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sewkatiedid/magic number quilt workshopI love the ease that these Magic Number blocks come together.

sewkatiedid/very berry magic number quiltI’m thinking of going with the lilac color to bring the quilt to size.  What do you think?  I actually have it in my stash which is just amazing in itself.

Looks like I should have another sample done today for Sunday’s Magic Number Workshop.

Sewkatiedid/Smitten Kitten Magic number quilt

sewkatiedid/scrappy sunshine magic number quilt


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What’s the difference between this quilt?

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt

and this quilt?

sewkatiedid/scrappy sunshine

Besides size and different fabrics, the answer is… placement.  Both are made using what Jacquie and I call Magic Numbers in Quilting Modern.  Three same size blocks are used throughout the design of the quilt.

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt

Smitten Kitten will become a Magic Number class sample.   The last time I taught this class the quilts were as unique as the people making them.  Just like the Improv Coin Quilt class, everyone seems to throw in their own spin.

sewkatiedid/Smitten Kitten quilt

The quilting is the same orange peel design that I’ve used on my Mom’s quilt, Leftovers Quilt and on my cross quilt.  Orange Peel is easily executed on the home machine or on the long arm.

Oh Fransson has a great tutorial on how to home machine it.  I use a hera marker to draw a line through the center of blocks and help me stay visually on track.

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt top

Without a straight line of blocks to follow I went with the long arming this one.

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt

Some Alexander Henry dot to finish of the binding and Anna Maria Horner sunshine flannel.  I bought some more on sale to restock this favorite.

sewkatiedid/smitten kitten quilt back

I’m loving this one!  Yeah to a finish!

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Learn this quilting method in a Workshop or create something unique with it in an Open Studio😉

My Scrappy Sunshine quilt is about a quarter there.  I’m randomly piecing it using a method I call ‘Magic Numbers.’

Magic Numbers are perfect for designing your own quilts, pattern free, especially if you’re not quite ready to improvisationally free piece or figure out the math.  Magic Numbers is a system of using block sizes that automatically fit together for flexibility in design without alteration.

We could 100% improvisationally piece our design and not do a lick of math, but magic numbers is another path, and it’s a path that can offer a load of texture with all its seams.

The easiest shapes to understand are squares or rectangles.  My squares have no piecing in them, but you could use this same method for piecing together traditional or improvisationally pieced blocks.

I used 6.5″, 4.5″ and 2.5″ squares for my Scrappy Sunshine Quilt.

I messed up the order of some of the blocks constructing this, but you’ll get the picture!

These all nest together once sewn to produce rectangle or square blocks, panels or columns, you just need to think a little ahead to figure out the best method of construction.

I started with a layout for my block and sectioned it in two.  First, I sew together the smaller squares in each section to match the block sizes next to them.

So that would be (2) 2.5″ blocks for every 4.5″ block and (3) 2.5″block for every 6.5″ block, or 2.5″ and a 4.5″ block for mating with a 6.5″ block.

Keep sewing raw edges together, pinning where needed to match corners.

Now I have two panels the same length.

Sew these two panels together to finish your block.  It would be fun to raid the scraps to create a mess of scrappy blocks.  
SEW KATIE DID:Magic Number quilt block tutorial
Here’s a little update with the finished quilt
SEW KATIE DID:Smitten Kitten Magic Number Quilt Tutorial
and another quilt design using magic numbers is here.
Hope you are all having an amazing weekend.  Starting this quilt to produce some of my own sunshine somehow made summer finally come to Seattle.

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It’s been an odd summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  I thought it time to produce some of my own sunshine.

Enter Scrappy Sunshine Quilt.

This quilt originally started with cutting up all my Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.  It just needed to happen, but when I put it up to create blocks, it was just bland.

Well you know what they say about best laid plans…

I pulled the duller colors and threw in the Amy Butler Lotus (thanks Heather for the pink!),

and then the Alexander Henry Aviary which I always wanted to have together with the Lotus in a quilt.

The Heather Ross campers were an afterthought and I had just enough for a few blocks, so perfect for a summery quilt.

I think I bought Pink Chalk out of these little Japanese flowers in every color way when they went on sale.  They are printed on the same soft fabric as Heather Ross’s stuff.

Of course I can never make a quilt purely from stash so I ordered this print in each colorway when I found it for $5/yard.

It all makes the Flea Market Fancy seem like an afterthought.

The layout doesn’t have any rhyme or reason.  I just grab blocks from the piles and lay them on my cutting mat in a square or rectangle and piece them.

And look what decided to make an appearance this morning.

Hello Sunshine!

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