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Things are getting crossed off the list!

Unexpected sickness of small child gave me some muck about time at home. The stocking or an oven mitt are the projects in a strip-piecing class next weekend.

A sick child however, does not give you time to run out and copy a stocking template when your printer is broken, so I made do with tracing one we have a bit larger.

The only thing I’ll change for the class is the shape. It wasn’t bad, but not exactly what I had in mind. Any ideas besides Denyse Schmidt’s stocking pattern? Her’s looks to long in the toe to me.

What I do like is the aliens and other fabrics.

The lining is fun and the home decor made it stout.

The simple quilting worked well too.

I forgot to take a shot of the back before I dropped it off, but here you go.

Peace out and be thankful!




A little birdie told me that Bernina NW has some Door Bustin’ deals like a stitch regulator and walking foot on sale!

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