SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Parade

 Regardless of moving from Fremont we did not break tradition and made it to the Fremont Solstice Parade with children in tow.


I won’t get into too much about the history of the parade, but it originated in a hope to make a better world by supporting the neighborhood and raising funds to end poverty.  Roan’s school in Fremont was a grant recipient and in turn able to help school many of the city’s homeless children.  The parade is void of anything motorized, highly artistic in nature often with a theme of political protest and really is an all over good time.

It is traditionally led by body-painted bicyclists.  This year there were hundreds of them.  A great way to show eleven year olds that even painted artistically 99% of bodies look nothing like in magazines;)

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

Of course we broke out the Solstice Quilt to place on the pavement.  This quilt lives in the car and is the most washed quilt we own.  One thing I noticed this year about putting something handmade onto the ground was people respected your space a little more.  Considering the parade was the largest I’d seen this was a good thing.  Once the parade was in full swing and we weren’t really sitting anymore I pulled it back to a less selfish amount of space.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

The Solstice Picnic Quilt was the first quilt I ever created in a virtual quilting bee.  I gathered 36 scraps of the same color for each participant and had them cut and sew together the postage stamp blocks.


Of course as I discovered when the blocks were returned is that a quarter inch seam isn’t the same measurement to everyone, so I built each block out log cabin style and squared them all wonky with my largest template to the same size.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt

This quilt was also my first free motion quilting experience.  I had a cramp in my calf for about four days after from pressing the pedal and it truly is a disaster if you look close.  It was a great practice tool.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Picnic Quilt Pockets

House on Hill Road  gave me the idea for the ‘rock pockets” on the back corners to weight the quilt so that the crows or wind can’t fly off with it on the beach.

SEW KATIE DID/Solstice Quilt back

I’ve always loved this out of print Alexander Henry Sun Signs print and fussy cut out Jefe’s, Roan’s and my signs.

If you don’t have a quilt of this utilitarian nature I suggest you make one.  Picnics, beach, parade, soccer games, I can’t imagine life without it.

Happy Week Peeps;)

 I believe I’ll have furniture in the studio by next week!

Thanks to all of you that have kept in touch about my workshops and teaching!  I had the opportunity to make it to Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland a few weeks ago to talk with my friend and the owner Kristen.

Finally, all you East Siders that have continually come this direction don’t have to drive, it’s my turn to come to you;)

Circa 15 fabric studio

Kristen and I decided on a paper piecing class.  I really enjoyed teaching this workshop last round and once you can repeat the little mantra that I teach, paper piecing will become second nature.  Looks like we’ll do some other favorite small project classes in the fall, like quilted zip pouches and invisible zipper pillows.

SEW KATIE DID:Paper Piecing

::The Foundations of Paper Piecing::

Sunday, July 19th from 10:30am-4:30pm at Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland. Call (425) 309-9553 to register.

The traditional technique of piecing quilt blocks on paper is well known for its precise results. Sharp triangles and sleek curves are easily a stitch line away. Learn and practice the fundamentals of basic paper piecing while creating all types of star blocks.

This is a great workshop to refine skills in choosing fabric and where to place it in a quilt pattern, we’ll cover how color, value and prints work and drive design in quilts as we create our own unique blocks.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or wish to be added to my newsletter;)

Happy week peeps!



I’ve been playing catch up all week.  I’ve been island and ferry hopping, either traveling back home from teaching on Lopez or for Roan’s school year wrap up on Vashon.  The car is unpacked, but the rest is a disaster.  It’s all been great fun.

The retreat that Anne of Lopez Island’s Quilter’s Studio put on for me to teach and lecture at was amazing.  I so enjoyed the group that I was able to spend two plus days with.  History runs deep and it was amazing to hear everyone’s stories.

Sew Katie Did

When I drove up to our workshop location I can’t even explain how thrilled I was to see it was the old one room school house fully restored.  What a treat to teach in.

SEW KATIE DID/Lopez Island Retreat

On Sunday we spread all the quilts out on the lawn and those passing by on bikes or by car were generally curious enough to join others in the know in seeing the display.

My iPhone and computer aren’t cooperating so I don’t have any photos to show you of the kid goats, Gertrude the pig or all the hens I spent my spare time with.  I ate amazing locally grown pork and beef served with fresh produce grown on my friend’s or others farms on the island.  I managed one bit of solo time on a hike/run to Iceburgh Point.

Jefe was busy in my absence and the studio should be painted by the end of the weekend and trim maybe started.  My logo is almost there and website in the works.  So close!

My little technology flaw gives me no excuse to not go dig in the dirt, so I’ll see you all next week or earlier.

Have a great weekend peeps;)

::Island Bound::

My quilts and I’ll be hitting the road Thursday for three lovely days on Lopez Island.  After last spring’s Friday Harbor Retreat Anne of the island’s Quilter’s Studio asked me if I would come teach on Lopez and I’d have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity to go to the islands and teach.

Here’s Anne’s write up:

Sewkatiedid:Double-Trouble Take Two Quilt

::Quilting Modern::

techniques for improvisational quilts June 5-6-7, 2015

Katie Pedersen, co-author of Quilting Modern, teaches workshops that focus on design and finding your own process. She places a heavy emphasis on the importance of color value when choosing fabrics and designing quilts. Improvisational techniques and a modern aesthetic inform Katie’s quilts.

Lecture and 2-day workshop $185.00

Sewkatiedid:Amebas/Curved Organic Shapes

The Workshops:

Saturday & Sunday June 6 + 7, 9-4 Port Stanley School
Learn two improvisational techniques; flip and stitch triangles (two variations) and gentle curves. Katie will inspire and guide you in creating a one of a kind quilt.

The Lecture:

Friday evening June 5,
7-9 Lopez Island Golf Club Quilting Modern -Katie shares her perspective and quilting journey, and of course QUILTS! Stay for coffee and dessert following Katie’s presentation.

Treat yourself to a great weekend in good company on beautiful Lopez Island, WA
Contact Anne Dawson for additional information and registration. anne@lopezislandquiltersstudio.com or (360) 468 – 4677


Two of my favorite workshops and time well spent with some lovely people.  My friends work a wonderful farm and raise goats on the island so I also have an opportunity to catch up and hopefully eat some delish goat’s milk fudge.  I’m looking forward to going back to Friday Harbor to teach at the fall retreat too.

Hope you all have a great week.  I’m pretty thrilled that school’s almost out.


Hi there;)

 I was feeling like I’ve been neglecting this happy place and thought I’d briefly drop in.

 I’ve been busy.  A really good kind of busy.


I went on retreat with friends, aka Camp Runamuck.  Nothing happened.


Not even bothering to unpack my suitcase I did a turn around to Whidbey Island with family.  My heroes, brother-in- law Jeremy who is fighting ALS and sister-in-law Hallie had the best idea of renting a large house on the island where all of the friends/family support team known as Team Newby could congregate for the next few weeks.  I’m sure nothing happened or is happening there either besides cow tipping and sunset watching.


 I’ve also been tidying.

I can guarantee if you’ve hung out with me in the past few weeks, you’re either sick of hearing about me tidying or/and are also on the bandwagon.  I blame Rachel.

Marie Kondo’s idea of tidying in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is simple.  You bring EVERYTHING from one category into a room with you, touch each item and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?”

The author goes through the categories in a very systematic way.  I kind of created my own, but she wants you to do it all at once regardless.


It starts with clothes, ALL of my clothes and me together in one room.  Then it was books (easy) and on to the kitchen.  I even brought out all the wedding bowls and platters so we too could be together in one room.  Marie has a whole chapter on how to deal with gifts.


I hit the fabric relentlessly.  Three mounting bins of it I purged.  Obviously I’m now running out.  Works in progress (WIP) got sorted and tossed.


The clear out was major, but then I stalled, mostly because I was thinking garage sale, IG flash sale, consignment shop or other ways of disposing of these ‘valuable’ items besides Goodwill, but the items were all still in my house, taking up room.

So yesterday I loaded it all up and made a whole lot of people happy at Goodwill;)

It felt so good to make this move and this dumping stage gave me the momentum to start again.

sewkatiedidNext is paper.

I did a little warm up to this paperless life last night while watching the Sounders game.

Some of you might recognize your business cards here;)  Because one index box apparently isn’t enough, I had TWO full of business cards and passwords to various sites that didn’t even work when I went to sign in.  I know how to get ahold of you all, so out they went and my cute retro index box will now house the cards for my studio’s loaning library;)

Anyone else doing this?  Any tips?  Life-changing?

Just curious.

Happy Week Peeps!


SEW KATIE DID/Pantone Pop HST Quilt 

This quilt, Pantone Pop and its color way set off some sort of quilt making chain reaction that has been ongoing for years.

 Pantone Pop was suppose to be a wedding quilt and as I was in the final stages of binding it I visited my friends.  In the year it took me to work on it they had 360’ed their bedroom colors and this quilt would be the clown in the room.  I learned after that from my friend Sandie that’s it’s better to categorize this type of quilt under ‘marriage quilt’ rather than ‘wedding quilt’ because that buys you quilt making the time in the best case senarios.  Regardless, I made another and kept Pantone Pop for myself:)


I started crazing piecing with Pantone Pop’s leftovers and pretty soon I was forming up the lovely middle squares of the quilt above.  I really was in love with this log cabin layout that we had in Quilting Modern and decided that the crazy pieced blocks where perfect for the block’s centers.  Seam Ripper IPA remains to the day one of my favorite quilts in design, color, softness and process.


Leftovers from Pantone Pop were far from done , so those half square triangles that didn’t make it in ended up transformed into Psychedelic Baby.  I sold this one at the first Quiltcon and missed it, but guess what?  I had left overs;)

SEW KATIE DID/On Target Quilt

So I ran with them, did some slight modifications and made On Target.  This quilt was a pain in the ass to quilt, but I love it’s design.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Quilt

Done yet?  Not quite.  Boxed-In happened next and I’m keeping this one as my new couch quilt and workshop sample for my now favorite block to teach.

But I’m done with this color way now.

There’s a few pillows around that I’ll spare you;)

I’m off on retreat with the girlfriends.  So good.  I’m sure Jefe has made some behind the scenes studio work in my absence that I’ll be excited about and will share soon.

Hope your week includes a big holiday vacation at the end of it.  I might not see you next Monday if I can help myself.  Hope you make the most of it too;)

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Quilt Full

I swear no quilt in history has been put up and taken down from the design wall more.

I kept recycling the left over blocks that I call Psychedelic Baby Block into new design/layout ideas and now have an ample supply of samples for teaching the workshop.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Block neutral

I was in high gear to finish it for submission to the MQG’s Texas Museum Exhibit, but I realized that with the minimal quilting it would start to sag if hung for long.  Like how I’ve already envisioned it as accepted for exhibit?

The softness is amazing.  I don’t think I’ve even made a softer quilt.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Center

Not only did I mix in leftover blocks, but my neutral scrap bin got dug into.  Though no dent was made in that bin, texture was added through a mix of linens, flannels, and Osnaburg fabrics.  Shockingly even with the shot cotton it quilted up lovely.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Block Center

It was difficult to not throw in a print or two.  It is one of the reasons I feel in love with quilting.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Block Detail

Here’s a little peek of the dot I added too.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Quilt

Eleven year old boys are worthless at quilt holding for long, but good for showing scale.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Back full

I did it again and used a fabric from stash for the back.  Twice I ran out of thread when quilting and of course both times I was smack dab in the middle of that red strip where it would show the most.  I left it.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Back detail

It’s a favorite Alexander Henry.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Binding 2

The binding I actually cut for my On Target Quilt before I changed my mind to something darker.  I held onto it thinking it would work here.

SEW KATIE DID:Boxed-In Block

It’s all perfect, just perfect;)


For Mother’s Day Jefe installed my flooring, cooked every meal and did the dishes while I went shopping.

I’m so thrilled with what I picked.  That goes for guy and floor.

Happy Week Peeps!


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