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Ok, ignore that last published post with just photos if you subscribe.  Whoops;)

The winner of the Christmas fabric is Paddy Anne!  Thank you to all who contributed by adding their favorite patchwork gift tutorial.  I’ve created a ‘Gifts to Sew’ Pinterest board for you all to check out with my favorites of your suggestions.

Quite a few of you linked to box pouch tutorials, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to as a little end of the year post.


At our Birch Bay retreat we started making pouches.  The time spent building out the panels made me think about all the quilted stuff I had packed away just waiting to be recreated.


SEW KATIE DID:FavsQuilt As You Go Tote/sewkatiedidSEW KATIE DID/QAYG Pillow

 Some long forgotten pillows and bags have been reimagined into zip pouches that turned out amazingly.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed Pouch circles

I think the improvisational curves one is my favorite.


I never liked these panels as a bag, but I’m loving their reincarnation.  I had used duck cloth to line these when they were a bag and their structure turned out to be the best of all of them, but a little more fussy when it came to boxing the corners.

SEW KATIE DID:Box Pouch:bird 2

This one just has so many great fabrics.

SEW KATIE DID:box pouches

I love all the color and details.  I used a mix of techniques I found in a load of online tutorials.

And guess what?  I created a Pinboard for those too:)


So I guess that’s it for the year Peeps.  We’ve had a good one.   With the challenges of ALS in our family, my brother in law’s smile at seeing us and the positive attitude he exhibits encourages us to take advantage of our happy places and ditch the rest.  While ALS has entered our lives so have his amazing group of friends, enlarging our family circle with impeccable timing.

In honor of Jeremy, I encourage you to “reach for your best feeling thought” each and everyday.

See you in the New Year:)


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I’ve always enjoyed teaching at Modern Domestic in Portland.  They sell quality fabric, Bernina machines and have an amazing classroom that doubles as their gallery space.  Of course I should mention the friendly and knowledgeable staff;)

They kindly asked me if I’d like to be featured.  It turned out December was the month I could manage since I have no scheduled trunk shows or classes.  I figured people are making and shopping to boot and would see the quilts.


  I pulled all of these wonderful images from their blog,

and Instagram.

I selected quilts from the series I created, my Value Quilt Tutorial and then a few that reflect my favorite technique workshops, like elongated and double-trouble triangles.



I loved this photo that Sometimes Crafter posted on her Instagram account.


It’s always so fun to “see” (I wish I could have gone) all the quilts hanging together, especially in such a light and bright space.

I’ve been working on holiday gifts that I’ll likely pop back in to share at the end of the week.  Maybe a Christmas fabric FQ giveaway??? Be sure to add your email to the “follow me around” button in the sidebar for that update.  I’ve got some out of prints you surely need;)

  This Tuesday, next Tuesday (22nd) and this Thursday I have a space in  Open Studio with requests to teach/work on double sided napkins and other holiday projects like the dopp kits and zip pouches I’ve been making and posting on my Instagram.  Drop me an email to join us;)

Happy Monday Peeps!

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SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Section

This quilt is a long time coming, as in years…

Alexander Henry’s Merry Moderns fabric was THE Christmas quilt fabric for me.  I just fell hard for it the minute I saw it.


The fabric seemed a perfect merge for an improvisational technique I’d been brainstorming about.  A block that was a faster way to produce ‘crazy pieced’ looking fabric.  So I started playing with the block construction concept that became what I now call the Split Personality Quilt Block.  The method quickly produces multiple blocks allowing you instant playtime with it in endless design concepts.


Fabrics from the stash that would coordinate with a Christmas theme were pulled, auditioned and sewn.  Some favorites were eaten up in the process.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Block

 And so, all these happy fabrics have been living together as blocks for a few years, waiting for the perfect pattern to show itself.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Fold

My friend Laurel showed up at an open studio to finish up an Arkansas Crossroads quilt.  I instantly envisioned my blocks in that design and the production began…last year;)

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Full flat

The essex linen in a cross weave black stabilized the scrappiness.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas quilt awesome

Merging traditional quilt designs with improvisational techniques has really become where my process leads me.  I love the secondary designs traditional set blocks create.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt side

When it came to quilting I lived and breathed this quilt for days.  For once I didn’t overthink it and went with straight lines that ran off the edge and echoed the ‘Xs’ the secondary design created.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Side block

I dreaded the thought that I’d have to add another horizontal and vertical line because my body was done with quilting, but in the end I dismissed the addition.  It has the perfect drape and isn’t over quilted into the luscious feel of cardboard.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas quilt back

Here’s a peek at the back.  Leftovers and flannel of course.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Detail 2

SEW KATIE DID:Side:Split Personality Christmas QuiltThe binding is the small scale print in the Merry Moderns line.  It worked out that some faces landed on the front and back of the quilt’s edge.

SEW KATIE DID:Binding Roll

You can see more designs and concepts with this block in my Instagram feed and I’ve added this block onto my January calendar as a daytime, nighttime and weekend workshop.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and then of course there is spring!

Happy Happy Peeps;)

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SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block

I’m still quilting my Christmas quilt made with blocks that I call ‘Split Personality.”  Both the vertical and horizontal quilting lines were finished over the weekend and I’ll move onto the diagonal lines once the week’s open studios and workshop are done.

I try to give my body a break from quilting every hour or so and since staring at my design wall is a favorite activity I’ve dedicated my move around time to these solid fabric versions.  Last season I was rather smitten with all the heart designs I’d been seeing and decided I’d really like to play with an improvisational variation of this shape.

The block’s effect is similar to what the crazy piecing technique in Quilting Modern produces, but this new technique is rather quick and without fuss.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Hearts

These Split Personality blocks have evolved into the “what” with their heart shaped design element, but they have yet to find the “how” of their final composition.  I’ve been inspired by so many traditional quilts layouts where I could place this block, but am really trying to stay improvisational with this one.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Hearts

I have plans at the end of the week to play with some I made that I’m not as happy about and see where an elongated heart shape might land me.  Pays to not always throw away the ‘not so goods’ eh?  Maybe in the end I’ll have some great trivets for Christmas presents at the least:)

Happy midweek Peeps!


I’ve got new Open Studio dates up and a few spaces in my design wall/improv workshop left.  Thanks to everyone’s feedback and response to my newsletter.  I’ll be working on an evening Open Studio and a Sunday monthly in the new year.  Hope to see you soon;)

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I’ve procrastinated quilting it long enough.  I thought I’d long arm this quilt with swirls, but couldn’t make my date with Sandie so I went ahead last week and basted the beast.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block 2

I’m an over baster so I thought this time I would use my plastic template to draw out my quilting lines and get a visual on the best placement for the pins.  Less moving them around=more quilting time right?

It did the trick.

SEW KATIE DID:Crosshatch Quilting thoughts

The horizontal and vertical lines are nearly done.  I believe it helped stabilize the blocks a bit for the crosshatch lines that will come next across the Essex linen.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block:Merry Moderns Quilt

I went a quarter inch from each seam and will use painters tape as a guide for the crosshatch.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt

My thought is that the quilting will echo the Xs and Os the blocks create in the secondary design.  There’s a load of piecing to contain and tack down.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Quilt back

Sneak Peek of the back.  So glad I went with the Cotton and Steel flannel.

Perhaps next week I’ll have something finished to show!  I’m itching to play on the design wall with the same block in solids and get the workshop for this block put fully together.

Hope you’re having a great week peeps!


P.S. I’ve got one spot in my open sew Thursday, November 12th from 10am to 3pm and some spots in my workshops at Circa 15 fabric studio.  Give me a shout out if you’d like to join/sewkatiedid@gmail.com

I’ll try to keep my Facebook page updated with classes and sew ins until I get my website up and running;) or follow along with Bloglovin.

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SEW KATIE DID:Walla Walla Quilt Festival

My trip to Walla Walla to be the featured artist in their yearly quilt festival was amazing thanks to these lovely ladies.  The show was one of the best I’ve seen as far as creativity and talent.  Their guild will certainly be hard to beat for most friendly and easy going.  Must be all the wine;)  Thanks also to all the students from past workshops in the area that stopped by to say “hi” and share their finished work;)

I don’t generally take my computer when I travel so I spent some time on Instagram here and there.  The hashtag #bestofflickr seemed to be trending and made me think of posting some of the quilt photos shared on Flickr over the years.  It also made me a little nostalgic for the time when social media seemed a bit less vast and Flickr wasn’t trying to be so flashy.

I browsed through this morning and here’s my top ten.

SEW KATIE DID/What a Bunch of Squares Quilt

One of the first quilt tops I ever made was What a Bunch of Squares by Denyse Schmidt.  I quickly figured out that templates were a waste of time, but the quilt remains one of my favorites as does the photo.  A wedding gift that is likely falling apart do to so little quilting on it.

SEW KATIE DID/Scrappy Pillow

This pillow and photo are just so sunny and cheerful.  One of the first attempts at improvisational patchwork I ever did.  My niece still has it.

SEW KATIE DID/Improv Pillows

Funny that I went back to making pillows for samples for my improvisational workshops because it’s where I started.  This was one of the first.


Pantone Pop quilt made Flickr’s explore page.  That was a load of snow for Seattle.

SEW KATIE DID/Roan's Quilt

Riding the ferry home and binding a quilt after teaching in Victoria.

SEW KATIE DID/Seam Ripper IPA Quilt

The lushness of our old backyard in this picture is lovely with the red and purple of my Seam Ripper IPA quilt.  Softest quilt ever.

SEW KATIE DID/Magic Number Quilt Tutorial

Roan as a wee guy rolling around on my favorite magic numbers quilt I call Scrappy Sunshine.

SEW KATIE DID/Psychedelic Baby

Love these detail shots.

Psychedelic Baby quilt front and back.

SEW KATIE DID/Fractured Quilt

Remake of Shattered from Quilting Modern.  Quilting by Krista Withers.

SEW KATIE DID/Value quilt

I love how Value Quilts photograph and they remind me of my quilting beginnings.


Seattle Lone Star, also quilted by Krista up on my old neighbors carriage house doors.  Those doors made a great backdrop and it’s likely my favorite Flickr photo.

AND that actually makes the top eleven.

I’ve got this week to catch up, next week to teach some classes in the studio and then I hit the road for the San Juans to lecture and teach.  I’m hoping to get some weekday classes up too.  Look for them next week or drop me an email if you want to schedule something.

Happy Week Peeps;)

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SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Parade

 Regardless of moving from Fremont we did not break tradition and made it to the Fremont Solstice Parade with children in tow.


I won’t get into too much about the history of the parade, but it originated in a hope to make a better world by supporting the neighborhood and raising funds to end poverty.  Roan’s school in Fremont was a grant recipient and in turn able to help school many of the city’s homeless children.  The parade is void of anything motorized, highly artistic in nature often with a theme of political protest and really is an all over good time.

It is traditionally led by body-painted bicyclists.  This year there were hundreds of them.  A great way to show eleven year olds that even painted artistically 99% of bodies look nothing like in magazines;)

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

Of course we broke out the Solstice Quilt to place on the pavement.  This quilt lives in the car and is the most washed quilt we own.  One thing I noticed this year about putting something handmade onto the ground was people respected your space a little more.  Considering the parade was the largest I’d seen this was a good thing.  Once the parade was in full swing and we weren’t really sitting anymore I pulled it back to a less selfish amount of space.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

The Solstice Picnic Quilt was the first quilt I ever created in a virtual quilting bee.  I gathered 36 scraps of the same color for each participant and had them cut and sew together the postage stamp blocks.


Of course as I discovered when the blocks were returned is that a quarter inch seam isn’t the same measurement to everyone, so I built each block out log cabin style and squared them all wonky with my largest template to the same size.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

This quilt was also my first free motion quilting experience.  I had a cramp in my calf for about four days after from pressing the pedal and it truly is a disaster if you look close.  It was a great practice tool.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt Pockets

House on Hill Road  gave me the idea for the ‘rock pockets” on the back corners to weight the quilt so that the crows or wind can’t fly off with it on the beach.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Quilt back

I’ve always loved this out of print Alexander Henry Sun Signs print and fussy cut out Jefe’s, Roan’s and my signs.

If you don’t have a quilt of this utilitarian nature I suggest you make one.  Picnics, beach, parade, soccer games, I can’t imagine life without it.

Happy Week Peeps;)

 I believe I’ll have furniture in the studio by next week!

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