::Fall Workshops::

Kristen and I finally found time to get a few workshops on the books at her shop Circa 15 Fabric Studio.  We ran a few successful paper piecing classes over the summer and thought we’d add some new directions.  If you haven’t found the time to make it to this inspiring shop you’re missing out, it will be well worth the trip!  Kristen’s wall of solids and modern collections have made me a devote shopper.  She seems to have something for everyone.

It’s always challenging to narrow down what I’d like to teach.  Mixing it up keeps life and class interesting and gives me an excuse to make a new sample, generally in the shape of a pillow;)  I’ve been itching to teach my Improvisational Coin Quilt/Pillow workshop again and the log cabin workshop, both inspire students in the most creative directions.

Here goes;)

SEW KATIE DID/Improv Log Cabin Workshop

 ::Modern Improv Log Cabin Workshop::

11am-4pm Sunday, November 15th @ Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland/ 425.309.9553

Explore the merging of traditional and improvisational patchwork techniques with the log cabin block. Katie Pedersen, author of Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts will guide you through the techniques and skills needed for creating a unique and modern log cabin block. Learn variations in block design, her process of building blocks out, and the secondary designs multiple blocks create. While we’re at it, we’ll get friendly with the design wall, touch on color and value theory, and cover the advantages of constructing a block that is either precise in piecing, or more willy-nilly.


SEW KATIE DID/Improvisational Coin Quilt

::Improvisational Coin Quilt/Pillow Workshop::

Monday, November 16th from 11am-4pm @ Circa 15  Fabric Studio in Kirkland/425.309.9553

Interested in creating a modern quilt or pillow with improvisational techniques but don’t know where to start? Come join Quilting Modern author Katie Pedersen as she leads you through her process of building your own unique quilt top or pillow. Learn improvisational techniques like angle and strip piecing while creating a modern coin quilt loosely based on a tradition design. A great quilt to feature your favorite prints.  No two will be the same.


SEW KATIE DID/Paper Piecing Workshop

::The Foundations of Paper Piecing::

Saturday, December 12th from 11-4pm @ Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland/425.309.9553

The traditional technique of piecing quilt blocks on paper is well known for its precise results.  Sharp triangles and sleek curves are easily a stitch away.  Learn and practice the fundamentals of basic paper piecing while creating all types of star blocks.

This is a great workshop to refine skills in choosing fabric and where to place it in a quilt pattern. We’ll cover how color, value and prints work and drive design as we create our own unique blocks.


Of course you can always find current offerings on my ‘Classes and Events Page.’

I was invited back to the San Juans this weekend to lecture and teach at their yearly retreat and next weekend I’ll be lecturing and teaching in Pullman.  I’m looking forward to some studio time after and you might even see a finished quilt or two.

Happy Week Peeps;)


SEW KATIE DID:Walla Walla Quilt Festival

My trip to Walla Walla to be the featured artist in their yearly quilt festival was amazing thanks to these lovely ladies.  The show was one of the best I’ve seen as far as creativity and talent.  Their guild will certainly be hard to beat for most friendly and easy going.  Must be all the wine;)  Thanks also to all the students from past workshops in the area that stopped by to say “hi” and share their finished work;)

I don’t generally take my computer when I travel so I spent some time on Instagram here and there.  The hashtag #bestofflickr seemed to be trending and made me think of posting some of the quilt photos shared on Flickr over the years.  It also made me a little nostalgic for the time when social media seemed a bit less vast and Flickr wasn’t trying to be so flashy.

I browsed through this morning and here’s my top ten.

SEW KATIE DID/What a Bunch of Squares Quilt

One of the first quilt tops I ever made was What a Bunch of Squares by Denyse Schmidt.  I quickly figured out that templates were a waste of time, but the quilt remains one of my favorites as does the photo.  A wedding gift that is likely falling apart do to so little quilting on it.

SEW KATIE DID/Scrappy Pillow

This pillow and photo are just so sunny and cheerful.  One of the first attempts at improvisational patchwork I ever did.  My niece still has it.

SEW KATIE DID/Improv Pillows

Funny that I went back to making pillows for samples for my improvisational workshops because it’s where I started.  This was one of the first.


Pantone Pop quilt made Flickr’s explore page.  That was a load of snow for Seattle.

SEW KATIE DID/Roan's Quilt

Riding the ferry home and binding a quilt after teaching in Victoria.

SEW KATIE DID/Seam Ripper IPA Quilt

The lushness of our old backyard in this picture is lovely with the red and purple of my Seam Ripper IPA quilt.  Softest quilt ever.

SEW KATIE DID/Magic Number Quilt Tutorial

Roan as a wee guy rolling around on my favorite magic numbers quilt I call Scrappy Sunshine.

SEW KATIE DID/Psychedelic Baby

Love these detail shots.

Psychedelic Baby quilt front and back.

SEW KATIE DID/Fractured Quilt

Remake of Shattered from Quilting Modern.  Quilting by Krista Withers.

SEW KATIE DID/Value quilt

I love how Value Quilts photograph and they remind me of my quilting beginnings.


Seattle Lone Star, also quilted by Krista up on my old neighbors carriage house doors.  Those doors made a great backdrop and it’s likely my favorite Flickr photo.

AND that actually makes the top eleven.

I’ve got this week to catch up, next week to teach some classes in the studio and then I hit the road for the San Juans to lecture and teach.  I’m hoping to get some weekday classes up too.  Look for them next week or drop me an email if you want to schedule something.

Happy Week Peeps;)

I pulled the Halloween stuff out folks and finished up my Split Personality Christmas quilt top this weekend.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt

I’m sure Jefe was secretly happy I didn’t make it large enough for the bed.  I do however have a bunch of the blocks left so it’s not to late;)

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt partial

This quilt has been long in the making.  I pieced the scrappy crazy blocks a few years ago and they sat waiting for my friend Laurel to walk into an open studio with her Arkansas Crossroads quilt to inspire me.  Hands down traditional quilts and their secondary design is one of my favorite aspects of quilting.

Merging traditional quilt design with an improvisational technique makes it just that much sweeter.SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block Detail

There’s a load of favorite fabrics in this quilt.  I’ve gotten to the point with my quilting that I quite enjoy seeing them disappear from my stash so I can gaze at them in a quilt.

SEW KATIE DID:Block Detail

The Alexander Henry Merry Moderns is a perfect novelty print for this quilt and the quilt itself doesn’t immediately scream “Christmas” at you.  I purchased more of the smaller print to bind it.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt Folded

The block is an easy variation of crazy piecing I had been playing with, an all solid fabrics is next.  Since I went square with the quilt I didn’t pay attention to the directions of any print fabrics.  I look forward to cozying up on the couch with this baby.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block:2I see it being quilted with swirls like I did on my Swim Sister quilt and Night Owl quilt.

SEW KATIE DID:Backing Fabric

I couldn’t resist this new Cotton and Steel flannel and bought some for a few pillow cases too.  Hopefully it will be a finished quilt soon!

Our weekend also included the yearly ALS walk with our Team Newby.

ALS WALK/Team Newby

Jeremy and the team continue to be inspirational in keeping it real and not losing perspective on what really matters.

Jer and Jefe

Thanks to Erin for being our team photographer.

Jeremy and Team Newby would like to thank those of you in my little quilting community that have donated to help provide around the clock caregiving/medical support that will be needed after the tracheostomy happens. You know who you are;) Here’s a little thank you from Jer that he wrote on his Tobii:


Dear team member,

Wanted to thank you for your support during my exciting ALS adventure. When we made the call to go with the tracheostomy we knew it would be a challenge on many levels, including financial. We decided that money should not be the deal breaker when it comes to extending life. Now we are confronting the reality of the decision. The good news is we have a web of support from people like you. Hallie and i know that we are not alone in this and that means so much.

The goal right now is to get through a year of life. This will enable me to do the following :
– give science another year to find cure
– hang out with my people
– see new star wars movie
– laugh at absurdities
– enjoy my new found appreciation of life
– watch televised sports
.. And so much more!

So thanks again and i’m sure to keep you in the loop as ALS Fest continues.



Our family and team is trying their best to embrace Jeremy’s positive attitude and remember what he asked of us at the beginning, to channel this into some kind of positive effect on our own lives.

I’m off to prepare for a weekend in Walla Walla as their featured artist at their quilt festival.  I’m looking forward to visiting with the wonderful people I met teaching last summer and a new adventure in judging quilts (yikes;)

Hoping you all have a great week peeps;)

::Finding Your Groove::

My tidying obsession has refocused itself from the garden (which I’m pretending doesn’t exist now) to finishing up old projects.  We had a little cold rainy spell in Seattle and it quickly threw sewing back in full swing.  The studio and website continue to evolve and I’ve been scheduling Open Studios and classes a bit here and there before I start traveling for the teaching season.

SEW KATIE DID/In process

See those photos in the photo?

For me projects rarely start at Point A and end at Point B, they evolve and can be hard to keep a handle on when things get moved around.  My friend Sharon shared a tip with me that I’ve embraced and would like to pass on.

Groovebook is a company that allows you to create nifty little photo books monthly by uploading directly from your phone via their app.  You simply download 100 photos and they print and ship for $2.99.  It even has perforated pages so you can tear them out and post them up.  Just don’t forget to do it, they’re banking on all those that forget for the cost;)  You can cancel at anytime.

SEW KATIE DID:Double Trouble Starts

I stick these ‘in process’ photos up on my wall or in a zip lock if the project has to come down.  It’s often intriguing to see the transformation that occurs from the start to finish of a project.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality quilt

SEW KATIE DID/Seeing Stars

It’s also helpful for those fabric combos you want to keep in mind or the screen shots I take here and there from Instagram when I’m inspired by someone else’s work.

I won’t rave about the quality, but for this type of thing it’s perfectly matched with the price.  If you’re interested I’d even Google it to see if there’s a coupon on your first book.

Happy Thursday Peeps!

What? Two posts in one week?

This is a great fundraiser that my friend Alissa puts on every year for a great cause.

Head over to Alissa’s site to check out the great prizes you could win when donating.





I can’t get enough of this poppy red color this year.  You’ll be seeing it in some new projects for sure, including the linen closet at the end of our hallway I painted ‘Daredevil.’

I’m enjoying a good clean up and putter around the house after a wonderful summer with the family.  Only a matter of weeks before a new season of lectures and workshops will take me traveling.

Happy Monday Peeps;)


Our paper piecing workshop at Circa 15 Fabric Studio sold out, so we’re adding another daytime class to the calendar.

I really enjoyed teaching this workshop last round and once you can repeat the little mantra that I teach, paper piecing will become second nature.

SEW KATIE DID:Paper Piecing

::The Foundations of Paper Piecing::

Monday, August 31st from 10:30am-4:30pm at Circa 15 Fabric Studio in Kirkland. Follow the link to register or call (425) 309-9553.

The traditional technique of piecing quilt blocks on paper is well known for its precise results. Sharp triangles and sleek curves are easily a stitch line away. Learn and practice the fundamentals of basic paper piecing while creating all types of star blocks.

This is a great workshop to refine skills in choosing fabric and where to place it in a quilt pattern, we’ll cover how color, value and prints work and drive design in quilts as we create our own unique blocks.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or wish to be added to my newsletter;)

Happy week peeps!


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