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I’m not quite sure what happened to January, does anyone know where it went?  Apparently time flies faster than I sew.

I spent much of the month happily digging through my stash, cutting and piecing in an attempt to showcase my Warm & Cool Hearts Color Value Quilt LONG before Valentine’s Day and here it is a week and change away.

SEW KATIE DID:Warm and Cool Hearts Value Quilt Tutorial Full

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with heart shape blocks and appropriately, L-O-V-E best describes my feelings for my new quilt.  I haven’t bothered to asked Jefe how he feels about it yet.


Revisiting my Color Value Quilt Tutorial and workshop using the heart shape has been on my bucket list.  I’d been asked to place it on the teaching calendar, but adding a new sample to demonstrate how value works in this quilt’s design was necessary to keep teaching the workshop fresh for me.

SEW KATIE DID: Warm and Cool Hearts Value Quilt Tutorial:Close

Certainly the hearts can be a mix of colors (see early morning iPhone photo below), but consolidating them to a single color created a more cohesive and visually appealing shape to my eye.  The challenge of finding the perfect tints and tones for each heart slowed the process down, but made it more enjoyable.

SEW KATIE DID:Warm and Cool Hearts Color Value Tutorial mix

It was also a good exercise in ‘seeing’ what color values my stash lacks or is abundant in.

I reached out to quilty friends for an additional here and there square and some light values for the background.  I recommend a swap if you find some holes in your stash.

SEW KATIE DID:warm and cool value quilt hearts

Value is relative, but for the most part I stayed away from what I considered medium values with the exception of the turquoise and mustard blocks.

SEW KATIE DID:Warm and Cool Hearts Value Tutorial

I spent a great deal of time staring at my design wall and moving things around before piecing them.  Keeping the value focused on darks for the hearts and light for the backgrounds was a good exercise in what your mind’s eye thinks works and reality.


 This became especially apparent when I stepped away.   My view into the studio from the kitchen was an extremely helpful tool for determining whether the value of the background blocks was working for or against my heart blocks.  We’ll cover useful tools like this in the workshop.

SEW KATIE DID:Warm and Cool Value Quilt Tutorial Hearts:row

I didn’t piece the quilt together by rows or columns, but worked by completing each heart block into its background and moved them around for the final layout.  I’m not a preplanner or a drawer in general, so this process suited me.

I think the best part of a Color Value Quilt is gazing at all those fabrics I was drawn to for whatever reason in one quilt.  Especially those that don’t exist in my stash anymore.  I just love print.


Some flannel of course for the back.  I’m still trying to stick to my stash when it comes to shopping for backing.

I’ll run this workshop and my Free Motion Fundamentals/Nesting Baskets through March.   Reserve your space by simply emailing me at sewkatiedid@gmail.com or calling and I’ll reserve you a spot.  (the website is sooooo close to done).

 Open Studio dates have also been updated.

SEW KATIE DID:Charm Squares

The Value Workshop is a great opportunity for cutting into your growing stash and use all those fabrics you love that haven’t found a place in a quilt yet.  I’ve dug into my stash and have a load of pre-cut squares for sale to supplement your designs or we can dig through my stash and cut.  Keep up on my Instagram and/or Facebook for a major destash of these.

As usual, once finishing a quilt top of a traditional/classic design I’m itching for something improvisational, so look for something of that nature for workshops next month.

Happy week(end) Peeps;)

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I’ve been busy cutting and trading charm squares.  The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild conducted a charm square exchange and then I’ve been exchanging with friends to add some print variety to my charm collection for an upcoming Value Quilt Workshop.

We’ve been pulling a single color and cutting 6″ squares for the trade.  Red, pink, orange, yellow and purple have been covered.  Grey tomorrow.  I’ve been destashing some extra sets here and there on my Instagram if you are looking to bulk up on some extra of a certain color.

sewkatiedid/stash archive value quiltSome of those charms have made their way into this stash quilt.  How delightful to see all the fabrics from my stash and others in a single quilt, no control on color, just value.

Now that I have a few of these value quilts, it’s nice to gaze at them and see the fabrics that have disappeared from my stash.  A Value Quilt is really a great tool to archive a fabric stash.

sewkatiedid/stash archive value quiltSince it kept growing and growing, finally finishing off queen size I decided that an all over quilt design was the way to go and made a date with Sandie to use her long arm.  I’m not even sure what this design is called, but it seemed so fitting.

sewkatiedid/Stash Archive Value QuiltThis was my first foray with wool batting.  I like it’s loft.  It has little grip on the quilt top like cotton, so it will take some practice like all new things.

sewkatiedidI considered serging the edge before applying the binding to help with the shifting, but ended up just going the regular route with little trouble.  This Aneela Hoey print was stuck in my head as the binding.

sewkatiedid/quilt backThis Alexander Henry Smitten Kitten print has been hiding out in the stash for ages.  I picked it up for $6 yard on Ebay ages ago.  I’m still stashing the blue color way for another back.

sewkatiedidIt’s actually a print that I would have happily used solo if the yardage was ample, but it needed some width, so I added the blocks.

With the nights in Seattle still being comfortably cool we’ve already gotten some use out of this quilt.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!  I’m going back to bed, because I got up way too early.

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sewkatiedid/stash archive value quiltThe Stash Archive Value quilt just needs binding.  TGIF!

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sewkatiedid/value quiltFunny how my design wall has enlarged, yet I still need more room.  My plan is to create four squares on-point for this quilt to take it to my Seeing Value Workshop on Tuesday as a new sample.

This quilt is a long overdue thank you gift.

I’m holding a lot of medium value fabrics in my stash which leads to a blended look.  While I like the low contrast I still need to move some stuff around to make the corners of the squares a little more defined.  Rectangular would be fun too, maybe just three long ones.

Value Tutorial is here and more examples if you can do without the drive.

Off to Open Quilting Studio for the day!  Happy Wednesday.

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sewkatiedid/stargazer quiltI woke up early this morning and finished the last few seams on my Star-Gazer Quilt top.  It’s cute, simple and I love the colors.  I really need to make it outside for some photos to bring out the baby blue.

But instead I opted to stay indoors and play with that bin of unfinished projects I was telling you about.

sewkatiedid/value quiltThe values could use some rearranging, but I love seeing stash in one place.  These blocks and eventual quilt will become a gift for someone who helped me out a few years ago.  It might get some gray cut in like this.  To be decided at a later date.

sewkatiedid/Value QuiltI only put it up to take it right down, but it was enough to get us reacquainted with one another.

sewkatiedid/triangle quiltsAnd another kind of triangle is taking shape.  I got a bit more of it up before the sun went down.  It most definitly needs some more dark crimson to make it shine.  I’m curious of its final outcome.  It’s already quilted in my mind.  This will be a quilt for me!  All these favorite fabrics couldn’t possible leave my presence.  Because Jefe might likely not go for sleeping under mermaids, it might have to be my couch quilt backed in flannel.

coin quilt starts/sew katie didThen for good measure I cut this leftover starburst to bits.  It might never turn into a thing, but sometimes when I don’t know what to do with something I think, “why the hell not?”  Coin quilt popped into my head, but I just bagged it for now.

I also waxed every square inch of my body that needed less Alaskan in its life and got my brows done.  I’m ready for Quiltcon.

Are you?

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This morning as I was pulling out samples for my Seeing Value Class on Saturday I was listening to KUOW.  They were covering the closing of Easy Street Records on lower Queen Anne.  At age 15 I got a work permit so I could work at my local record store, so their expose brought back a lot of memories.

I don’t remember my first 45, but in my rural Michigan town, taking our allowances and riding our bikes to the pharmacy to buy candy was slowly replaced with picking out something from the top 40.  Sadly, dancing to 65 Love Affair sticks in my head (but was better than Jolly Ranchers on my teeth) and that the purchase of my first album “Thriller” came much later.


I figured out the last actual album I bought was Bebel Gilberto’s Tanto Tempo, maybe 9 years ago.  Since my marriage and move to Seattle, KEXP and my husband have become my music libraries and I don’t think I have to fill you all in on where my mad cash goes.

So what does this have to do with quilting?

Remember the mix-tape (some of you might not)?  The idea was to create a play-list of your favorite songs, and if you were good at it, you could fit all your favorites within the 45 minutes each side of the cassette allowed while creating a flow to the music at the same time.

sewkatiedid/Value QuiltReally not unlike a value quilt in many ways.

You have a certain amount of space you want to fill or a certain size to your finished quilt.  Luck would have it that unlike a cassette you can choose your length.

In the case of a value quilt you have many genres of fabric that you love and you need to create a flow to make all those personalities blend.

The common theme, instead of being music is fabric and when the value of the fabrics is precisely placed a flow is created, just like a good mix-tape.

sewkatiedid/zig zag value quilt

Sometimes, just like a mix-tape, you forget to hit pause in time or in the quilt’s case, you didn’t step back to check in on how values were blending and you lose the flow.  That’s what happened in the middle of this zig-zag and I just decided to leave it.

sewkatiedid/value quilt

Of course mix-tapes were made for different people and the design layout of Value quilts can reflect the receiver too.  Zig Zags aren’t for everyone, just like Pearl Jam.

sewkatiedid/value quilt

I won’t even get into low volume, that would be just too metaphoric.
sewkatiedid/Value quilt

::Seeing Value Workshop:: $85 Saturday, January 19th from 10am-4pm at the West Seattle Stitch and Sew Studio.

Learn how color value can transform your quilt making design process.  Create multiple designs with your newfound knowledge of value and simple half square triangles.  All levels of sewists welcome.

sewkatiedid/whole cloth class

::Whole Cloth Quilt Finishing Class:: $85/Tuesdays, January 22nd and 29th at Make*Do*Mend in Ballard.  Quilt top, batting, and a backing…baste, quilt, and bind!  Learn the essential basics of finishing a quilt without piecing a thing!  Create a simple crisp modern baby quilt while learning the process.  Quilting designs with a walking foot will be a covered.  Walking foot required.

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Too much going on, but all good.  Just wanna crawl back into bed!

When things slow down next week I’ve got some quilts to show ya.

Sunshine today in Seattle!

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