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I’m kind of a mess, so yesterday it was a blessing to be surrounded by friends, and many whom I consider family at The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Holiday Sew-In at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.


Island Quilter’s bright and large space accommodated our large group.


It was Merry Christmas to us, because Anja and Paul opened up what they call “The Vault.”  Which meant there were loads of out of print fabrics for us to purchase!  I went home with some Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet.


Working on gifts was of course high on the agenda and I heard between the mimosa’s and cookies that some made it a highly productive day.


I managed some infinity scarves and an apron.  I love the pharmacy on the island too for gifts and picked up some awesome stocking stuffers.


A little show and tell of our newest baby quilt.


Thanks to all who made it a great time!  You are all sunshine on a cloudy day and I really needed it.



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The Modern Quilting Guild planning committee wants to know what “modern quilting” means to its members, and has requested we post our response on our personal blogs.

I have a difficult time articulating what “modern quilting” means to me.

Jacquie said to me recently, “I can’t always explain it.   I just know it when I see it.”  I knew what she meant.

To me, “modern quilting” means fresh… current. It’s executed with wonderful fabric, unexpected design, and an intuitive process, all wrapped together with the inspired artists out there creating it.

My first “modern quilting moment” happened when I stumbled upon fabric that spoke to my creative side.  I’d found my artist’s medium.  Fabric’s my modern quilting muse.  Modern quilting wouldn’t exist for me with out the designer fabrics being produced today.  Surface design makes me giddy.

I’ve come to rely on some unexpected design element when it comes to the composition of a modern quilt.  Maybe some tweak of a color, shape, or proportion.  Often it’s something that makes the piece signature to the creator.

Undeniably, I see modern quilting as an adaptive, intuitive process.  Most of my quilting is a menagerie of technique.  Whether improvisational or more static, it evolves itself differently each time in its process of construction.  This process works well for me.  It allows me to execute my ideas, be adaptable to change when an issue in design’s construction arises, and forces me to take on learning new skills.

I love how personable the process is and look forward to the guild’s evolution.  How about you?

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I have been trying to form a Modern Quilt Guild of good people to come together and quilt for some time.  Life has gotten in the way for many of us to make it happen.  Let’s try to connect!  Many thanks to Alissa for her leadership and spreading the word!

I formed a group for us to communicate.  If you would like to keep up to date with The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild and be an active member you may join HERE.

I have quite a few projects on my plate presently and would be more than happy for some people with some leadership skills to step up with this baby.  We could also brainstorm on a location that would be happy to hear the hum of machines.

Looking forward to the creative ideas!

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