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(Thanks Bell and Allison for holding my quilt and attending my workshop;)

In a world where it seems everything has to be labelled ‘Modern’ or ‘Layered Preppie Bohemian’ (I actually read that this morning;), I bring you an ‘As Traditional As It Gets’ quilt.

It is one of the first quilts I ever made.

SEW KATIE DID:Roan's Quilt Basting

It’s prints are collected fat quarters, fabric from clothing I made Roan, or cut from my mom’s endless supply of receiving blankets.  All just seemed silly to tuck away in a box for years.

But finished it had issues, the crappy sewing machine with no pressure foot tension type of issues.   The quilting was tucked and awful.

SEW KATIE DID:Quick Ripper

Then two people in two days told me about The Quick Ripper and within minutes of having it in my hands those nasty stitches and tucks were buzz cut and eliminated, leaving me with a clean palette.

After over thinking how I should quilt it on my home machine for a couple years I came back to my senses and made a long arm date with Sandie.

SEW KATIE DID/Roan's Quilt

This type of simple quilt is really perfectly suited for an all over quilting pattern.  I’m sorry to those of you that were curious about the pattern’s name, anyone know?

It worked wonderfully.

SEW KATIE DID:Roan Quilt Back

I backed it with some older Amy Butler flannel and an out of print Alexander Henry that reminds me of Speed Racer.

Before requilting I had to enlarge the back.  Had we tried we couldn’t have gotten the seam from the added piecing onto the edge, but of course we did.  This made it extra fun to apply the binding to one side.

SEW KATIE DID: Roan's Quilt Full

Roan chose the red Kai dot, which might be one I need to replace in the stash.


I was able to sit right in front on the ferry on my way from Victoria and sew it down.

I really enjoyed pulling this one from the dryer.  It’s so crinkled and lovely.  It also made me appreciate where my art has gone and where it started.  I still embrace that diagonal line that a half square triangle has.SEW KATIE DID:Roan's Quilt Bed

So there it is, blueberry stains already there and all.  Roan’s particularly attached to the quilt his Great Grandmother Evelyn made, so this one might end up on the couch.

That’s 5 quilt tops from my pile done!  Only a few more to go.

Happy Week Peeps!



Full! One spot left in Stripped Improv Workshop Tuesday night.


Full!  and two in Thursday afternoon’s Medallioned Magic Numbers Social.  We’ll start our first technique that makes all sorts of angular shapes.

Sunday is Open Quilting Studio at Island Quilter.  This will be our last one until Island Quilter is in their new space.

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Happy Monday Peeps and greetings from Palm Springs:)

palm springs baby;)

It so turns out that I managed with some help to have a finished quilt to show you along with my obligatory palm tree photo.  I’m happy I did because I haven’t been able to talk quilt all week with anyone;)

I can’t even tell you when I made it.  I guess it’s what you would call an ‘Oldie but Goodie’ in the UFO pile.

SEW KATIE DID:Sleepy Owl Quilt full

It’s been folded, refolded and moved.


It must have come about around the time I made HST LOVE and Pantone Pop.  Both very traditional quilts in block style, but I had fun mixing up the fabrics, picking the color way and giving them some random placement.  It all breaths some fresh air into those simple half-square triangle blocks that you can do so much with.

I’ve got a huge bucket list of ideas built off knowing this block and how you can twist it or add to it.

Well anyway, babies need quilts and this quilt needed a baby.

Sewkatiedid:Sleepy Owl Quilt Star Detail

It also needed a star center, because of course I wasn’t thrilled with what I originally picked AFTER I had sewn the whole thing together.  With my friend Sandie’s help we decided to fill it in with a corduroy print.

Sewkatiedid:Sleepy Owl Quilt Binding and Quilting detail

 Sandie quilted it up with the maze pattern and finished it with this lovely binding.   The binding and the star points in the Alexander Henry Heath add some texture without too much print distraction.

I never alone would have thought to go with the maze she picked and we both were so happy with how it turned out.  Collaborating on quilts for babies is so fun.

  The color way was inspired by my suitcase.

Sewkatiedid:Sleepy Owl Quilt Back Full

The back turned out amazing.  I’m still up for my challenge to myself of using fabric from my stash and left overs from the front.

Sewkatiedid:Sleepy Owl Quilt back detail

It’s made up almost entirely of a fine wale corduroy and a few left over half square triangles.  I’ve now made four backs with this goal and have loved them all.

Quilt is now with happy baby.  So fun to gift.

The pile of finished quilt tops is getting smaller!  I believe I have three complete quilt tops left to quilt and certainly a lot in pieces;)

Have a fun week.

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sewkatiedid/squareYears ago I stumbled across Denyse Schmidt’s first book  and immediately made precise cardboard templates to duplicate her patterns like my mom taught me.  It only took the piecing of a single block to realize I could have accomplished the task in a few moments (not to mention all those templates), but it was truly a launching pad into improvisational quilting for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The thing is, I was all ambitious with my cutting and had a second quilt cut out before I even started the piecing the first.  I’m efficient (or not) like that;) That first quilt was gifted.  My lack of knowledge in regards to quilting density means it is likely falling apart, but as long as it was loved and used I don’t care.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltI finally finished that second quilt!  It now lives with my brother and sister-in-law in South Lake Tahoe and no, of course I never got a photo of the full quilt.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltThere’s a fabric mix party going on here to add some additional blocks to this king size mamma jamma.  Mostly we have Carolina Chambrays (which Robert Kaufman came out with again), but there are also some other textural solids added.  The clouds are an old Kaffe Fasset.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltI brought all the blocks to size with Essex linen.  The drape of this quilt is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Sandie helped me with the quilting on her long arm.  Sorry, but I am NOT quilting a king size on my home machine (not even straight lines), I don’t know where I would even baste it without starting to call it bad names or needing my weight in beer.  If you are one of those ambitious people, I bow down to you.

sewkatiedid/bind and backFlannel, I love you so.  You are my go-to backing when I look for a quilt to pull up over me.  This Anna Maria Horner flannel paired with the Essex on the front make a happy pair.

sewkatiedid/bindingBlue it is for the binding, because it is what I had.

sewkatiedid/what a bunch of squares quiltOk, sorry, that’s a lot of photos for not even having a full shot of the bloody quilt.  I swear, I’m working on my blogging goal, but not making it.  Consider yourself lucky, you have more time to get things done the less time you spend with me.

I’m hoping next week to have some (exciting to me) news to share.  No, I’m not writing another book, and no, not pregnant;)

Happy week peeps!

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Some quilts take time to finish.  Mostly because those other quilt ideas get in the way.  Sometimes even those quilts take awhile too.  I’m pretty sure I have a box of those “ideas.”

nine-boxed/ sewkatiedidWhen I looked at the November date on this photo and the rainy blustery day I was thankful that it looked like this today.

Nine-Patched Quilt/SewkatiedidNine-Boxed’s original story and making details are here, but as I said it sat for awhile and on a quilting exhibition to Sandie’s for another quilt I thought why not just quilt it too.  She happen to have this design board already loaded so we went with it.

I’ll admit this quilt has grown on me a bit.  I wasn’t so sure I liked it at first and am now kinda wishing as I look at the photo that maybe I could have at the very least thrown it in the dryer for a bit to decrease it, poor thing has been rolled up in the closet for a month or longer.


In person it is really the Carolina Chambray that makes all those bits shine.  The blocks consist of a simple nine-patch made improvisationally.  Links to a few tutorials on the technique are also available on the original post about this quilt.

My twist was adding in a block when creating the nine-patch block that was entirely made of strip-piecing.  I’ve got a whole tote that contains scraps that are strips and they were calling me.  There are some goodies in there.

sewkatiedid/nine-boxedI also added a block of background fabric into the nine-patch construction here and there.  I always like that “floating” look.

sewkatiedid/nine-boxedBacking I bought ages ago on sale when Drygoods first opened and for the binding I revisited that scrap strip tote for scraps of binding left over from other quilts.

It has no home yet.

I’m off to market tomorrow and then teaching workshops with Jacquie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come join us if you can!


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Pulling sample fabrics for my Shattered Quilt Starter Workshop tonight.  Wanna join us?  There are spots!

sewkatiedid/shattered remake

(Photo by Rendy Tucker)

I loved playing with the recreation of this quilt in Carolina Chambray and Osnaburg.  The texture is fabulous with the velveteen on the back.

But now it’s time to try something new.


I wanna stick with the textured fabric, so I’m going with the Essex Linen, but I have some ideas with all this Echino that I’ve collected over the years.

I won’t have time for this idea anytime soon, but it might jettison to the top of the list a little faster now that I have a fabric stack.

Maybe I will see you tonight.

Tomorrow I’ve got a quilt top to show you!

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Please join me this Saturday, April 28th from 11-2pm at the Quilting Loft in Ballard for a book signing and trunk show.  I’ll be demonstrating the ‘stitch and flip triangle’ technique around noon and 1pm.

The Quilting Loft will be offering a little ‘special something’ to each person that buys the book.  Preorder via the Quilting Loft and receive 20% off the book.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t come Saturday, the reception for my quilt exhibit opening at Island Quilter on Vashon Island is next Friday, May 4th from 6-9pm.

Hope to see your smiling faces at one or the other!


p.s. some giveaways of the book are available at the end of this post.

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I left my seam ripper idle and forged ahead with the quilting on Unknown Direction.

Sewing down binding was my Superbowl activity.

(And by the way, a BIG shout-out  of “thanks” to those of you that shared where the path takes you when you make a boo-boo.  I love how we all have our creative process.)

Funny how a run through the washer and dryer eliminates all my mistakes distractions.

And look, we actually had a few random sunny days last week.  Yes, those are shadows!

Sunshine in these parts at this time of year is better than rose colored glasses.

I used the left over bits from the front to create a panel that would bring my backing to size.

That’s pretty much it for the Alexander Henry Entertaining Elephants fabric.  It has made its way into two quilt backs now and the rest likely will become parts of future blocks.

I’ve added a twin size for Roan (with the intended quilting design) in this same colorway to my list of quilts to make.  I really liked the light gray thread for the quilting.  It blended really well.

Unknown Direction was a start to finish quilt, meaning I never tucked it away or put it aside.  Generally when I finish a full project I move onto something that has been waiting on the sidelines.

Opposing Triangles needed binding.  Tomorrow I’ve got a date with this quilt and the 5th season of Big Love.

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