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I spent Sunday teaching and lecturing the wonderful Fidalgo Island Quilt Guild north in Anacortes, but found a spot at the hotel bar to watch Superbowl with a very quiet bunch compared to my rowdy sports freaky family.

Sewkatiedid/Unknown Direction QuiltI thought it only appropriate to show our Seahawks/Sounders quilt I made for Roan.  He sleeps under it every night and perhaps that’s good luck.

I’m back in town and ready to soak up some of the city’s excitement.

More about this quilt here.


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opposing triangles remake/sewkatiedid

This is the second Opposing Triangles that I’ve pieced and my long arm quilter friend Krista Withers has quilted.  The first has been traveling with the modern quilts in the International Quilt Market and Festival Exhibit for about a year.  When Krista’s exhibit at Island Quilter came up she asked me if I would make another top for her to quilt and have as her own.

sewkatiedid/opposing triangles remake

Because I just plain L-O-V-E this quilt I’ve been itching to get some photos before the quilt went back to Krista.  We’ve never managed to find the time until yesterday’s gorgeous Seattle day.

There’s quite a mix of fabrics for the triangles.  Echino, Kona, Alexander Henry Heath and Mirror Ball all surrounded by white Kona and placed into an Osnaburgh background.  I aligned them so that they travel one into another for a zig zagged effect.

sewkatiedid/kristawithersquiltingKrista’s quilting on it is stellar of course and sinks into the Osnaburgh and wool batting nicely.  My favorite of the quilting are the subtle moons quilted in here and there.  There’s a balanced of straight line quilting with the outlined triangles and more whimsical quilting in the background.

sewkatiedid/opposing triangles

Fremont was hopping and we made use of the park area under the Aurora Bridge by the lake.

sewkatiedid/opposing trianglesIt makes me itch to get mine back, though I must admit I think I like it better the second time around!

It’s not looking like the weekend weather will be as nice.  I’m off for a run before the rain comes and then a day of sewing.  Tomorrow I’m a spoiled brat and will be hanging out and teaching a Psychedelic Baby Block workshop with some of my favorite students.

Have a great weekend!



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Sewkatiedid/Nicquelle's quilt

Niquelle’s Quilt is finished.  My intension now is to make a larger one that her family can lovingly use in her memory.

sewkatiedid/Nicquelle's QuiltSince Seattle is in full bloom I detoured through the arboretum on my trip to Columbia City to visit Stash.  I knew the blossoms on the trees would fully compliment the soft colors in this quilt.

sewkatiedid/Niquelle's quiltThis tree and its low branch had photo shoot written all over it.

sewkatiedid/nicquelle's quietI love everything about this quilt.  Not only does it have some favorite prints thrown in there, but I included a mix of fabric types as well.

Flannel, double gauze, linen blends and quilting cottons are all present.  So sad to see the Amy Butler Wallflower in mustard and the Heather Ross Moons go, but so happy to see them in a quilt!  The tactile effect is hard to explain.  It is somewhat heavier than most quilts, but also light and soft.

Sewkatiedid/Nicquelle's QuiltI spent some time with my friend Sandie quilting it on her long arm.  I mentally struggle sometimes with not home machine quilting all my quilts, but quickly got over it on this one!  We quilted it with purple, pink and white variegated thread.

Sewkatiedid/nicquelle's quietThe swirl pattern is perfect and when I finish my mermaid one I will likely do the same.  Then I will do this design again and again and again… The pattern shows well from the back on the solids.

sewkatiedid/Nicquelle's QuiltThe side triangles that I cut in half (or actually in half plus a quarter-inch to make them an actual half triangle with binding on) to create the edges of the quilt went into the backing.  Some angle piecing went into its construction and some other scraps made their way in to create the panel.  I always seem to go vertical with back panels.

Sewkatiedid/Nicquelle's QuiltI finished it off with the Erin McMorris Weekends fabric that was included in the front.  Sorry, that’s a load of photos…can you tell I love it?!

Keli at Make*Do*Mend and I just added this class to the calendar.  If you wanna combine some fun fabrics together and learn some mad skills join us on Saturday, May 4th from 10am-4pm at the studio.


We’ve got some space in the value class tonight too.

Sewkatiedid/psychedelic baby

Psychedelic Baby Block on the schedule for Saturday!

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I honestly thought upon my return from Quiltcon that I would have a hard time sitting down to more traditional quilts, but the reality is that I love improvisational modern quilts AND simple shapes of traditional quilts.

I think I’ve explained this back and forth process before.  Traditional is just easy on the design brain and helps me hone my value and coordination skills, while improvisational does overtime.

Nicquelle's Quilt/sewkatiedidAs soon as I walked back into the Livudio and laid my eyes on my Mendocino triangle quilt up on the design wall I wanted to set to work, but first needed to push some others to the top of the list.

Nicquelle’s Quilt needed to be quilted.

Now it just needs binding.

Nicquelle's quilt back/sewkatiedidI did construct the backing improvisationally.  As usual I went with a vertical design. The little “kites” I cut from the sides of the quilt top were too cute to not be placed somewhere.

I’ve also become pretty set over the years in my mind that I prefer an allover quilting design.  I knew the spirals were it from the beginning and enlisted Sandie’s help for that.

Sewkatiedid/nicquelle's Quilt

We had an afternoon of free-motion play at her long arm after I finally got over my initial ohhing and awwing at how much I love this little quilt.

Niquelle's Quilt/sewkatiedid

Here’s a question for you.  Why is it that I always want to bind a quilt in a fabric that I have extinguished from my stash?  Does that happen to anyone else?


Wanna double trouble,


or strip tease this weekend?  Classes available.


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sewkatiedid/stargazer quiltI woke up early this morning and finished the last few seams on my Star-Gazer Quilt top.  It’s cute, simple and I love the colors.  I really need to make it outside for some photos to bring out the baby blue.

But instead I opted to stay indoors and play with that bin of unfinished projects I was telling you about.

sewkatiedid/value quiltThe values could use some rearranging, but I love seeing stash in one place.  These blocks and eventual quilt will become a gift for someone who helped me out a few years ago.  It might get some gray cut in like this.  To be decided at a later date.

sewkatiedid/Value QuiltI only put it up to take it right down, but it was enough to get us reacquainted with one another.

sewkatiedid/triangle quiltsAnd another kind of triangle is taking shape.  I got a bit more of it up before the sun went down.  It most definitly needs some more dark crimson to make it shine.  I’m curious of its final outcome.  It’s already quilted in my mind.  This will be a quilt for me!  All these favorite fabrics couldn’t possible leave my presence.  Because Jefe might likely not go for sleeping under mermaids, it might have to be my couch quilt backed in flannel.

coin quilt starts/sew katie didThen for good measure I cut this leftover starburst to bits.  It might never turn into a thing, but sometimes when I don’t know what to do with something I think, “why the hell not?”  Coin quilt popped into my head, but I just bagged it for now.

I also waxed every square inch of my body that needed less Alaskan in its life and got my brows done.  I’m ready for Quiltcon.

Are you?

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Not sure how I missed this, but I never added this Thursday’s Blind Co-Pilot Workshop to my class line-up.  I know there were a few inquiries over the past few months in regards to this class.

sewkatiedid/Blind Co-Pilot

I’ll be bringing in my scrap boxes so we can stitch and flip in scrap heaven!  I’ve got two spots left and a very lively group of students so far.


Happy Tuesday you guys!  I’m doing taxes. I would trade my weight in fabric for someone to take over this chore.


::Open Quilting Studio::


Need help with a quilting project?  Open studio dates:

Wednesday, January 23rd from 11am-3pm at Make*Do*Mend.

Friday, January 25th from 5-10pm at Island Quilter on Vashon Island (sign-up required).


sewkatiedid/magic number

::Magic Number Workshop::  FULL!  Please call Island Quilter for Wait list.


sewkatiedid/whole cloth class

::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: 

$85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required if you are bringing your own machine.  Studio machines and walking foot available.

sewkatiedid/split decision

::Split Decision Block Workshop::

$85/ Saturday February 2nd from 10am-4pm at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.

Play with the slice and insert technique creating a modern quilt that features snippets of your favorite fabrics.  This is a great class for all levels of sewists that want to explore a new technique and play with design.  All levels welcome!  Machines and tools provided.

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What happens when you start piecing stitch and flip triangles and squares into a 16-patch?

Well, a star is born!  In Seattle it is not uncommon to see just a lone star or two in the sky.

The squares in this quilt are scrappy and a bunch are leftovers from the Blind Copilot Quilt in our book Quilting Modern (which is available again btw)!

I love that you can use up the smallest bits of fabric and that I have another sample for my Stitch and Flip Triangle Workshop in November.  You can see a few other great examples of this block in the Quilting Modern Flickr Group.

Krista Wither’s did the quilting.  We collaborated on the design.  I wanted something that would help define the large triangles that formed the star since they were a little off-set.

The background quilting needed to be a bit denser to advance the star and we went with this shape.  It worked out fabulously in my opinion!

Now I can stare at all those little scraps when we read at night.  I’m not much of a wall hanging gal, but if Roan had a larger room this might be up.

I love this Lizzy House print on the back.

After messing around as usual with the back, I went with one lone wonky star and showcased some favorite fabrics in the points.

This quilt will be on display as part on Krista’s exhibit at Island Quilter that opens on Friday night.  Hope to see you there!


::Improvisational Elongated Triangle Blocks:: $45 Thursday October 4th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Create an edgy block of triangles with this simple improvisational technique. Follow up with an invisible zipper class or create your own quilt. All levels of sewists welcome.


::Invisible Zipper Class:: $45/ Thursday, October 11th from 6-9pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Installing invisible zippers if easier than you think. Come learn how to make professional looking pillows, you’ll be hooked! All levels of sewists welcome.

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