::Christmas Fabrics::

SEW KATIE DID: Invisible Zipper Pillow Tutorial

I have a thing for Christmas decor, especially pillows.  Of course merging those two things takes fabric.

SEW KATIE DID:Christmas fabric collection

Of which I treated myself to at the after Christmas sales last year and had to pull it all out to remind myself I didn’t need more.

SEW KATIE DID:Christmas pillows

There’s that deliciousness in fussy cutting those cute little novelties into something that you get to gaze upon every year.

SEW KATIE DID:Christmas Starts

Even if some have stuck around unfinished for a few years of gazing;)

 I did make a few little changes to my invisible zipper tutorial if you get a chance to sew some celebratory pillows yourself this season.

SEW KATIE DID:Christmas Pillow Stack

Any holiday gift making happening on your end?

I’ve had several people tell me they’ve never heard of this binding tip, so I thought I’d share.

SEW KATIE DID:Binding tip

After I sew my binding to the quilt and before I hand sew it to the back I give it a press away from the top with a hot iron.  It just makes sewing it that much easier.

I really enjoy a little bit of hand sewing.

I’ve been listening (here, here and here) and reading a lot lately about the impact of social media on our lives and had big crack up at how many comments I got to this on Instagram.


It’s always good to keep it real;)

Have a good week peeps.

::Evening Open Studio::

This is totally last minute, but I’m holding an evening open studio tomorrow night (Wednesday the 18th) from 5pm-9pm and have one two open spaces.  More information on my teach page.

I’ve got a request for playing with improvisational curves, but you can bring any project you might like to work on.  Maybe some holiday gifts?  Only 37 days, 14 hours and 36 minutes until Christmas.

I’m currently repurposing some quilt as you go pillows and bags into pouches to balance out quilting my Christmas quilt.

  Happy Week Peeps!  What are you working on?

::Playing with Hearts::

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block

I’m still quilting my Christmas quilt made with blocks that I call ‘Split Personality.”  Both the vertical and horizontal quilting lines were finished over the weekend and I’ll move onto the diagonal lines once the week’s open studios and workshop are done.

I try to give my body a break from quilting every hour or so and since staring at my design wall is a favorite activity I’ve dedicated my move around time to these solid fabric versions.  Last season I was rather smitten with all the heart designs I’d been seeing and decided I’d really like to play with an improvisational variation of this shape.

The block’s effect is similar to what the crazy piecing technique in Quilting Modern produces, but this new technique is rather quick and without fuss.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Hearts

These Split Personality blocks have evolved into the “what” with their heart shaped design element, but they have yet to find the “how” of their final composition.  I’ve been inspired by so many traditional quilts layouts where I could place this block, but am really trying to stay improvisational with this one.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Hearts

I have plans at the end of the week to play with some I made that I’m not as happy about and see where an elongated heart shape might land me.  Pays to not always throw away the ‘not so goods’ eh?  Maybe in the end I’ll have some great trivets for Christmas presents at the least:)

Happy midweek Peeps!


I’ve got new Open Studio dates up and a few spaces in my design wall/improv workshop left.  Thanks to everyone’s feedback and response to my newsletter.  I’ll be working on an evening Open Studio and a Sunday monthly in the new year.  Hope to see you soon;)

I’ve procrastinated quilting it long enough.  I thought I’d long arm this quilt with swirls, but couldn’t make my date with Sandie so I went ahead last week and basted the beast.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block 2

I’m an over baster so I thought this time I would use my plastic template to draw out my quilting lines and get a visual on the best placement for the pins.  Less moving them around=more quilting time right?

It did the trick.

SEW KATIE DID:Crosshatch Quilting thoughts

The horizontal and vertical lines are nearly done.  I believe it helped stabilize the blocks a bit for the crosshatch lines that will come next across the Essex linen.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Quilt Block:Merry Moderns Quilt

I went a quarter inch from each seam and will use painters tape as a guide for the crosshatch.

SEW KATIE DID:Split Personality Christmas Quilt

My thought is that the quilting will echo the Xs and Os the blocks create in the secondary design.  There’s a load of piecing to contain and tack down.

SEW KATIE DID/Split Personality Quilt back

Sneak Peek of the back.  So glad I went with the Cotton and Steel flannel.

Perhaps next week I’ll have something finished to show!  I’m itching to play on the design wall with the same block in solids and get the workshop for this block put fully together.

Hope you’re having a great week peeps!


P.S. I’ve got one spot in my open sew Thursday, November 12th from 10am to 3pm and some spots in my workshops at Circa 15 fabric studio.  Give me a shout out if you’d like to join/sewkatiedid@gmail.com

I’ll try to keep my Facebook page updated with classes and sew ins until I get my website up and running;) or follow along with Bloglovin.

::Collecting Spook::

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween Heads

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

It is a creative holiday with its costume and decor.  Some go for scary, vintage or gruesome.  I just go for what I love.  And you get to walk around and check out what people decided to be and how they decorated their houses.

I hunt around every year for a few unique, high quality pieces and then try to hold out for the sale.  Some places like Crate and Barrel are obvious, but I poke around in less creative venues as well.  These pumpkin heads I got one year at Safeway and they still remain my favorite.

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween plants

I love it when I enter someone’s home and my eye keeps moving from one thing to the next without being overloaded so I try to remove the other distractions.  I also like to have something displayed before it is put to its actual use, thus the candy and punch bowls become ‘planters’ until Friday/Saturday.


I resisted fabric this year and created with what I actually have.  There are still some napkins to be made.

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween Pillow one

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Halloween Pillows

 New pillows were added to the handmade goods.


SEW KATIE DID/Quilt as you go trick or treat bag

I pulled out the quilt as you go trick or treat bag I made Roan last year.  He requested I make a larger one.  I suggested he might need a larger pancreas.

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween Skull

My mother-in-law even got me some bling this year.  It is perfect for the hallway.


And even something for the bathroom.  It helps distract from the wallpaper that I’m resisting until kitchen is done;)

The crows like to congregate in my fir tree so I’m all set on the wildlife.

I’ll let you know next year what I find at the end of the season.  I’ve got it all saved to my Pinterest board for a quick look Sunday.

Happy week peeps;)


I have a few openings in open studio and workshops.  Drop me an email (sewkatiedid@gmail.com) if you’d like to join in.

 Open Sew:

Thursday, October 29th from 10am-3pmFull

Wednesday, November 4th from 10am-3pm – 2 slots.

 Off-the-Wall workshop:

Saturday, November 14th, 10am-3pm FULL
Wednesday, November 11th, 10am-3pm (this is Veterans Day if you have it off) FULL
Sunday, December 6th, 10am-3pm/ 1 space left
Thursday, December 3rd, 10am-3pm/ 2 spaces left

Travel is done for the season.  I say it all the time, “Quilters are the kindest people” and everyone involved made this season particularly memorable.

I’m looking forward to some project time, both in the studio and around the house. A website for the studio is in the making and now comes the exciting bit of writing copy.  Open studios and workshops will be much easier to plan and execute with a system for sign ups.  For now I’ve just been doing it the old fashion way via phone or email.

It’s all about the baby steps right?

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Halloween Pillows

But I finished up some new Halloween flair a few weeks ago as samples for a design wall heavy improvisational workshop I’ve been thinking about. I wanted to cover some basics that students are always asking me about.  So I thought I’d just put it out there.

This workshop is really a reincarnation of the classes I taught when I started teaching, exception being that at the time we were in the smallest room ever with little to no design wall.  Now I have a fully padded room of design walls and the tools and machines students need, so why not a class?

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween Patchwork Pillows:detail

In my opinion the design wall is the greatest design tool EVER when it comes to improvisational work, so this improv workshop will focus on building out a design there, breaking it down into sections and using various improvisational patchwork techniques to piece it all together.  Angle and strip piecing, “floating” patchwork, composition, creating definition and value are a few of the techniques and design concepts we’ll cover.

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Hammer Girl

Over the years I found that working within a mapped out space helps us visual/kinetic learners.  So thinking small, like a pillow, wall hanging or even one block at a time is to our creative advantage.

SEW KATIE DID:Halloween Patchwork Pillows:detail

Hammer girl thinks so.  She was my starting point.

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop detail

and then bits were added for detail.

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Hammer Girl Pillow

As I was working on the design wall another pillow started to take shape.  That’s often how it works.

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Wicked Witch Pillow Detail

I believe all the fabrics are Alexander Henry with the exception of the Essex linen I’m so drawn to currently.

SEW KATIE DID:Improvisational Patchwork Workshop:HalloweenThey’ve nailed it with the facial expressions.

SEW KATIE DID:Improv Patchwork Workshop:Halloween Pillows

Perhaps some Christmas pillows are in your future?

I have room for three students per workshop.  Bernina sewing machines and all tools are provided, just bring your creativity, materials and an open mind;)

So here’s the dates/email me at sewkatiedid@gmail.com to secure your spot:

Happy Week Peeps;)


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