SEW KATIE DID/Sunspots Quilt

I had the best intentions to have everything in order for the annual arrival of our family that we refer to as ‘The Irish’ or ‘The Kids’ and my parents.

That didn’t happen, but lots of other things did.

I’m going to step back and enjoy just BEING with my family for the next few weeks.

That is my intention.

I hope your summer is happy;)

::A Little Help::

Luckily the amount of stairs at our house is limited to the three I managed to trip down. I’ve gotten my upper body workout on crutches. Wednesday night I was questionably burnt out and frustrated, and by Thursday convincingly so.

I needed to do something besides throwing things to where I needed them.

I found help in the functionality of some IKEA products in my studio.


The little blue cart is like a little black dress, everyone needs one, or four.  I can still collect all the crap everyone leaves around the house and push it ahead of me.

0287229_PE423571_S3Snille Swivel Chair 

I bought these for the studio and providing you don’t have a maxi dress on they are extremely convenient at limiting the amount of time on your feet while still allowing you to travel.


But these things don’t travel and we headed to Vancouver for the weekend to eat and take in a Whitecaps game, so I was saved by the boot, glow in the dark stickers and all;)

Good things can happen when you have a bum ankle including, but not limited to, not carrying luggage, being dropped off at the curb while others look for parking and packing twice the amount of shoes since you only need one;)

Studio pictures next week, I promise;)

Happy Tuesday.



I thought for sure I’d have studio photos for you all this week, but you know what they say about best laid plans…instead a few bags of frozen veggies have been sacrificed.  I thought seeing fireworks outweighed the safety of steps and twisted my ankle pretty bad.

We have travel plans to Vancouver to see the Whitecaps play this weekend, so I’m laying low.  I will perhaps crutch my way down the few steps in the studio to quilt if I haven’t forgotten how to.

My friends at The Bainbridge Modern Quilt Guild asked me to post some events in support and this seems like an open opportunity to do so.




 Saturday, September 12, 2015

Quilt entry begins June 30, 2015. Never too early to get started.

This Festival is a celebration of quilts and quilters held outdoors along Winslow Way, Bainbridge Island, WA. As a non-juried show, quilters of all levels and styles are welcome to enter their work. Inspired by the joy and beauty of the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show in Sister’s Oregon, Barbara Kirk of Esther’s Fabrics and several quilting businesses and groups set out to stage a small version of the Sister’s show. Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild, White Lotus Quilting, Beach Garden Quilts and Pink Chalk Studio as well as many Island businesses and individuals pitched in to make a wonderful debut in September 2013.

BIMQG now organizes the Festival with the continued support of local quilters and Winslow Way businesses.
Join in the fun. Win a quilt or runner – take a peek.
Enter your quilts. Come to Bainbridge September 12.

There are many volunteer opportunities whether or not you enter a quilt. Take a look on the Volunteer page.


15 Minutes of Play – Workshop by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Waterfront Park Community Center
Bainbridge Island, WA


Sandie and I snagged two of the 7 spaces available for the Victoria Findlay Wolfe workshop (six hour) on November 28, 2015, beginning at 10:00 am.

Register at Brown Paper Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1573198

Improvisational exploration of new ways to use your SCRAPS, 15 minutes at a time! Learn techniques in playing in your scraps to make your own beautiful designed quilts. Sharpen your design skills, learn about combining colors and prints in new ways, push it further by using templates then watch your own unique quilt design emerge. Discover just how distinctive classic quilt blocks can be, when they are constructed with more spunk and spontaneity! Build confidence in color, quilting techniques, and design all through PLAY!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe has fine art training and is a painter at heart who has sculpted, still does photography and basically isn’t happy unless she is making something. She has always known she’d become some kind of artist but was surprised QUILTS became her greatest passion…

In 2008, Victoria saw a popular quilting blog online and I thought “Hey! I can do that”.

Her approach to QUILTING is very much the way she draws: warm up exercises to get started… 15 minutes at a time… 15 minutes of “play” and inevitably a QUILT idea emerges.

Victoria is an award winning quilter, fabric designer, international teacher and lecturer. She is the author of two books: Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern, and 15 Minutes of Play.

This event is sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild. All proceeds benefit the guild and its educational outreach & charity projects.


Happy Monday Peeps!

I’m clearing out.  Here’s the remaining give away pile.


I’m still ‘tidying’ except for ignoring the paperwork in my living room for the past three weeks.  Other progress has been made.  After my last lecture/workshops I decided it was time to roll everything up for storage and clear out some that hasn’t been making the rounds.

There are two things that make me hold onto quilts.  I have this problem of wanting to start anew for a gift instead of giving away quilts already made, and the other is quilting as a profession. Quilts that would otherwise welcome babies are used at lectures or as workshop samples to demonstrate a technique’s versatility.  Slowly others are made and some drop from the pile that I pack into my little Golf.

SEW KATIE DID/Wavy Gravy Whole Cloth Quilt

I’ve taught a whole cloth quilt workshop for years as my introduction to straight line quilting and finishing techniques and have collected several as examples that are ready to have homes.

SEW KATIE DID/Wavy Gravy Whole Cloth Quilt

It’s fun to think of all the little details you can add to something simple.

SEW KATIE DID/Herringbone Whole Cloth Quilt

SEW KATIE DID/Faux Edge Binding

(This one has been gifted)

And new techniques and skills to play with.

SEW KATIE DID/Stitch and Flip Value Quilt


Some quilts admittedly I just don’t care for as much even though there is nothing wrong with them, I’ve just moved on.

SEW KATIE DID/Zig and Zag Value Quilt


Some quilts were experiments at teaching a class that I decided wasn’t for me.

SEW KATIE DID/Barn Star Quilt

Like beginning quilting.

SEW KATIE DID/Twinsies Quilts

There are a couple that were just made simply to play with fun fabric combinations.  I love the challenge of getting it right and the gratification of an A-Ha moment.

SEW KATIE DID/Sunspots Quilt


Some are inspiration that had to get out like this one similar to the one in Denyse Schmidt’s book and quilted by my talented friend Krista.

SEW KATIE DID/Hit the Spot Quilt


Most are left of leftovers and some time at the design wall.

SEW KATIE DID/From Point A to Point B

This lovely is also quilted by Krista.

SEW KATIE DID/Nine-Boxed Quilt


The weather in Seattle has been amazing, though we certainly need some rain.   We’re gearing up for the start of family arriving for the summer tomorrow.  The studio has furniture in it!  We just have some trim and siding inside and the brick patio and some siding outside.

Baby steps.

I see photos happening next week.

Happy Summer Peeps;)

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Parade

 Regardless of moving from Fremont we did not break tradition and made it to the Fremont Solstice Parade with children in tow.


I won’t get into too much about the history of the parade, but it originated in a hope to make a better world by supporting the neighborhood and raising funds to end poverty.  Roan’s school in Fremont was a grant recipient and in turn able to help school many of the city’s homeless children.  The parade is void of anything motorized, highly artistic in nature often with a theme of political protest and really is an all over good time.

It is traditionally led by body-painted bicyclists.  This year there were hundreds of them.  A great way to show eleven year olds that even painted artistically 99% of bodies look nothing like in magazines;)

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

Of course we broke out the Solstice Quilt to place on the pavement.  This quilt lives in the car and is the most washed quilt we own.  One thing I noticed this year about putting something handmade onto the ground was people respected your space a little more.  Considering the parade was the largest I’d seen this was a good thing.  Once the parade was in full swing and we weren’t really sitting anymore I pulled it back to a less selfish amount of space.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

The Solstice Picnic Quilt was the first quilt I ever created in a virtual quilting bee.  I gathered 36 scraps of the same color for each participant and had them cut and sew together the postage stamp blocks.


Of course as I discovered when the blocks were returned is that a quarter inch seam isn’t the same measurement to everyone, so I built each block out log cabin style and squared them all wonky with my largest template to the same size.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

This quilt was also my first free motion quilting experience.  I had a cramp in my calf for about four days after from pressing the pedal and it truly is a disaster if you look close.  It was a great practice tool.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt Pockets

House on Hill Road  gave me the idea for the ‘rock pockets” on the back corners to weight the quilt so that the crows or wind can’t fly off with it on the beach.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Quilt back

I’ve always loved this out of print Alexander Henry Sun Signs print and fussy cut out Jefe’s, Roan’s and my signs.

If you don’t have a quilt of this utilitarian nature I suggest you make one.  Picnics, beach, parade, soccer games, I can’t imagine life without it.

Happy Week Peeps;)

 I believe I’ll have furniture in the studio by next week!

Thanks to all of you that have kept in touch about my workshops and teaching!  I had the opportunity to make it to Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland a few weeks ago to talk with my friend and the owner Kristen.

Finally, all you East Siders that have continually come this direction don’t have to drive, it’s my turn to come to you;)

Circa 15 fabric studio

Kristen and I decided on a paper piecing class.  I really enjoyed teaching this workshop last round and once you can repeat the little mantra that I teach, paper piecing will become second nature.  Looks like we’ll do some other favorite small project classes in the fall, like quilted zip pouches and invisible zipper pillows.

SEW KATIE DID:Paper Piecing

::The Foundations of Paper Piecing::

Sunday, July 19th from 10:30am-4:30pm at Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland. Call (425) 309-9553 to register.

The traditional technique of piecing quilt blocks on paper is well known for its precise results. Sharp triangles and sleek curves are easily a stitch line away. Learn and practice the fundamentals of basic paper piecing while creating all types of star blocks.

This is a great workshop to refine skills in choosing fabric and where to place it in a quilt pattern, we’ll cover how color, value and prints work and drive design in quilts as we create our own unique blocks.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or wish to be added to my newsletter;)

Happy week peeps!



I’ve been playing catch up all week.  I’ve been island and ferry hopping, either traveling back home from teaching on Lopez or for Roan’s school year wrap up on Vashon.  The car is unpacked, but the rest is a disaster.  It’s all been great fun.

The retreat that Anne of Lopez Island’s Quilter’s Studio put on for me to teach and lecture at was amazing.  I so enjoyed the group that I was able to spend two plus days with.  History runs deep and it was amazing to hear everyone’s stories.

Sew Katie Did

When I drove up to our workshop location I can’t even explain how thrilled I was to see it was the old one room school house fully restored.  What a treat to teach in.

SEW KATIE DID/Lopez Island Retreat

On Sunday we spread all the quilts out on the lawn and those passing by on bikes or by car were generally curious enough to join others in the know in seeing the display.

My iPhone and computer aren’t cooperating so I don’t have any photos to show you of the kid goats, Gertrude the pig or all the hens I spent my spare time with.  I ate amazing locally grown pork and beef served with fresh produce grown on my friend’s or others farms on the island.  I managed one bit of solo time on a hike/run to Iceburgh Point.

Jefe was busy in my absence and the studio should be painted by the end of the weekend and trim maybe started.  My logo is almost there and website in the works.  So close!

My little technology flaw gives me no excuse to not go dig in the dirt, so I’ll see you all next week or earlier.

Have a great weekend peeps;)


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