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SEW KATIE DID/Pantone Pop HST Quilt 

This quilt, Pantone Pop and its color way set off some sort of quilt making chain reaction that has been ongoing for years.

 Pantone Pop was suppose to be a wedding quilt and as I was in the final stages of binding it I visited my friends.  In the year it took me to work on it they had 360’ed their bedroom colors and this quilt would be the clown in the room.  I learned after that from my friend Sandie that’s it’s better to categorize this type of quilt under ‘marriage quilt’ rather than ‘wedding quilt’ because that buys you quilt making the time in the best case senarios.  Regardless, I made another and kept Pantone Pop for myself:)


I started crazing piecing with Pantone Pop’s leftovers and pretty soon I was forming up the lovely middle squares of the quilt above.  I really was in love with this log cabin layout that we had in Quilting Modern and decided that the crazy pieced blocks where perfect for the block’s centers.  Seam Ripper IPA remains to the day one of my favorite quilts in design, color, softness and process.


Leftovers from Pantone Pop were far from done , so those half square triangles that didn’t make it in ended up transformed into Psychedelic Baby.  I sold this one at the first Quiltcon and missed it, but guess what?  I had left overs;)

SEW KATIE DID/On Target Quilt

So I ran with them, did some slight modifications and made On Target.  This quilt was a pain in the ass to quilt, but I love it’s design.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Quilt

Done yet?  Not quite.  Boxed-In happened next and I’m keeping this one as my new couch quilt and workshop sample for my now favorite block to teach.

But I’m done with this color way now.

There’s a few pillows around that I’ll spare you;)

I’m off on retreat with the girlfriends.  So good.  I’m sure Jefe has made some behind the scenes studio work in my absence that I’ll be excited about and will share soon.

Hope your week includes a big holiday vacation at the end of it.  I might not see you next Monday if I can help myself.  Hope you make the most of it too;)

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(Thanks Bell and Allison for holding my quilt and attending my workshop;)

In a world where it seems everything has to be labelled ‘Modern’ or ‘Layered Preppie Bohemian’ (I actually read that this morning;), I bring you an ‘As Traditional As It Gets’ quilt.

It is one of the first quilts I ever made.

SEW KATIE DID:Roan's Quilt Basting

It’s prints are collected fat quarters, fabric from clothing I made Roan, or cut from my mom’s endless supply of receiving blankets.  All just seemed silly to tuck away in a box for years.

But finished it had issues, the crappy sewing machine with no pressure foot tension type of issues.   The quilting was tucked and awful.

SEW KATIE DID:Quick Ripper

Then two people in two days told me about The Quick Ripper and within minutes of having it in my hands those nasty stitches and tucks were buzz cut and eliminated, leaving me with a clean palette.

After over thinking how I should quilt it on my home machine for a couple years I came back to my senses and made a long arm date with Sandie.

SEW KATIE DID/Roan's Quilt

This type of simple quilt is really perfectly suited for an all over quilting pattern.  I’m sorry to those of you that were curious about the pattern’s name, anyone know?

It worked wonderfully.

SEW KATIE DID:Roan Quilt Back

I backed it with some older Amy Butler flannel and an out of print Alexander Henry that reminds me of Speed Racer.

Before requilting I had to enlarge the back.  Had we tried we couldn’t have gotten the seam from the added piecing onto the edge, but of course we did.  This made it extra fun to apply the binding to one side.

SEW KATIE DID: Roan's Quilt Full

Roan chose the red Kai dot, which might be one I need to replace in the stash.


I was able to sit right in front on the ferry on my way from Victoria and sew it down.

I really enjoyed pulling this one from the dryer.  It’s so crinkled and lovely.  It also made me appreciate where my art has gone and where it started.  I still embrace that diagonal line that a half square triangle has.SEW KATIE DID:Roan's Quilt Bed

So there it is, blueberry stains already there and all.  Roan’s particularly attached to the quilt his Great Grandmother Evelyn made, so this one might end up on the couch.

That’s 5 quilt tops from my pile done!  Only a few more to go.

Happy Week Peeps!



Full! One spot left in Stripped Improv Workshop Tuesday night.


Full!  and two in Thursday afternoon’s Medallioned Magic Numbers Social.  We’ll start our first technique that makes all sorts of angular shapes.

Sunday is Open Quilting Studio at Island Quilter.  This will be our last one until Island Quilter is in their new space.

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Summer is serious this year in Seattle, finally!

cousinsThe Northern Irish side of the family have come and gone already.

familyWe took in a Sounders game in Vancouver and a load of swimming where ever we could.

These are the kind of summers that initially made me love Seattle when I was dating Jefe and would come visit.  I’ve neglected my sewing machine and have been on a bit of a destash frenzy to cover the expense of our fun.   Luckily winter gave me plenty of finished quilts to show off.

sewkatiedid/scappalicious double-trouble quiltThanks to Sandie my Scrappalicious Double-Trouble is quilted!

sewkatiedid/scrappalicious double trouble

sewkatiedid/double-trouble quilt

 I showed design possibilities for this block here earlier and I’ll be running a Double-Trouble block workshop on Sunday, September 22nd at Drygoods if you want to come play.

We’ll cover the construction and design possibilities of the block, but since we will be playing with half-square triangles we’ll have one for ourselves and one to trade.

sewkatiedidI’m in love with this small flower fabric that has disappeared from the face of the earth, and not because I bought it all, because I would have.  It makes the sweetest binding.

sewkatiedid/double-trouble backI added some blocks to the back that have been hiding out in the unfinished project tote for awhile now.

sewkatiedidIt didn’t make a noticeable dent in that tote, but nice to see them somewhere.  The rest of the back is flannel, it truly is lovely to the touch.

sewkatiedid/double-trouble quiltI’ll also be bringing all my scraps to add to the opposing corners of the block for the workshop.  It’s fun to use up those small goodies.  I’m hoping the weather will hold and we can open the french doors of the studio and shop the market for some autumn bounty to boot!

sewkatiedidThe couch received its summer pillows too.


I’ve got (4) sets of 6″ charm squares left from my blue destash.  I had over 70 blue prints that I cut, many are out of print.  If you are looking to add some blue to your fabric diet I’m destashing these at $48 each, plus US flat rate shipping.  Just shoot me an email at sewkatiedid@gmail.com.  Green is coming next.  If you follow on Instagram that’s usually where my destashes are.  Green is next and then black and whites.


Thinking ahead to fall classes!


Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Daytime Open Studios: Wednesday, and August 14th and 28th from 11-3pm at Make*Do*Mend (sign-up required)

Night Open Studios: Wednesdays, August 21st from 5-9pm at Drygoods in Ballard.


sewkatiedid/modern log cabin pillow

::Modern Log Cabin Pillow Class::

$85/Sunday, August 25th from 10am-4pm at Drygoods in Ballard

It’s hard to resist a new skill when it can be so pretty! Using a variation on a log cabin quilt block technique from Quilting Modern, Katie will lead you through piecing your pillow front, possible quilting ideas and then show you her foolproof pillow technique using an invisible zipper!


::Free-Motion Quilting Open Studio Sessions::

Tuesdays, September 17th and 24th 6 to 9:00 p.m. /$70 for two sessions, includes materials

Consider it risk-free motion! This will be the perfect opportunity to learn and/or refine free-motion quilting skills. Free-motion quilting takes time and practice, and this is a great way to get started with the help of Katie Pedersen. Take in organic and geometric free-motion quilting and design inspiration while practicing on quality machines. Muslin and batting provided.

Experience level: sewing experience suggested and beginners welcome.

sewkatiedid/double trouble

::Double-Trouble Sunday Workshop::

$60/ Sunday, September 22 from 10am-4pm at Drygood Designs

Ready to create a simple modern quilt? Double-Trouble is a fun interactive technique and design workshop that merges a traditional triangular block with an improvisational triangle block technique.  We will create two of the same triangular blocks, one for ourselves and one for trade.  The Double-Trouble block itself has unlimited design possibilities that we will explore to create unique quilt designs.

sewkatiedid/modern coin quilt

::Modern Improvisational Coin Quilt::

$85/Thursday, September 26th and October 3rd from 6-9pm at The Quilting Loft in Ballard

Interested in creating a modern quilt with improvisational techniques, but don’t know where to start? Then this is the class for your first modern quilt!  Learn improvisational techniques like angle and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints.  No two will be the same. All levels of sewists welcome.

sewkatiedid/whole cloth quilt

::Whole Cloth Finishing Class::

$85/Tuesdays, October 1st and 8th from 6-9pm at The Quilting Loft in Ballard

Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing.  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.


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Thanks for all the quilt names!  We did some rearranging yesterday and I lost a major storage spot.  The spot held a large tote full to the brim with unfinished projects.  As I was trying to reorganize I finally came up with the quilt’s name, Scattered.

The name seems to fit where I am with projects too.


This loss of space created a fire under my ass to reorganize further and work through those projects.  I’ve had a few small projects on my sewing table that were becoming clutter, beautiful clutter, but still clutter.  So I made a list and am striking some off instantly.  Clutter keeps me at a stand-still and I’m re-energize for sure upon checking off a few.

These small projects are created from fabrics that I’ve picked up locally.

sewkatiedid/infinity scarf

This fabulous Anna Maria Horner velveteen that I got at  The West Seattle Fabric Company is finally an infinity scarf.  I’ve been matching the voiles with flannel or velveteen to make as gifts and was happy to see some of this type of fabric available in town.

sewkatiedid/drawstring bagI could procrastinate no longer on my delivery of my quilt to Quiltcon.  This required making a drawstring bag for its containment.  My boots will need something to travel in to Austin too and this Alexander Henry zebra print I got from Island Quilter is just so sassy.  I want to replenish its supply even though I have no project planned.


Island Quilter had this Alexander Henry fabric in a variety of colors.  I wanted to go with the black, but as an ironing board cover I thought it would fade.  I totally white-trashed the construction by tracing around the shape plus an inch or so, zig-zagging an inch down to the wrong side and pulling some elastic through the hem.  The elastic is pulled taunt and held tight by a toggle.  If I could do it with duct tape I would.  You just don’t see it so perfection doesn’t matter.

It could use some ironing.  This will surely happen.

sewkatiedid/starlight star bright quilt

I’m itchin’ to piece this Star-Bright Star-Light Quilt as a sample before the HST LOVE class on Saturday at Island Quilter and those diamond blocks are killing me.  I pulled it down to work on step outs for Jacquie’s and my Quiltcon Demo though.  Stick to the list.

sewkatiedid/valentines day

Ok, ignoring the list for a second and dreaming of Valentine’s Day I couldn’t help but pile.  I’m always collecting fabrics for gift making.


This one from Drygood’s is my favorite this year!  I’m back to add this one too.


Here’s to a productive Monday!  We’ll see how long I can stick to the list.

————————————————–OPEN QUILTING STUDIOS THIS WEEK—————————————

This Wednesday we have Open Quilting Studio at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard from 11-3pm and at Island Quilter on Saturday from 4-9pm following the HST Love class below.  This is a great opportunity to take a class and then stick around to finish the quilt!

::Half-Square Triangle LOVE Class::

$85/Saturday February 16th from 10am to 4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

This versatile quilt block lends itself to endless designs. We’ll cover quilting basics such as picking fabrics, matching seams and create perfect points.  We’ll play with a layout that suites your style and you’ll walk away with ideas for a multitude of quilts. All level of sewists welcome.

::Improvisational Coin Quilt Workshop::

$85/Tuesdays, February 19th and 26th from 6-9pm at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome/machines and tools provided.

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I made the Rock Star Wedding Quilt as a wedding gift for our dear friends Lisa and Amado.

A little history…

My husband has been friends with Lisa for a few decades and then some, having first meet rowing down some river in Arizona, Alaska, or Utah, I forget the beginnings, but they stuck like brother and sister.  I came along in Jefe’s life and was fully embraced by Lisa.

Jefe and I did three things that I would never recommend doing at once, we quit our jobs, moved from Arizona to Seattle and were pregnant.  Lisa welcomed the new immigrants into her home until we were squarely on our feet.  She’s family.

Then Lisa met Amado.  Amado’s there in front in the white shirt and Lisa front and center.  You literally could see the sparks fly.  Insert picture here from their awesome wedding,

and some of the same people from the Grand Canyon river trip we all took when our private permit came along.

So a few years later I thought I might be due for that wedding gift and based on their bedroom colors got to work on Pantone Pop.

Well, a few years can change things, including the whole colorway of a bedroom.  I had just finished Pantone Pop only to walk into Lisa and Amado’s bedroom and find the colors I used in the quilt were gone.  No sweat.  I loved Pantone Pop and was super thrilled to add it to my stack.

On my next round I went with black and white prints, what does that not go with right?

I had just the middle square up when I showed it to Lisa and she pointed out the heart fabric, stating she loved anything hearts and stars.

Perfect, that was the plan because I’ve always wanted to make the Made in Cherry Quilt and I had all the squares cut.

Apparently there are these things called instructions. I used the squares I had already cut for the points. Those squares needed to be larger so that the points merge at the base of the star.  I’ll embrace the imperfection.

Heck, from a distance you can’t even tell. There’s my full collection of black and white fabrics in there. My favorite are the novelty fabrics by Alexander Henry. I was wishing for some larger scale fabrics, but they are just harder to find and a trip to Marimekko would be dangerous.

The binding is perfect!

My original plan was to use the Cerise Kona, but the new Denyse Schmidt added some dimension.

This quilt is BIG and heavy.  I quilted it on Sandie’s long-arm and love the quilting we picked.  The swirls just work!

The back is this awesome Alexander Henry Toile with skeletons.  I bought it with a wedding quilt in mind.

I blocked in some of the fabrics from the front in to bring the back to size.

I think I’ve got another of these in me at some point.  I highly recommend this pattern (don’t forget to actually read the directions!).

Happy Wednesday folks.  I’m off to my last day at work ending with a pint of beer with my coworkers to end my time there and toast to the future!


Weekend Classes:








::Zip Pouch Class::  $45/ Saturday, December 1st from 10am-1pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard. (Combine with the Improv Strip-Pieced Oven Mitt class later in the day and receive both classes for $80).

Pouches make great gifts!  Come learn the technical ins-and-outs of making one (or two) in this class before the gift giving season.









::Improv Strip-Pieced Oven Mitt or Christmas Stocking Class:: $45/Saturday, December 1st from 1:30-4:30pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.(Combine with the zip-pouch class earlier in the day and get both classes for $80).

Learn the improvisational technique of strip-piecing to design and construct a fully lined oven mitt or stocking.  Great for gifts!

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I had to take these off the design wall to focus on what really needed to be done.

I started fiddling with the idea of using scraps for half-square triangles with stitch and flip triangles during my Swirling Medallion class.  This simple technique from the book lends itself to so many designs.

I went with a small sized square so I could use up even the smallest of favorite scrap fabrics.

They are ideal for chain piecing.  Think of it as an ongoing project in between all those others.  I simply have added a stack of white squares to my sewing table and as I produce scraps from other projects I add hsts to the mix.

I think on-point might be what I go with and I’ll mess with them more before I teach the Stitch and Flip Triangle class and the Psychedelic Baby Block Class that will cover this technique and more.

It would be fun to play with value a bit more, but the process itself is so gratifying as you watch it grow.  Rather addictive I would say and always fun to see those out of print fabrics that you have miniscule amounts of on display in a quilt.


::Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop::  $85 Saturday, September 8th, 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

An all day workshop to explore the creation of your own quilt designs utilizing improvisational strip piecing.  We’ll cover this improvisational patchwork technique while constructing blocks for your own quilt design. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern Book required.

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I’ve got two one spots left in my Swirling Medallion class tomorrow. Anyone want to play?

::Swirling Medallion Quilt:: $85 Saturday, August 25th 10am-2pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

A merging of two blocks!  Come see how this quilt comes together while learning proper technique for cutting, piecing to create sharp points and sewing rows. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern book required.

We’re going to play with merging half-square triangles and stitch and flip triangles.  Create the simple medallion from the book Quilting Modern or design your own.

Need some inspiration?  Jacquie has some great versions here and here.  Ashley’s Swirling Swans are here.


::Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop::  $85 Saturday, September 8th, 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

An all day workshop to explore the creation of your own quilt designs utilizing improvisational strip piecing.  We’ll cover this improvisational patchwork technique while constructing blocks for your own quilt design. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern Book required.

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