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I made the Rock Star Wedding Quilt as a wedding gift for our dear friends Lisa and Amado.

A little history…

My husband has been friends with Lisa for a few decades and then some, having first meet rowing down some river in Arizona, Alaska, or Utah, I forget the beginnings, but they stuck like brother and sister.  I came along in Jefe’s life and was fully embraced by Lisa.

Jefe and I did three things that I would never recommend doing at once, we quit our jobs, moved from Arizona to Seattle and were pregnant.  Lisa welcomed the new immigrants into her home until we were squarely on our feet.  She’s family.

Then Lisa met Amado.  Amado’s there in front in the white shirt and Lisa front and center.  You literally could see the sparks fly.  Insert picture here from their awesome wedding,

and some of the same people from the Grand Canyon river trip we all took when our private permit came along.

So a few years later I thought I might be due for that wedding gift and based on their bedroom colors got to work on Pantone Pop.

Well, a few years can change things, including the whole colorway of a bedroom.  I had just finished Pantone Pop only to walk into Lisa and Amado’s bedroom and find the colors I used in the quilt were gone.  No sweat.  I loved Pantone Pop and was super thrilled to add it to my stack.

On my next round I went with black and white prints, what does that not go with right?

I had just the middle square up when I showed it to Lisa and she pointed out the heart fabric, stating she loved anything hearts and stars.

Perfect, that was the plan because I’ve always wanted to make the Made in Cherry Quilt and I had all the squares cut.

Apparently there are these things called instructions. I used the squares I had already cut for the points. Those squares needed to be larger so that the points merge at the base of the star.  I’ll embrace the imperfection.

Heck, from a distance you can’t even tell. There’s my full collection of black and white fabrics in there. My favorite are the novelty fabrics by Alexander Henry. I was wishing for some larger scale fabrics, but they are just harder to find and a trip to Marimekko would be dangerous.

The binding is perfect!

My original plan was to use the Cerise Kona, but the new Denyse Schmidt added some dimension.

This quilt is BIG and heavy.  I quilted it on Sandie’s long-arm and love the quilting we picked.  The swirls just work!

The back is this awesome Alexander Henry Toile with skeletons.  I bought it with a wedding quilt in mind.

I blocked in some of the fabrics from the front in to bring the back to size.

I think I’ve got another of these in me at some point.  I highly recommend this pattern (don’t forget to actually read the directions!).

Happy Wednesday folks.  I’m off to my last day at work ending with a pint of beer with my coworkers to end my time there and toast to the future!


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