husband never sits down if the game is tight.

2) I hate being cold and I hate wearing jeans-  I have a “home uniform” as Jefe’ calls it. Drawstring sweats, 3/4 zip fleece and fuzzy crocs. This is what I roll outta bed into and it sticks until I need to face the “real” world. Being cold will be my excuse for overpacking while traveling to Austin. The temperature in Austin, plus convention-center air conditioning, is sure to send me back to my layering days of life in Flagstaff. I’ve also never met a pair of boots I didn’t like.

3)  I met my husband through his roommate… who I happened to be dating at the time. It wasn’t sleazy or anything… but when the roommate and I went our separate ways, and I returned from a winter abroad, I did have thoughts of “his roommate sure was cute.” I followed through.

4) I drink tons of black tea and love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale- “You can’t by happiness, but you can buy tea and pale ale, and that’s kinda the same thing.”  I have no clue what I will drink in Austin, as Americans couldn’t make a cuppa cha to save their lives, and chances are slim there will be Sierra Nevada everywhere.  P.S.  I also like Sprees, but prefer the original over chewy.

5)  I’m fascinated by zombies…

See you at Quiltcon!


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::Merry Xmas::

Thanks Everyone for coming along for the ride this year!


We’re all set for Santa’s arrival with our usual Almond Butter Kiss Cookies and Guinness.


This year we stumbled across Dr. Who’s Christmas Invasion and with Santa spotted somewhere around New Orleans I think Christmas might better hurry up and get here or Roan might explode.



Almond Kiss Cookies


*1/2 cup butter, softened

*1/2 cup almond butter

*1/2 cup granulated sugar

*1/2 cup packed brown sugar

*3/4 tsp. baking soda

*1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

*1/4 tsp. salt

*1 egg

*2 Tbsp. milk

*1/2 tsp. vanilla

*1 cup whole wheat flour

*1 cup all-purpose flour


For Rolling:

*2 Tbsp. finely ground almonds

*3 Tbsp. granulated sugar

*48 to 60 kisses


-350 oven

-mix butter and almond butter with an electric mixer on medium to high for 30 seconds.

-Add sugar through salt.  Beat until combined, scraping bowl occasionally.

-Beat egg, milk and vanilla.

-Beat in whole wheat flour, then APF until your mixer says it gives up and hand stir in the rest.

– Shape 1 inch balls, roll in almond/sugar mix and place two inches apart on cookie sheet.

-Bake 12-10 minutes, or until edges are firm and edges are cracked.

-immediately press kiss into center and cool on rack.

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::Baby Nicqelle::

Life isn’t always quilts, happiness and storybook endings.


But we all hope for the best and we prepare.

We make quilts for those that we love and those that we hope to cuddle with for a bit or a lifetime.

I made this quilt top for Baby Nicqelle.  We knew she was entering the world with challenges, but that doesn’t prepare anyone now does it?

Though she was a small warrior, she simply couldn’t survive without heart and lung support and today she passed after nearly three months of struggle and prayers.

I’ll stitch my love up into the quilt and pass it on to her family.

Tonight, I’ll hold my family a little closer.

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::We Heart Vancouver::

For our anniversary we left this pet behind.

Fueled up and hit the road.

Vancouver, how we love you so…

With no lagging child we walked and walked and walked, drank beer and ate.  All in equal proportions of course.

After almost being decapitated by rogue bus wire at 1am on Granville Bridge we decided to call the night complete and recharged for day two.

Highlights included,

A Sounders win, with the bold move of my husband visibly supporting his team in the Whitecaps Suite.

People watching.  My favorite being the three young  Saudi boys in traditional arab garb cruising Robson Street again and again in rented white convertible mustang blasting Arabic pop tunes and waving Saudi flag.  Does Rock the Casbah come to mind?  Man were they having the time of their lives.

Overheard highlight, “We go in, be social, have some fun and break some hearts.”  I would have wanted to hang out with that girl when I was young.

Ride home included off the beaten track roads, brewery and double rainbows.

All in celebration of still digging one another.

We look so cute and how come nobody moved all that crap behind us for photos?

We married in the Northwest on a rainy day in a cozy lodge on the Sound surrounded by friends and family.  Love happens in strange ways, like marrying your old boyfriend’s roommate for example.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today I feel like turning on the heat and sewing.  I did get a little of that in too on the drive.  I’ll show you the whole quilt on a less rainy photo day.



::Traditional or Modern Improvisational Coin Quilt Top::  $85 Thursdays, September 29th and October 6th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

No two will be the same.  Create a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design.  A great quilt to feature your favorite prints or scraps.  Learn improvisational techniques to take your own designs to the next level.

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::Summer! Summer! Summer!::

Bout time Summer got here.

I was starting to think school would have started with no splashing in Puget Sound or Lake Washington.  I actually just pulled the flannel from the beds last week.

And we have been doing a lot of lounging on the couch in the morning.

Feels so good to be out of the house at a civilized hour.

The lazy schedule of Summer has provided the time to bake in the morning before it gets warm.

We’re gluten free here and LOVING  this whipped cream cake.  The flour blend used is an awesome substitute in any recipe that requires flour.  I highly suggest you check it out.

And what could be better with whip cream cake than a few hundred more calories?

Enter ‘Fat Chick Mocha.’

I make mine with toddy.

Toddy is essentially a coffee concentrate that is cold brewed and lasts in the fridge for 14 days.  Pioneer Woman has a great link here of how to make it without special equipment.

Once brewed, simply add 4 oz. water to 2 oz. toddy.  The result is a smooth, low acidic delicious cup of coffee.

We actually have a Toddy Maker that we received as a wedding gift.  If you have a Nordstroms around I’ve seen them in their cafes for sale.

You need course ground coffee which you soak for about 12 hours.

Pull the plug…toddy!

To make ‘Fat-Chick Mochas’ I add chocolate syrup and 1/2 and 1/2, or you can go East Coast style by adding condensed milk and regular milk to the toddy.

Now that you have a load of energy you can go for a run to burn it off.


I’m going to go lay on the couch instead of that run and contemplate how the hell I’m going to piece this quilt together.

Happy Weekend!


p.s.  String block quilt class this week.

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::Hot Stuff::

Once the family leaves this blog will move back to its regularly scheduled program of quilting, not food.

But we’ve been cooking, not quilting.  I have some pies for the fourth, but we always fall back on our lip-smacking, beer gulping starter.

Perfect for the 4th.

The photographed version is made with sweet peppers for those who don’t like it hot!

Introducing our version of Jalapeno Poppers.  I use to make these in Mexico on our travels to Guerrero.

1)  Cut your jalapenos (or sweet peppers) in half lengthwise and deseed them with a spoon.  Wear gloves or plan on not touching any sensitive body parts later.

2)  Stuff full with a salty feta.  My favorite is from Trader Joe’s and is packaged in a yellow/green bag.

3)  Grill on a hot grill till undersides are pretty toasted.

Some will be mild and some super hot.

I recently had the sweet peppers at my friend Noelle’s, stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in proscuitto.  Trying those this round too.

Enjoy your 4th, I hope you are surrounded by friends and family!

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