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Finally, a finish!  From Point A to Point B has binding AND faux piped binding.

I know, I know, ANOTHER quilt with triangles, really?

I’ve been spinning my wheels on class samples and finally got one done for my Improvisational Elongated Triangles Class.  I dove into the fourth season of Parks and Recreation to get the binding on today.  I was so thrilled to sit on my ass at home and do nothing but sew until I taught at night.  Even filthy, home is awesome.

Krista did the quilting on this one for our trade.  We thought something simple that could be accomplished on the home machine would do.  It’s a bit difficult to pick up with my amateur photography skills, but the thread is light green.

Each triangle is double outlined on this one.

The orange and green inspiration came from a lady leaving my line when I was cashiering one day.  I loved her bold green skirt with her orange shirt.  It stuck and the neutrals mixed in seemed so fresh.  Krista used a poly/cotton batting, so even with this amount of quilting it remains supple.

Stayed tuned to MORE of these triangles, I had a load of leftovers that didn’t make it in and some new ideas brewing.

For now this quilt is hanging at the Quilting Loft in Ballard as a class sample and then it will move onto Island Quilter to become part of Krista’s exhibit in October.  I even threw some Kaffe Fasset fabrics in there since he will be at Island Quilter in October for a lecture and a workshop while the quilt is hanging.  It’s up in the air, but I’m hoping to make it to both events!


::Improvisational Elongated Triangle Blocks:: $45 Thursday October 4th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Create an edgy block of triangles with this simple improvisational technique. Follow up with an invisible zipper class or create your own quilt. All levels of sewists welcome.

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Time for a remake of Opposing Triangles for Krista.  I couldn’t procrastinate it any longer with her exhibit at Island Quilter right around the corner.

We collaborated on the fabric and I went with cutting a bit differently, but overall, the design remained the same.

Oh, and it took a load of pins to get the white outlines to align, plus some quality time with the seam ripper.

All of this was good practice for my improvisational elongated triangle class.  I learned a ton and have a few other designs in the works.  I don’t think I’m going to make it to that new coin quilt or magic number quilt before those classes start.  Hope some of you will want to join me regardless.

There’s something about these triangles that I just love.

The colors are very similar to the first Opposing Triangles, so of course I love it.

I dropped it off on our way out of town to Portland.  I hung out with Jefe for our anniversary.

We did what every happily married couple does for their anniversary, we went to see a soccer game.  Last year Vancouver, and this year Portland.

The in-laws all came, because that’s how it works.  My sister-in-law and I sat snuggly in a suite and the boys with the Sounders crowd.  It’s fun to hear the stories of the former teams from my father-in-law and apparently in 1975 in a playoff between the Sounders and the Timbers there were people in the trees outside the stadium trying to catch a glimpse.

Then we ate and drank ourselves through Portland.  The weather was *%#!ing brilliant to boot!

I have three full days of work and then a load of quilts to bind.

Seattle Star is almost there, it was my road trip project.


Point A to Point B.

Hopefully, I will be displaying some of them here soon.

Have a great week.



I got three two spots left in my Improvisational Coin Quilt Class!

::Improvisational Coin Quilt:: $85 Thursdays, September 20th and 27th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome.

::Magic Number Quilt:: $85 Saturday, September 22nd from 10am to 4pm at theQuilting Loft in Ballard. Pick your favorite fabrics and learn this system of using block sizes that fit together automatically for flexibility in quilt design.

::Seeing Value Workshop:: $85 Sunday, September 23rd from 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

Learn how color value can transform your quilt making design process.  Create multiple designs with your newfound knowledge of value and simple half square triangles.  All levels of sewists welcome.

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I’m calling it Point A to Point B quilt top, not only because of the obvious, but changing directions is my usual mode of operation (or mode of procrastination).

I won’t even bother to show you were I started, but will say it stunk and I had to move forward or backward depending on how you look at it.  Some triangles were saved and others scrapped.  The verb “scrapped’ may be my new favorite.

My next point is I have a new class sample for my Improvisational Elongated Triangle Block Class.

This is good news, except I was really needing to get to work on this Magic Number quilt displayed with sleepy Jefe and TV transfixed small child as a sample for my Magic Number workshop that is offered first (a new coin quilt class sample wouldn’t hurt either).  As I’ve said, I sew much faster in my head than in real life.  There is still time I hope.  For now envision it all pieced and surrounded by that lipstick solid fabric.

Now hold that vision, because I need to get this pieced for Krista into some Osnaburg fabric background by Friday.  This quilt was the original reason for the making of the first quilt and procrastinating the second quilt and so on.  Thank goodness for procrastination or all that collaborating about fabric, quilting other quilts, drinking beer and laughing with Krista might never have happened.

Oh, and look what she sent me yesterday.  Drool.









::Improvisational Coin Quilt:: $85 Thursdays, September 20th and 27th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Sunday Stash, but yesterday I taught an Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop at Island Quilter on Vashon and they were having a sale!

So I rounded out my Erin McMorris Park Slope collection.  I don’t know what it is about this line or what the hell I’m going to make with it, but I love it.

My friend/student Suzie juiced up her Martha Negley collection.  I had to resist the feathers.

Their Kaffe Fasset collection and Kaffe Club are massive and I’ve been using a load of the shot cottons they have in stock.

It’s fun to see the full range of the colorways all together, and it keeps going around the corner.  If you are around in October, Kaffe Fasset will be at Island Quilter for a workshop and lecture.

The space is so light and bright and they are so accommodating and hospitable that it is a joy to teach and sew there.

We had fun strip piecing.

We’ve got a Value Class scheduled there next, but I’m also super excited about the Stitch and Flip Triangle Workshop and mostly because of this beauty.

I passed through West Seattle on my way home from the ferry and picked up my Seattle Star from my long arm quilter friend Krista.  Can’t wait to get this bound and some photos up!

Off to work, happy Sunday!


::Improvisational Coin Quilt:: $85 Thursdays, September 20th and 27th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

No two will be the same. Learn improvisational techniques like angle piecing and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition Chinese Coin Quilt Design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints. All levels of sewists welcome.

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I had to take these off the design wall to focus on what really needed to be done.

I started fiddling with the idea of using scraps for half-square triangles with stitch and flip triangles during my Swirling Medallion class.  This simple technique from the book lends itself to so many designs.

I went with a small sized square so I could use up even the smallest of favorite scrap fabrics.

They are ideal for chain piecing.  Think of it as an ongoing project in between all those others.  I simply have added a stack of white squares to my sewing table and as I produce scraps from other projects I add hsts to the mix.

I think on-point might be what I go with and I’ll mess with them more before I teach the Stitch and Flip Triangle class and the Psychedelic Baby Block Class that will cover this technique and more.

It would be fun to play with value a bit more, but the process itself is so gratifying as you watch it grow.  Rather addictive I would say and always fun to see those out of print fabrics that you have miniscule amounts of on display in a quilt.


::Improvisational Strip Piecing Workshop::  $85 Saturday, September 8th, 10am-4pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

An all day workshop to explore the creation of your own quilt designs utilizing improvisational strip piecing.  We’ll cover this improvisational patchwork technique while constructing blocks for your own quilt design. All level of sewists welcome.   Quilting Modern Book required.

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Besides time with my family, I can’t think of time better spent than being with friends, eating good food, quilting, buying fabric and doing good.  For the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meet-up we did all that.  The Seattle, Portland and Vancouver Modern Quilt Guilds all meet for a weekend here in Seattle.  My Saturday was packed full of fun at Island Quilter who graciously hosted our charity sew-in with style.  Thanks Anja and Paul!

For more photos or to add your own we’ve created a PNW MQG Flickr group here.

(Photo by Holly)

The idea behind the sew-in was conceived in a car.  Yes, it’s true.  Sandie and I were driving along trying to figure out how the travelers could leave their machines at home and how we could all mingle with ease while doing what we love.

Bernina NW came through with machines, I collected supplies via the sponsors below and we created stations for the production of the quilts.  We all switched places as we wished and created some great quilts using Susan Beal’s modern log cabin cross quilt pattern from her book and the stitch and flip triangle technique from Quilting Modern.

I love all the color.

You’ll be seeing these quilts again finished.  We each took home some finished tops to quilt and donate where we saw fit as individual guilds.

I finished up two quilt tops on Monday that others had worked away at.

I should say the sew-in would not be possible with out donations from our gracious sponsors.  Please support these fabulous companies as they supported us.

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I’ve got quilts in closets, quilts under beds, quilts on beds, quilts hanging in stores as class samples and two bowls full of quilts that are used daily in the living room.  Most made by me, some created by my Mom and a few tied quilts by Jeffrey’s Grandmother that he used as a kid.

I’m a true believer in quilts being used, so some of mine needed to find loving homes.

The baby cross quilt stayed somewhat local.  Safely delivered to a new baby in Spokane.  The new mother, a dear friend of mine is a true lover of fabric.

The free-motion orange peel quilting on this is so fun and the same that I used on the Leftovers Quilt below.

I don’t think I’ve ever meet a charm square quilt I didn’t like and all the extra 4.5″ squares from my Scrappy Sunshine magic number quilt needed a home.  Leftovers will travel back home to Northern Ireland with my niece Ella this month.

My sister-in-law Allison scored HST LOVE for her living room.  I’ve still got the similar Pantone Pop for myself.

The first Unknown Direction traveled to LA to live with Alissa’s new baby.

Roan’s remake of it now lives on his bed, so this quilt still is with me in a way.

I’m sure more will find homes as the pile increases again, but I do have a few that will live with me forever.  What do you do with most of your quilts?


Flip Triangle Quilt Class

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