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Yeah, it’s that time of year again.  I enjoy looking through all the quilt inspiration that the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival offers.

My quilt idea all started with this fabric.

First, the idea became a pillow when the Hope Valley line came out.  I used Joelle Hoverson’s technique for her Little Bits quilt.  I designed it by stacking the blocks and liked the effect so much that I started a quilt.  It got pushed aside with the book quilts taking front stage.

My favorite quilts of the year are in the book, or not yet finished, but Split Decision is up there.

As I spread it out fresh from the dryer, I was in love.  It went straight to the shop for a class sample, but I’ll look forward to the day when I can lounge under it.

Especially because of its buttery flannel back.

I framed it out with the pink for binding.

I think the loops make it fun.

I’m hoping next year with the book likely being on the shelves to have a real reason to go to market.  

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Ever since Crazy Mom Quilt’s Ticker Tape Quilt I’ve had a quilt idea in my head.  A quilt with “ticker taped’ raindrops.  So appropriate for Seattle.

However, over the year or so the quilt idea has evolved from a ‘quilt as you go’ quilt with appliqued raindrops to a free motion quilt with a continuous raindrop stitch AND raindrop appliques.

My plan is to not go through all three layers of the quilt when ladder stitching the raindrops down, so that the continuous raindrop stitching is all that shows through on the back.

The raindrop stitches are complete and the binding is stitched down, all that’s left are the appliqued raindrops.  I’m thinking mostly primary color here.

It’s like a thunder storm on the front (which rarely occur here in Seattle and I miss them) and a sunny day on the back.

So today I made the raindrops.  Sorted through the scrap bins, picking out the favorites.

My Mom taught me how to make appliqued shapes with templates so you don’t have raw edges (which just didn’t seem practical for a baby quilt needing to be washed often).

If you haven’t done this before, draw your shape on paper or wax paper and glue it or iron it (if you use wax paper) to cardboard.  Cut it as cleanly as you can.  Use a nail file to smooth edges if needed.

Cut around your raindrop or other curved shape giving yourself about a 1/4″ seam, or trace around the shape on the wrong side of your fabric and cut a 1/4″ away from the line.

Baste stitch around your shape about an 1/8″ from the cut edge, starting and ending your thread tails on the curved end AND on the same side of fabric.

Pull on the strings.  I didn’t do it, but if you place the basting closer to the template when ironing it will help create a smoother curve (so “they” say).

I starch both sides and iron as I’m pulling those strings.  I give the strings one wrap around a finger when I pull so it’s taunt.  If you’ve glued paper on to your template then you might want to face it down or it mucks all off with the starch.

Traditionally or by what I’ve been taught at least, you iron the top tip or a point down the middle first and than cross over the sides…make sense?

As you can see, I don’t do that.  I just do a straight cross over.  I occasionally clip some of the fabric out to reduce bulk.

Whatever, they look fine.

Pull out the template and give them a final press right side up, giving a tuck to anything that’s come out of wack when removing the template.

Aren’t they delicious?

Then clip the threads and pin that sucker down.

I actually have a use for those pins that will make you blind.

When free motioning I would try to correct a raindrop ‘gone bad’ by adding an echo, but if that didn’t go so well I looked for those spots to add a raindrop applique.

Uh oh, looks like this quilt might have a load of raindrops.  It’s kinda been one of those rainy years.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S.  The sun shone today.


out of print destash

upcoming classes

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I see lavender loops and I like them!  Right out of the wash and up for photos.  Only wish it was a brighter day in Seattle.

I didn’t want to remove Split Decision from my home, but I dropped it off as a class sample today.  It’s my favorite quilt to date besides a few in the book.

Wanna know a secret?

I was a free-motion quilting virgin until this quilt and now I have a new addiction. Since finishing this one I have three baby quilts under my belt.  Can’t stop.  Though my first love will be a straight line F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Let’s back up, you don’t want to look at those loop’s stitch length too close.

The backing isn’t Alexander Henry.  So if it isn’t Alexander Henry than it must be flannel in the quilting world of Katie.


Knew the Folksy Flannel was it when I saw it on sale on Sew Mama Sew.  I loved the weight of it as I sat under it and stitched on the binding.

In fact, if anyone has a yard of the Hope Valley I used for binding I’m in the market.  I think I wanna make another just like it for my bed. Do you think my husband will repaint the bedroom walls AGAIN?

Eeekkk, I’m so excited to have this done.

Happy Monday!


out of print destash here

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I needed to make demonstration samples last week for my Add Zip to Your Pillow Class and Roan needed a birthday gift for a classmate.  Two birds, one stone…

For Sofia’s new pink bedroom.  Little girls seem to still appreciate the handmade.  Little boys, not so much.

Last time I tried to make a pillow for a boy gift Roan’s response was, “Oh, a pillow?!  Can’t we just buy a toy?!”  Add a whining tone to that.

Skip the gift wrap, that’s what all those selvedges are saved for.

And that two bird thing?  Roan needed a new pillow cover and I had just a bit of this Alexander Henry fabric left from the back of his quilt.  Still reminds me of the A-ha video.

My couch is still in need and I’m waiting patiently for this fabric to arrive.

In the meantime the floor was washed and this was basted.

Now, off I go, I have a date with a quilt and I’m happy to report the sun is shining in Seattle.

Happy Wednesday!


p.s. In light of the past few days, I found this video on Ted is worth a watch.

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I’m still on the list.  Two class sample value quilts to quilt before I can manage the Split Decision Quilt.  I’m going to need those basting pins.

I did diverge for a small project required for travel.

A needle case, pretty much using this tutorial by Sew She Sews.  Handy for Hexis that I never made it to.

Love covered buttons!

I’d been eyeing the safety pin fabric and really had no reason to purchase any, so I made up an excuse.

Have scissors, will travel.

Onto quilting!


Improvisational Patchwork Piecing class on Thursday.

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A repost as promised for my Improv and Value Class students. Hope you all enjoy!

Little update to this post, the design wall with the grid is a Fons and Porter Design wall.

Surely none of you are like me and start another grand idea before the previous twenty are finished.  Design walls are as essential as fabric in my mind for designing a quilt.  Wall space is a limited commodity in this house and I needed a multiple design wall solution.  I finally got around to a simple fix.

Sew doubled up ribbon to the top of one design wall that has a laminate backing.  Place your project…work on it.  When you get bored with it, roll up that design wall and tie it with some pretty bows…

and easy-peazy move onto the project on the design wall beneath.  The laminate keeps everything from becoming muddled.

A laminate table cloth works great too and you can use Blair’s technique to make your own with gromments.  Jacquie has a tutorial for mounting gromets if that sounds intimidating.

How many of these do you think I can layer in the Livudio before my husband thinks I’ve totally lost it?

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I was late to the party last month, so here I am drink in hand.

There were projects made for the book that simply wouldn’t fit, or the technique wasn’t quite right.  The Opposing Triangle Pillow was one of those.

The colorway took some time, like everything in your closet tried on and thrown on the bed.

I love the quilting, it was like adding makeup and jewelry.

This pillow might be considered a bit of a wallflower compared to the other party dress pillows I’ve seen, but I would notice this one in a room full of pillows for sure.

Daisy Janie was so sweet and sent me the Shades of Grey fabric before it even hit the stores for the companion pillows and I think they dress it up a bit.  Kinda like a good looking date on your arm.

Invisible Zippers in all of them of course!  Consider invisible zippers your go to LBD (little black dress) to wear to the party, no envelope closure flip flops here.  Go dress yourself up for the pillow party with my add zip to your pillow invisible zipper tutorial and check out what all the other pillows are wearing.

A quilt like it is next.

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